Friday, March 30, 2007

New Links

Michael Jackson wants to erect a huge robot of himself that would wander the desert near Las Vegas. Really. How would YOU design this robot?

The next wave of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.

Unfortunate sawmill accident involving genitals. Wonderfully written story about it and a picture, too.

Dead Fairy found. (via the Presurfer)

The Empire Strikes Back to the Future. Its my favorite from the b3ta image challenge to combine movies.

The Craigslist Personal Ad Translator.

Cartoon time! BillGates vs. Steve Jobs.

What is that Mysterious Ticking Noise?

Is your co-worker crazy? (via Grow-A-Brain)

Five-year-old Young-Jin Kim fell nine floors from the balcony of his apartment in Hamilton, Ontario and survived!

Bad sex education. (NSFW)

The first sentence of this obituary makes you sit up and notice. (via Dustbury)

Classical Composers+funny musicians=this video collection.

Circuit City is going to fire 3,400 workers because they make too much money. They can apply to get their jobs back, but at lower wages. This is the kind of thing that started unions in the first place. Will it again? Or is this a slippery slide into slavery?

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot Links

Some of your favorite musicians in their early days, going back 50 years.

Pictures from Alaska’s Ice Festival.

I’m sure you have always wondered what the Useless Men looked like naked. I’m sorry to say that we have found out about at least one.

Where the Single Men and Women Are.

A baby duck feeds the big fish.

This is what your dog is really thinking. (Thanks, Linda!)

Some amazing jump rope performers.

This will improve your sex life. If you are desperate enough.

Baby Teeth Carving. (via Arbroath)

A Beginner’s Guide to Towel Ironing.

How a Roomba will affect your life.

Take the quiz: Spock or Not? (via Cynical-C)

The best of the best Lego Star Wars animations.

Several celebrities have been banned for life from Saturday Night Live. See why!

Heaps of Peeps!

Sherman Austin and the Patriot Act.

Ten Reasons Why I Like Obama. Yeah, I’ll pass this along even though I’m backing Hillary as of now. I don’t dislike Obama!

Terrorized by the War on Terror.

More indicators point to war with Iran.

Email exchange between an Army Recruiter and a gay potential recruit.

AntiWar videos: Flashback time!

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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good Links 3/26

The Schmidt Sting Pain Index. (via Boing Boing)

Screenvader has plenty of multimedia treats, IF you can catch a link! (via All-Night Surfing)

Ten reasons You Aren’t Rich.

Tropix. Swap the fruit to make rows of three or more, but hurry before the ice freezes your fruit! (via Ursi’s Blog)

What Google looked like ten years ago.

Do you like dog?

Animal acrobatics. Weird photos from around the web.

A comparison between internet personal music players, Fine Tune and Pandora.

An American Girl doll salon breaks a 6-year-old’s heart.

Purity Balls. Does this sound really creepy to you, or am I just weirded out because my daughters have no father?

Bush Approval Chart.

Getting ready for our soldiers to come home.

The effects of global warming are already being felt.

Political Links Roundup.

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Weekend Links

You play a what? Musical instruments made out of whatever is laying around.

A tribute to Larry “Bud” Melman.

The Aniboom EyeDoll contest is heating up. See some of the submissions here. Still not too late to enter!

Really bad wiring jobs. Maybe my spaghetti setup isn’t so bad after all! (via Dump Trumpet)

Famous Pairs. Of pears. (via Dump Trumpet)

A cat who can pronounce his own name!

Screenvader has plenty of multimedia treats, IF you can catch a link! (via All-Night Surfing)

Two-Faced Preacher (mp3). (via Boogie Woogie Flu)

The Top 15 Unintentionally Funny Comic Panels.

A video of nuclear explosions set to the 1812 Overture.

If only gay sex caused global warming.

Why is it so important to Bush that his people not speak under oath?

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Equinox Links

The Eiffel Tower: “a truly tragic street lamp”.

Where Are They Now: Porn Stars Volume Three.

The Wisdom of Children.

Million-dollar homes rented for $150 a month.

Caught in the act. I doubt this would be any funnier if I understood the language. Warning: potty humor.

Everybody Panic! I found this game addicting. Pretty self-explanatory, once you get started. (Thanks, Linda!)

Bonjour Vietnam. (via Grow-A-Brain)

Recursive photography.

Twenty reasons to have sex when you don’t feel like it.

Panda on a plane.

Here’s a chart putting the United States’ absurd incarceration rates in perspective.

America’s Ten Horniest Presidents. (via Gorilla Mask)

Please Impeach Me.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Recommended 3/19

Joan Conde of Mamacita was a guest on Single Talk from World Talk Radio, talking about her funny site Weird Dating Mail. Go here to listen or download.

Name of the Year tournament.

A baby elephant is born, on camera.

Granny is a videogame addict. Audio NSFW.

Nine Bad Boys of Philosophy.

Why men’s letters are never published in Dear Abby.

Rant: Middle Aged Women complaining about sex!

An amazing Rube Goldberg contraption that takes advantage of slinkies, magnets, candles, waterwheels, slingshots, and all the other things you want to see in such a video.

Geek summer movie roundup.

Excuse me! My hands are full and I’ve dropped my keys down in my bra. Can you help? Guess how many offered to hold her bags for her. So to speak.

BeatBox de la Nouvelle Star. How does he DO that?

Pretty good Hillary impersonation.

The trend of women opting out of the workforce is a myth. I knew that. I left the workforce, but it wasn’t exactly an option.

The Democracy Protection Act -- Executive Summary.

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Friday, March 16, 2007

Links for the Weekend

You’ve seen the Beer Launcher video by now, I’m sure. Here’s an interview with the guy who built it.

The many uses for Gummi Bears.

Strangest action figure ever: Rocky’s opponent, a slab of meat.

Rock Ballads Quiz. I got them all, without even listening to the whole clips.

Barry Stiefel visited all 50 states in one week’s vacation in 1998. (via the Presurfer)

A life size picture of a Blue Whale. (via Dump Trumpet)

A look back at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas, and the video of its destruction.

Naturally Seven is a successful band who at least once, didn’t take a cab or a limo. They performed a cappella while riding the subway in Paris. Lack of instruments didn’t hold them back a bit! Notice how everyone else gradually sprouted cameras during the song. (via Boing Boing)

Who’s the better snake fighter, St. Patrick or Samuel L. Jackson?

A leprechaun in Alabama?

Why America can’t solve the drunk driving dilemma.

Advice to Young Men from an Old Man.

The Bugatti Veyron is the fasted street legal car in the world. See how fast.

In a study of how people see the internet, researchers find that women look at faces, whereas men’s eyes are drawn to crotches. And they don’t even have to be human.

Cheney vs. Vader. Who ya got?

Virtual beauty contests are being held at a law school site with participants who didn’t even know they were participating. Its a rough place, too.

But Clinton did it, too! Uh, No He Didn’t.

Sgt. Well’s New Skull. Long article on the worst brain injury to survive the Iraq War.

Instant Runoff Voting simply explained in a flash video. (via Exploding Aardvark)

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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Pi Day Links

Today is Pi Day! Why? Because the date on the calendar is 3/14. Make mine blackberry! Metafilter has lots of links about Pi Day.

Internet acronyms applied to fine art.

A Navy Seal competes against a chimpanzee in an obstacle course. Place your bets now.

The 30 Strangest Deaths in History.

A solar exclipse that was not visible from Earth occurred on february 25th. It was recorded by the STEREO-B spacecraft, which is orbiting the sun. Read about it. See the awesome video. (via Canadian Cynic)

Another reason to get up from your desk and go visit your neighbor’s cubicles. Or the newstand down the street. (Thanks, Ed!)

The Helvetica font is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! So this guy made a movie about it. Yes, a film about a typefont.

Your favorite aggregator sites, in comic form.

A (Conservative) People's History of New York City. Did you know there are only 312 people in New York?

Check this out: The number .999... equals 1. The proof is at Wikipedia. Actually, many proofs. (via Evil Mad Scientist)

Unfortunate baby name. Poor little girl, she did nothing to deserve this. (via Dump Trumpet)

Mentally unfit soldiers sent back to Iraq.

Rolling Stone takes a look at the endgame in the Iraq War.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Links 3/13

Where Are They Now -Requested Porn Stars. After last week’s post, I got tons of “What about so-and-so?” comments, so I looked up a dozen more.

Modern Marriage Proposals of the awesome kind.

My Slump. (via Everlasting Blort)

Maukie. (via Neatorama)

What’s your Leprechaun name? (via the Generator Blog)

100 Naked Men Can Stay on Beach. (via Theater of the Absurd)

Jyrki Kasvi is a Finnish Parliament member, representing the Green League party. His website is available in several languages, including Klingon.

Lazer Cats!

The New York Surveillance Camera Players.

Twirl A Squirrel!

Drum Simulator. Move the center dot toward the various intruments. (via Dump Trumpet)

Cassidy Lynn is a second-grader who is trying to buy goats for families in Sudan. You can help by buying one of her individually-designed cat toys.

Unfortunate name of the day. At least he’s rich. (via Ultimate Stupidity)

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Recommended Links 3/11

Eight versions of the French Taunting scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Calvin Klein has trademarked the term “technosexual”. I could think of some other terms they might be interested in.

Tidbits from the history of kissing.

Battlefield: Bad Company. Best video game trailer I’ve seen in a long time.

The largest telescope ever is up at the South Pole.

My eyes! My eyes!

Jamiroquai’s new career. (via b3ta)

Dolphin game. Loud and fast.

Typical left-right argument.

Mideast war simulation. This will make you think.

Dubya makes an admission, and an apology. Sort of.

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Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vagina Links 3/8

The explanation for the title of today’s post can be found at Abandoned Stuff.

Bloggasm published an interview with Saskboy, who said some nice things about Yours Truly.

How to make healthy, air-popped pocorn into something worth eating. (via Cynical-C)

Art or lunch? Mental Floss has a look at folks who are really really good at playing with their food.

Time Lapse Videos. Watch things rot in a hurry!

Make’s Mark Frauenfelder on Stephen Colbert. Don’t you wish you had a life like either of these guys?

I enjoy dj lobsterdust’s mashups, but most include artists I am unfamiliar with. Not so this one! Its a mashup for us Baby Boomers, mixing the 60s with the 80s. Glass Octopus.

Daylight Savings Time explained.

Chinese adoptee’s bat mitzvah. “Most of my Chinese friends are Jewish.”

Mental Floss takes a look at Anne Coulter.

What is Billy Cottrell? A genius, a disabled person, or a criminal -or all three? He may be on his way to becoming a martyr.

Well, here’s a mess. Immigration authorites raided a factory and detained 327 illegal immigrants. 100 of their children were standed at daycares and such. The factory was making backpacks for the US Military. Autorities allege they hired illegals to keep up their low-bid defense contracts.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Recommended Links

Best reason to start pirating videos? This may be another.

Mental Floss has a quiz where you match the scene with the movie... about Tom Hanks taking a leak. Really. I got 8 out of 10, because I’ve seen 8 out of the 10 movies.

This is a cute animation: Verdi’s la Traviata performed by little blobs of color.

I posted what I labeled “the best doormat ever” a few days ago. Here’s a better one!

What do you think of the new Dove ads featuring nude older women?

How the news media is covering the Walter Reed scandal. With video.

The United Nations Comission on the Status of Women (CSW) is going on now, but you’re probably reading about it for the first time. With over 4,000 women at the conference, only ten journalists asked for credentials. And only one is a man. You can follow a report of the comission meeting, which will run through Friday, at Women UNlimited.

Scooter Libby was found guilty yesterday. Or was he?

How effective are all those Homeland Security dollars, anyway? Will we ever know for sure?

Knights, dragons, and princesses! Gettin’ all medieval today, at Miss Cellania.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hot Links 3/6

One of the earliest links ever on my blog was Zoomquilt. Now Zoomquilt II is online!

The Where Are They Now? series at YesButNoButYes continues today with Porn Stars of the 70s and 80s.

Good: You play the drums pretty well and you’ve put a band together. Better: You recorded a song that became a hit on the club circuit in Germany. Bad: You are a girl in Afghanistan, where you could be killed for such activities. See the video Burka Blue.

How many sleds can you stack up and ride, and still make it across the finish line? This Japanese TV show will find out. No explanation for the bug costumes, though.

The AV Club has a new video series called Drunk America. The first episode deals with how people tell the truth when they drink.

There are presidential campaign websites all over the net, but you might be surprised by these.

Illegal aliens on the roof. (via Everlasting Blort)

Ten Laws of Physics that Don’t Apply in Hollywood.

Can anyone explain this disturbing video?

Why the media passes off bunk as news.

Elizabeth Edwards’ response to Ann Coulter.

America’s Imperial Presidency.

More of the cost of war in Iraq: A quarter-million military cases of PTSD, and 60,000 US military marriages.

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

Good Links March 3

Shanghai slideshow. Pictures of the largest city in the world.

More stop-motion human video game goodness from Not So Noisy in Human Pole Position.

Is trying to clean up an NWA song worth the effort? Only if it makes you laugh.

500 classic movies in seven minutes: Precious Images. This is SO worth the time.

Your chance to buy some love. On eBay.

The story of 42 Below Vodka. (Thanks, Whitesnake!)

TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Crimes of the Century. Links are in the sidebar, in case there’s one you’re particularly interested in.

To continue the public discussion on war veterans and the treatment they receive, Monica has some first-hand knowledge of the runaround.

Anne Coulter referred to John Edwards as a “faggot” at the Conservative Political Action Conference and got a cheer from the audience. These are the same people who were shocked and offended by Amanda Cogdin and Melissa McEwan using barroom language on their own blogs. I’m glad to see an exception: a conservative who thinks Coulter has gone too far. But he wasn’t at the conference, where there seemed to be consequences for those who didn’t treat Coulter as royalty.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Recommended 3/2

Historical reenactment clubs are everywhere, and all over the timeline. Read about them at Mental Floss, and see a collection of battle videos at YesButNoButYes.

This big boob thing has gone too far! (via Dump Trumpet)

An all-electric car that goes from 1 to 60 in four seconds and looks like a midlife crisis car: The Tesla Roadster.

After Boston police blew up a traffic counting machine on the heels of the ATHF fiasco, Massachusetts Flickr user rodbegbie labeled some other items to help the police avoid making mistakes. (via Cynical-C)

Some serious and not-so-serious scenarios for the end of the world.

The Top Ten Monkey Videos.

Yeah, that one bombing a day can be discouraging.

Walter Reed patients are under sanctions for talking to the press. I guess its bad for wounded veterans to exercise free speech.

Watch Legos get down in this award-winning video.

This is one strange video. Those of you who have tried to raise children will understand. Audio NSFW.

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