Tuesday, February 28, 2006

February's Best Links

Looks like the scanners have been getting quite a workout! Have you notices, there are a lot of childhood pictures posted on blogs lately. There are almost NO childhood photos of me, due to a complete and total housefire not long before I left for college. However, I recently found this rare photo among my husbands' keepsakes. Its the little hippy-chick Miss Cellania as a young teenager. Once again, I am willing to totally embarass myself for your amusement. And since its the last day of the month, its time for an index and a "best of" post.

February was a good month for this site. The Olympics brought a ton of visitors, all looking for footage of athletes slipping and sliding on the ice and snow, even though it was a January post. My Funny Valentine was also a hit. Fun with da Net was the post with the most hits, and Size Matters was the one most discussed. February also brought the end of my smoking habit. Thanks to so many of you who have offered advice and support. I had no idea how many ex-smokers I know! I still have a problem loading any blogspot.com site. I consulted some of the geekiest people on the planet, and they are all stumped. The most common explanation is that someone put a hex on my computer. That doesn't stop me! You may also notice I am trying to improve the looks of my bargain-basement template. That can be dangerous for someone as tech-ignorant as I am, so if the whole thing goes kablooey, I may be calling up the geek squad again for help!

What?! An entire month goes by and NO political posts? Must be something wrong with me. No, I'm not sleeping with the other side... not sleeping with anybody. Bummer. I'll have to start working on a political humor post real soon.

We interupt this post to bring you greetings on Mardi Gras, Pancake Day, Shrove Tuesday, or whatever you call the last day before Lent.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled post.

Numa Numa spoof by CS6 crew of Navy USS Enterprise.
Photo Booth Prank from the Tonight Show.
Music Video: Bush and Blair at the Gay Bar.
Video of Los Angeles at night.
Torn, performed in mime.
A man with three balls.
Broke Mac Mountain.
Brokeback to the Future.

How a man can win an argument with a woman.
Leonard Nimoy Photography (contains nudity).
What happens to husbands who misbehave.
Masturbate for Peace.
The best thing I have read on how men can attract women.
Does My Ass Look Fat In These Pants?
When pigs fly: A photo essay.
Johnny posted about some Texas tidbits he toasted.
Here’s the link to my little map, please plant yourself somewhere.
The best blonde joke ever.
Prydwen on what impresses a woman.

Dick Cheney’s Quail Hunt Game.

Make your own South Park character at Planearium.
The Death Psychic.
Here's my Muglet.
Try this 3D Face Generator.
Anagram Genius.
Can you tell someone's race by looking? Take the test.
Write your name in Egyptian heiroglyphics!
Create A Graph program.
Charles Vestal’s quailhunt story generator.
Determine your energy patterns through your name.
At Reincarnation Station, find out whether you'll come back as a lower life form.

Adam and Eve
Carnival of Crazy
Fun with da Net
Groundhogs and Other Critters
Links!Links and Sore Sages
Literary Mama
Mars and Venus: Crossed Signals
Mars and Venus: Seeking
Middle Age
My Funny Valentine
Sith Happens
Size Matters
Star Trek

Check this new sidebar button. It links to this site. If you want, I'll send you the code.

miss cellania

February's Best Thought for Today:
We'd be much more successful if we would stop trying to find the perfect mate, and start trying to be the perfect mate.


Kimberly said...

Thta muglet is sooooo funny!!! lol

Carl V. Anderson said...

Cute picture! Considering how styles ebb and flow it actually looks like it could be a fairly recent picture as well. I'm sorry that the things of your childhood were wiped out in a fire. Although I don't look at them often or anything I would hate to not have my childhood pix, etc.

Miss Cellania said...

Carl, it really didn't bother me like it could have. It was a great lesson on how few "things" you really need, and how very important friends and family are.

Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of you! I miss the days when we could wear our hair long and straight ... no moose, no muss, no fuss.

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the photo! Yes, there have been a bunch of childhood pictures lately. I'll have to go digging and see what I can find around here I think.

Carl said...

I'd-a done you as a chick. ;-)

Dick said...

I brought a big plastic box of snapshots and my scanner along on this RV trip. I have a goal to try to scan most of our snapshots as well as the more formal ones into digital files. I sure wish that (1) we had done a better job of writing down the who, when and where on each of them and (2) I had more photos of the one who was usually behind the camera taking most of the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Love the photo! And thanks for the link to my "early photos". What fun it is to visit here. :-)

erinberry said...

Your photo is so beautiful!!

Tom said...

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Larry said...

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