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Conspiracy Theory Rock

Conspiracy Theory Rock was a parody of Schoolhouse Rock written and produced by Robert Smigel for Saturday Night Live. It aired in 1998, but was cut from reruns, leading some folks to believe it was banned by the network for its content. Lorne Michaels said no, it just wasn't funny enough to include in reruns when they could use the time for something else. It was included in a "best of" DVD collection in 2006. (via Everlasting Blort)


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Jeannie's Diner

I Dream of Jeannie was a sitcom that ran from 1965 to 1970. In 1982, Suzanne Vega wrote "Tom's Diner" and released the recording in 1987. In 1990, the group DNA remixed it and the song became a hit. Later in 1990, Mark Jonathan Davis did a parody version called "Jeannie's Diner" about the '60s sitcom for The Dr. Demento Show. In 1994, Nick at Night used the song to promote their reruns of I Dream of Jeannie. Are you still with me? Here is that 1994 promo that was almost thirty years in the making, presented to you thirty years later. (via Laughing Squid)


Yeah, I do the same thing, but that would be the one word you don't want to copy off someone else, even when it's the dictionary. And the spelling of plagiarism is really difficult to remember! This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd.

Ask Google

Has the Future Already Happened?

From an individual point of view, time moves in a line from your past to the present and then into the future. All we experience is the present, but we remember the past, and anticipate the future -although we cannot know it until it is the present. But the theory of relativity states that time moves differently for beings moving faster through space, so is their "present" different from ours? And how would different "presents" work? The idea of multiple presents warps the idea of an unknowable future that can be affected by the choices we make in the present. If that's too mind-blowing, maybe we should look at time in a different way to make it mesh with our lived experience. Then there's always the possibility that we are wrong, but how would we ever know?

Sometimes I try to picture how God sees his universe in four dimensions from the beginning to the end of time, and it looks silly because we can't picture time, and we can't render four dimensions in an image. Kurzgesagt gives it the old college try, though. (via Digg)


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I Love You, Toooo!

Mom says, “I love you,” in a singing voice, and daughter does her best to imitate Mom. It’s just plain adorable! Dennis Neely’s daughter Gemma Kate was 15 months old in this video. She’ll grow up to be a singer, too. (via Viral Viral Videos) 

Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Serious Research

Bowling with Candid Camera

These guys didn't take it very well when the women they brought to the alley outdid them. (via reddit)


Big Mistakes Everyone Makes When Cooking Hash Browns

My family noticed that at a breakfast buffet, I would always get biscuits and gravy and hash browns, while my husband loaded up on sausage and bacon to "get his money's worth." I explained to the kids that my plate wasn't that expensive, but those were things that I didn't want to take the time to make at home. That was true for the biscuits and gravy, but the real story was that I always managed to ruin hash brown potatoes. It was easier to avoid cooking them than to waste time and potatoes learning the art of producing edible hash browns when I had a family to feed.

I stayed away from shredded potatoes at home until I posted a link to a Hanukkah recipe for latkes, and found them both easy to make and delicious. Now that I've overcome my reticence over shredding potatoes, I'm going to follow the steps laid out in this video from Mashed and eat an entire recipe of hash browns by myself.

Are You Awake?

This is a common trope in cat jokes, but I don't ever see it in real life. My cats just don't wake me up. It could be because they never learned that it works. Most of them are elderly, and Sundae learned from the older cats. They know I will awaken eventually, and since they have unlimited kibble, there's no emergency. This comic is from Jimmy Craig at They Can Talk.

Good to Know

How Language Nerds Solve Crimes

Some pretty high-profile crimes have been solved by examining how the perpetrator, or accused innocents, use language. How a person speaks or writes develops a personal style and vocabulary that's somewhat like a fingerprint. Linguists know how individual these styles can be, and forensic linguists detect these patterns as clues to uncovering the truth in crimes.

When I listened to this video, I was deeply impressed by what forensic linguists can do, but I could also see how we all can learn these skills with time and effort. I'm no linguist, but having dealt with the written word for so long (and the spoken word before that), I know my own writing habits and try to correct for their overuse, not always successfully. I also recognize the styles and habits of writers who I proofread and edit. Avid readers recognize the style of their favorite author even when the byline is different. And everyone knows when someone close to them is drunk when they are texting. Language is something we all learn as children, but the way we use it is eventually our own personal thing.

Miss Cellania's Links

Did The Daytona 24 Hour Race Actually End After Only 23 Hours? An Explainer.

The Confusing Truth About Arrowroot. It's name given to many different plants.

How the Unicorn Became an Enduring Symbol—and Scotland’s National Animal.

Pair of Small 17th-Century Portrait Paintings by Rembrandt Are Rediscovered After 200 Years.

Worldwide, young women are becoming more liberal while young men are becoming more conservative. I am shocked, shocked that men and women tend to go with the ideology that most benefits them. (via Metafilter)

New Zealand has a long list of banned baby names. Americans would laugh. (via Fark)

The colonoscopies were free but the 'surgical trays' came with $600 price tags. (via a comment at TYWKIWDBI)

Around the World in Eighty Lies. How a writer fabricated a series of stories for Atlas Obscura

Mad Max Muppets: Furry Road. (via Geeks Are Sexy)


(via Fark)

Classical Music Mashup

Grant Woolard took 57 pieces of classical music -most of which you are familiar with- by 33 composers and mashed them together in this delightful video. Some really disparate tunes turned out to sound absolutely lovely together. How many can you name? (via Metafilter)

Tweet of the Day

Chris Hallbeck reposted a classic comic from a couple of years ago that always makes me go verklempt. The print in a nice frame would be a perfect Valentines Day gift if this is the way you feel about someone.

Monday, January 29, 2024



Donovan released "Atlantis" in November of 1968. It reached number one in Switzerland, but only #7 in the US. This is said to be because it was "too weird for radio" since it was mostly monologue and too long overall. But radio played it due to popular demand, and that's the way it should be.


Story of my life. I majored in psychology. (Thanks, WTM!)

Cheesy Hits the Jackpot

How could anyone resist a cat with one raggedy ear sticking up and the other one floppy? Emma certainly couldn't resist, especially when the cat reached out to her at the shelter- literally. It turns out that Cheesy had led a pretty rough life. He is missing a lot of teeth and had been shot with a BB gun, with pellets remaining in his lungs. But now he's living the high life, with a family who goes out of their way for his health and comfort. Cheesy knows a good thing when he sees it, and he makes sure Emma knew how much he loved her for taking him in. It's amazing how grizzled old street cats can adjust to being pampered pets when given the chance.

Star Trek Dad Joke

Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies are light and delicate and catch our eyes with an amazing variety of vivid colors as they flutter about. This is all due to some really complex and intricate systems that they've evolved. The way they fly through the air involves some astonishing physics tricks. Their colors have different purposes, and come about through different schemes. Add those tricks to the weird way they transform from a caterpillar to something completely different, and you have to wonder why they didn't just take over the world while they're at it. Anyway, you'll learn a lot from the latest episode of Ze Frank's True Facts series. There's a one-minute skippable ad at 7:14.

Miss Cellania's Links

What happens when an astronaut in orbit says he’s not coming back? It happened on the space shuttle in 1985. (via Nag on the Lake)

15 of History’s Greatest Mysteries.

The Walking Dead Countdown to a Rick and Michonne Reunion.

Texas cold leaves alligators 'frozen' underwater, but still alive. Here's how. (via Damn Interesting)

The most reliable way to become a billionaire is to inherit it. More people are doing it than ever before.

Codie Didn't Get the Hint. A clueless Navy submariner tries to figure out what's going on with his wife.

Driver Removes 'Road Closed' Sign, Promptly Discovers Why The Road Was Closed.

This Nomadic Eccentric Was the Most Prolific Mathematician in History. The bizarre life and legacy of Paul ErdΕ‘s, the most prolific mathematician ever. (via Strange Company

Rough Play: The Dirty and Dangerous History of McDonald's PlayPlaces.

Toe Beans

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You’re Kidding Me!

Say what? You’re trying to tell me that snow falls from the sky? I’m not buying that for a minute! You’re just telling a joke. It’s a funny joke, though! Good one, Daddy!

Redditor mrcurmudgeon1900 talked to his daughter about snow. She’s only a toddler, but she’s already working on her BS detector, and is skeptical about what he’s telling her. Always question authority, kid, but sooner or later, you’ll see that “snow” for yourself and you can make up your own mind based on the evidence.

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Monkey Man

Actor Dev Patel, who you know from Slumdog Millionaire and The Green Knight, is both director and star of Monkey Man.  If the trailer is at all representative, Monkey Man offers gun fights and street fights and fighting in the ring as well, Hindu deities and superheroes, social justice and revenge, sin and redemption, over-the-top yet realistic set pieces, and even a touch of comedy. Oh yeah, and some bangin' music. If I had to describe the trailer in one word, it would be "intense."   

If you need it, a bit of the plot is explained at the YouTube page. Monkey Man was originally supposed to premiere on Netflix, but after seeing it, producer Jordan Peele pushed for a theatrical release. Monkey Man will hit theaters on April 5.

Pizza Pun

Cat Chaos


I've discovered a genre of internet video I can really get behind- a supercut of cats being goofballs! Make sure the sound is on. You might have to watch it twice as you'll surely miss something the first time around because you're laughing. (via Everlasting Blort)


(Thanks, WTM!)

AFC Championship Sunday

The 2024 AFC Championship game is today. It's all fun and games until someone brings up the implication that this means the end of the football season. For football fans, it must be like the post-Christmas letdown when you realize there's a lot of winter left and nothing fun to do. But it's a clever way to open up last night's Saturday Night Live, despite the fact that there's no good live TV anymore.

Moar Toona

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Veteran Plows Neighborhood with Wheelchair

Justin Anderson is an Iraq War veteran who uses a wheelchair and is battling brain cancer. He has a badass all-terrain wheelchair donated by a veteran’s group. Anderson modified the chair by adding a snowplow blade! Now he can clear the snow from the sidewalks in his Bellevue, Nebraska, neighborhood to make walking to the nearby school safer and to save his neighbors the backbreaking chore of shoveling snow. WOWT caught up with Anderson as he plowed the sidewalks.
Justin Anderson’s make-shift snow plow isn't about the recognition he says, but more about his duty.

“It's very gratifying. It's nice to know you're appreciated. But even if I didn't get any response from anyone – or nobody said Thank You – I'd still do it,” said Anderson.
(via Viral Viral Videos)

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Still better than classical bullfighting. (Thanks, WTM!)

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The Frenzied Film Noir World of Gun Crazy

Gun Crazy was an independent film noir released in 1950. Cinema Cities explains in the above video why you want to watch it. If you're convinced, here's the full-length movie.

(via Nag on the Lake)

Spelling Lesson

We've seen over and over the complete sentences made up of the many words that use e before i, but now we have an exception to the exception. The rule we all learned really gives no guidance at all. (Thanks, WTM!)

Historical Infectious Diseases

What illnesses were people most afraid of during different historical eras? There was leprosy, influenza, bubonic plague, syphilis, smallpox, cholera, tuberculosis, and COVID-19, but none of those existed by themselves, and even these diseases were sometimes misdiagnosed because there was always something else out there that wanted to kill you. And these diseases became epidemics because of close living conditions and poor sanitation in crowded cities. Our own sociability became a mass transit system for bacteria and viruses. Enhanced travel took diseases to other communities all around the world. If you worry about getting sick, just be thankful for modern science. Back when we couldn't figure out what was causing these diseases, much less prevent or treat them, your odds for surviving them were downright dismal.

Astronaut Guests

If you really want to brag about something, there's probably a workaround that will allow you to do it. Finding it may be a hassle, though. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd


The story of this viral test question is here. (Thanks, Ludvig!)

Escaping the Grind of Life with Video Games

No wonder you're burned out. You go to your job every day, do the same things over and over, things that need to be done but offer no challenge or reward other than a paycheck. All that mind numbing work leaves you both bored and stressed, or in other words, burned out. Isn't it great that we can escape the daily grind and plunge into a world of video games?

Viva La Dirt League illustrates this stress among players perfectly. It's an escape to a whole new universe with grand adventures that offer new people to meet and new things to do. We look forward to the eight-hour version of this video. (via Geeks Are Sexy)


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This is the 1977 video for “Apache” by Danish musician Tommy Seebach. It just screams "1970!" doesn't it? A friend on a discussion group reminded me of the song, which I had posted years ago, but was lost.

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Makes Sense To Me

7 Harmless British Words Americans Might Find Rude

This video is kind of fun, because British English and American English are not all that different, but the way we perceive certain words and phrases can be hard to translate. Not mentioned: that one word that is exceedingly offensive to Americans but just an everyday swear word in British English.  


The Plumber

This is from the first episode of The Electric Company in 1971. Still funny!

Careful What You Wish For

There should probably be a genie in this story, since they are experts at literal thinking in order to teach you a lesson. That lesson is to be specific, lest you regret your wish. This comic is from Deliberately Buried.


The Boy Who Cheated Death

This mixed media animation by Pipou Phuong Nguyen was made in honor of the 50th anniversary of the Pink Floyd album Dark Side of the Moon last year. The music is Floyd's "The Great Gig in the Sky." The description lays out the story.

In a world blurring reality and imagination, Syd, a little 8-year-old boy faces his mother’s impending demise. Desperate to hide from the grasp of Death, they embark on an imagined hide-and-seek game, morphing into Earth’s creatures. Death plays along as their relentless predator.
(via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

Paul Is Dead: The bizarre conspiracy that became part of The Beatles phenomenon.

The White House has its own pharmacy—and, boy, was it shady under Trump.

Pictures have been teaching doctors medicine for centuries − a medical illustrator explains how.

Ancient ‘chewing gum’ reveals poor Stone Age dental health. (via Damn Interesting)

I Miscarried in Texas. My Doctors Put Abortion Law First. (via Kottke)

The Braamfontein Explosion.  When 60 tons of dynamite goes off, you can kiss your town goodbye.

We Don't Kill Humans. A sci-fi story that will make you feel better about the human race.

British zoo has new plan to rehabilitate its potty-mouthed parrots. Good luck with that. (via Fark)

The puzzling case of a baby who wouldn’t stop crying—then began to slip away. 

Maurice & Mabel

(via Fark)

Guitar Hero “Bark at the Moon”

YouTuber GuitarHeroFailure was quite proud that he completed the Guitar Hero song “Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy Osbourne with nary an error. All the way through. So he uploaded the video sequence. Then it was pulled due to copyright infringement. What to do? He found a workaround.

Yes, he replaced the music by singing it. Not the lyrics, but every note played by the Guitar Hero game. He gets tired of singing at about 2:38 and starts to get a little weird. And he does his own lyrics toward the end. But if you really want weird, turn on the captions. The machine-captioned scat is hilarious! (via reddit)

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Show off.

Thursday, January 25, 2024


The Car Parking Machine

This contraption was filmed in Chicago in 1932. I'm sure at the time it seemed like a technical breakthrough, but for some reason, it wasn't replicated across the country. Sure, it takes up a smaller footprint than a parking lot, but it requires an attendant at all times, and any mechanical failure would not only cost an arm and a leg, but would also tend to strand drivers in the city. Anyway, it didn't take us long to figure out you could actually build parking lots with more than one story that held exponentially more cars and had no moving parts to maintain. (via Everlasting Blort)

Bad Tat

Outside of being a bad idea, how many things can you find wrong with this tattoo? Let's just say you should study graphic arts a bit before you invest in a permanent ink device. (via reddit)

How to Know If You're Being Selfish

In any society, or even in small communities, there are a few people who are totally selfless, and probably more that never think of anyone but themselves. Most of us fall somewhere between those extremes. But are humans inherently selfish, and have to learn to think of others? Or have we evolved to consider the greater good for the well-being of the family and community? We know that the easiest way to be happy is to help others, but does that in itself make generosity transactional? Philosophers have struggled with these questions for quite some time. But for our personal lives, if we are concerned about being selfish, there are some ways to change one's attitude and become more tuned into the needs of others. This TED-Ed lesson from Mark Hopwood addresses selfishness from various angles.

Don't Be Sad

Everything will be alright when someone tells you what to do, or what not to do. You'd have never thought of that on your own! This comic is from Fruit Bomb Comics. (via reddit)

It's a Long Story

The Court Jester

The draw of the short film The Court Jester is how accurately Pauly Shore impersonates Richard Simmons, but the real story is about David, a hapless segment producer on The Ellen Show who is only noticed when he screws up. That can do things to your self-esteem. The story is set during a real Simmons appearance on The Ellen Show

The short by Jake Lewis premiered just after Netflix announced they are doing a full-length biopic about Simmons starring Pauly Shore, which Simmons insists he did not give permission for and is not involved with. Simmons, 75, retired from public life in 2014 and wishes to remain private. He has not yet responded to The Court Jester. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

The middle finger is the most controversial digit. Thank the ancient Greeks for that. (via Fark)

The end of workplace loyalty. I've worked for 50 years, and my loyalty never lasted beyond the first time I needed a raise. (via Digg

How to Pay Less Than Half Price for Taco Bell Quesadillas.

The 2023 BASF Car Color Report Is Here And There’s A Big Shift, Just Not The One I Want.

Lucky Ducky, in "Dog Show." The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

Jon Stewart Returns to The Daily Show as Monday Host, Executive Producer.

Winston Churchill Wore False Teeth to Deliver Historic Wartime Speeches. Now, They’re for Sale.

‘This to Him Is the Grand Finale’: Donald Trump’s 50-Year Mission to Discredit the Justice System. (via Metafilter)

The Controversial "Inaccessible Landing" Home Trend Has Taken Over My Timeline, And I Bet You Hate It Too.

Bryan, Ohio, pastor sues city after being charged over opening church to house the homeless. (via Digg)


(via Fark)

Chroma Crisis: A Splatoon Fight

Two painting crews show up at the same job, leading to a fight. They have a variety of weapons: paint guns, sprayers, rollers, even brushes for hand-to-hand combat. Their available ammo is, of course, paint. Bring it on! The glorious mess will take you back to your paintball days. If only we had such implements of destruction then! And paint someone else paid for! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Police Puzzle

From 1934. (via Undine)

Pac-Man's New Villain

We've always enjoyed the game Pac-Man for its simple and pleasant test of our manual dexterity. The spunky Pac-Man is just eating dots, and the ghost antagonists are downright likable: Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde. But if you are one of those few players who always thought the game needed a little more violence and gore, there's a new character you're gonna love. The newest ghost is a pixelated mad scientist called the Harvester of Pain and Suffering. He's not fooling around, either. The other ghosts are even terrified of him, after they see what he does to poor Pac-Man. This version of Pac-Man is not for children, nor for grandma. Unless your grandma is into that sort of thing, of course. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

No Salt on This Sidewalk

The joke is that they would drum up business if someone slipped, but there are complicated reasons why no one will take the responsibility of clearing the sidewalk for liability reasons. Who would be sued- the city, the business, the contractor who is supposed to clean it, or someone who tried to clear it but didn't do a good enough job? Be careful out there. (via reddit)

Pooky Park

Give artificial intelligence a creepy idea and the algorithm will make it even creepier than intended. This 1950s-style newsreel tells us about a new amusement park. We expect the overdressed nuclear family having a good time with costumed cartoon characters, but this park has some extra features we're just glad the real world didn't think of back when lawsuits were less of a thing.

Honestly, be warned that this animation is weird and ridiculous and might be disturbing. The basic idea will remind you of Squid Game and the uncanny rendering will remind you of the video for the song "Black Hole Sun." At least that's how it struck me. YouTuber Meme Dream Machine is to blame for this abomination.  (via Laughing Squid)

Yoda's Job

Word order is important, and can be used for puns when the occasion arises. Still, we can usually figure out what someone means when they get it wrong. Then there's Yoda, who is fluent in English, but it's obviously not his first language. This comic is from The Jenkins. (via Geeks Are Sexy)


When 'Based On A True Story' Is Actually A Lie

Biopics and movies about historical events can be wonderful jumping-off points for learning about history, but you can't just depend on them for your history education. Sadly, the blockbuster film version may be the only exposure many folks have to certain historical moments. Historical events are a great well of inspiration, since they are truly original ideas at the time they happened, and cannot be accused of plagiarism or piggybacking. But when a filmmaker takes on a historical project, they still have to fit the story into a feature film length, which means leaving out a lot of context, condensing long sequences, and sometimes taking shortcuts by making up scenes to get an idea across quickly. Nerdstalgic takes us on a tour of the ways true stories get changed for cinema. Those changes don't ruin a good movie, but as far as historical accuracy, we should be aware of them. (via Digg)


Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base Behind The Scenes

The Undercover Boss version of Kylo Ren from Saturday Night Live proved to be quite popular! So popular that we have t-shirts and action figures of Adam Driver as Kylo Ren in his disguise as “Matt the radar technician.” If you can’t get enough of the character, SNL has graced us with a behind-the-scenes video, featuring rehearsal bloopers and how they did the special effects. (via Digg)

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Tuesday, January 23, 2024

Loves Kids

If Chess Pieces Were People

Chess is a game that takes five minutes to learn to play and a lifetime to master. We are the players, and we command an army of pieces that all have different talents and abilities. If those pieces could talk, they would reflect those talents in their own way. Kings throw their weight around because they are secretly weak. The knight has plenty of confidence, even hubris, but he's a bit hard to control. The pawns just want to advance, but they have little opportunity. The rook is loyal, but not too smart. And being the only female on the board, the queen is ignored or dismissed, even though she is honestly the most powerful of them all. Frank James, who embodies all the chess pieces, illustrates the chaos of a simple game of chess when there's no real supervision. It's a good thing the actual game is control by two people instead of this hoard of miscreants.


(via reddit)

Desperate Mother Cat Surrenders Her Kittens

Animals Cottage Rescue Center in Lahore, Pakistan, looks after stray and feral cats as well as giving homeless cats a shelter. This story features a desperate mother cat who approached a person she knew because they had fed her before. She had a litter of two-day-old kittens, two of which were in serious condition. They were treated at an animal hospital for hypothermia and malnutrition. Now, the only sure-fire way to rescue a street cat is to take her kittens, so the whole family was reunited in care. This video has no narration, just subtitles, and it moves back and forth in time in a couple of places. But it's a sad and sweet story with a happy ending.

Safe to Eat?

Everything in moderation, right? It will only hurt you if you overdo it, right? Don't forget that "overdoing it" is what we humans do best. This comic is from Square Shapes. (via reddit)

Nock Hard

Gen Z is Aging Rapidly

I had to laugh at this. Princess, one of the oldest Gen Zs, will turn 27 soon. That makes me feel old, because I was already feeling old when I got her. But I'm now used to everything making me feel old. The truth is that you can't judge an adult's age with any accuracy between puberty and menopause (for men, that means around 50). Some people look 40 the entire time, while others look 20 the entire time, and most change but not in a way you can accurately judge unless you know them. Sorry about the stress. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

36 Ingenious (and Idiotic) Ways That Movies Dealt With a Minuscule Budgets. The first half of the list is worth a read.

The Frenzy About the Weirdest Continent That Never Existed.

Historic Home is Bigger on the Inside.

Yukihiro Akama Carves a Whimsical World of Miniature Wooden Houses.

Halloween Costumes for Mean Girls.

Winning Images from the 12th Annual Ocean Art Underwater Photo Contest, with links to the story behind each. (via Everlasting Blort)

Half of recent US inflation due to high corporate profits, report finds. In other words, it's just greed. (via Kottke)

Doctor injected dog and rabbits with bacteria from assassinated US president in bizarre autopsy experiments, documents reveal. (via Strange Company)

Take a Look at the Upcoming Game Indiana Jones and the Great Circle.


(via Fark)

Undercover Boss: Starkiller Base

Undercover Boss is a reality show in which some CEO disguises himself as an entry-level worker to see how things go at the lowest level of the company. In the real show, they get away with it because none of the low-level workers know the CEO, and often have never even seen them. It’s a bit different when you set it in the Star Wars universe.

In January of 2016, Adam Driver hosted SNL and reprised his role as Kylo Ren in The Force Awakens to go undercover and check out not how the Starkiller Base workers did their jobs, but what they thought of him. That’s in keeping with the egocentric character who’s not yet a competent commander, despite his rank. The skit became a classic, and Driver later did a second episode. (via reddit)   

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Everyone wants to pet the cat. (via Everlasting Blort)

Monday, January 22, 2024

Killing Ice Cream


As a preview for the full series, PBS brings us the first few minutes of NAZI TOWN, USA, an episode of The American Experience. The premiere of the full full episode is Tuesday night (January 23rd) on PBS. I'm reminded of people who say "This is not who we are." Well, yes it is, and as a group, this is who we have always been. But is it who we want to be? 

Life is Short in Germany

(via reddit)

Ruby to the Rescue

Last week, a 65-year-old man fell through the ice on Arbutus Lake in Michigan. A witness called 911 immediately and an officer responded right away, equipped with rescue equipment and a body cam. The ice was too thin to support the officer, but the victim had his dog Ruby with him, who played the most important game of fetch in her life, bringing a rope and a rescue disc to the victim. Ruby is not a trained rescue dog, but her actions allowed the officer and an assisting firefighter to drag the man across the thin ice to safety. (via Boing Boing)