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Shouldn't Have Taken It Off

Year-end Lists 2021: Personal

As a lot of people have said, the only good thing about 2021 was that it was better than 2020. I'll be forever grateful for the vaccines that protected me, and even more so my mother. But she's not doing well. One day in May, she could no longer stand or walk. We were able to have someone with her all the time up until then, but it takes more than one to lift her adequately, and we just don't have that many family members. She went to a nursing home. Lately, my brother and I have been concerned about the many medical interventions she was subjected to, mainly to correct problems for which the underlying cause will not improve. So she is now under palliative care, meaning we are just trying to make her life as normal and comfortable as possible. It was a wrenching decision, but we were guided by her advance directive, which everyone should have.

Princess moved to St. Louis for grad school, and she likes it. She was looking forward to coming home for Thanksgiving, but came down with COVID. She was vaccinated, but was about eight months out from the second dose, and wasn't yet eligible for a booster. They lowered the age of eligibility while she was recovering. She was pretty sick, but not dangerously so. The end of her quarantine came too late for a trip home, and her plane ticket was non-refundable. But she's here now for the New Year.

Gothgrrl had an exciting summer, traveling to Florida, Costa Rica, and a couple other places I can't recall. She also adopted a couple of rats, which she brings home with her on visits because her roommates won't feed them. We have a cage for them here, otherwise the cats would have a field day with them. Gothgrrl is in her second year of veterinary school. She comes home from Alabama about once a month. But the day before she was to come home for Christmas, another car rammed into her. No one was hurt, but her car was totaled. She rented a car to come home. While here, she got a settlement from the other driver's insurance that was more than she paid for the car. Then she found a good deal on a slightly newer one and still has money left over.  

I didn't even plan to have a garden this summer, because I was spending a lot of time with Mom. But Princess wanted to grow her favorite vegetables, so that's what we did. Then she moved away in July, leaving me to harvest vegetables I didn't even like. But I expanded the flower gardens. Next year, the vegetable garden will go fallow, because it wasn't producing well in recent years, and the tiller doesn't work anyway. I can concentrate more on flowers!

My stepdaughter had her third child in May. That makes six grandchildren so far!

In the fall, I tackled my neglected home. I wrote about that in a previous post. Got a lot done so far, but there's still a long way to go. I am also trying to do something about the bats. An exterminator found some entry points, which just highlights how much my house is falling apart. I have a carpenter who comes on days he's not driving a truck and the weather is good, which means I see him two or three days a month. We'll be lucky to get the job done before bat mating season in the spring.

I have four cats again, as Princess adopted a "problem cat" when she was living in Lexington, and cannot have one at her place in St. Louis. Gatita does not get along well with others. Apollo hates her, and Tommy avoids her. Tommy spends a lot of time outside or at another house down the street, but comes home to sleep with me. Marshmallow is the only one that gets along with Gatita because Marsh is deaf and can't hear her whining. Marsh had some serious dental problems this year and had six teeth removed, but she's getting along fine without them.

I don't know what 2022 will bring, but we're going into it hoping for the best. I wish all of you a good year to come, and may God bless us all.

Top 20 Betty White Moments

MrsMojo made this compilation to play on Betty White's 100th birthday on January 17. But they went ahead and released it today on the news that White has passed away on the final day of 2021.

New Year's Eve

Have a great time ringing in the New year, but make sure you have a designated driver if you're drinking. Or maybe you could just stay where you are until morning! Party on! (via Neatorama's Facebook page)

For Auld Lang Syne

This version of the classic song is from the new Peanuts holiday special Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne, streaming on Apple TV+. Lyrics were added you you can sing along if you want to. (via Mashable)

Run to Live

If anyone were to ask me "How fast can you run?" I'd have to answer "It depends on what is chasing me." Honestly, I ran track in high school, and I was probably in the lower half of the team in performance, but still better than kids who didn't try. The fastest I have ever moved are those times when Gothgrrl was very young and heading for the street. Those were races that bystanders would comment on. This comic is from Bonus Context.


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Year-end Lists 2021: Miscellaneous

Things Removed from Body Orifices in 2021.

Merriam-Webster’s Word of the Year 2021. "Vaccine" not only summed up what was happening in the worlds of science and medicine, it also dominated the world of politics. Besides the Word of the Year, Merriam-Webster names ten other words that define the language of the year 2021.

52 things Tom Whitwell learned in 2021. 

The Top Ten Best Illusions of the Year.

The 2021 Airline Index. The best domestic and international airlines in the US.

We Were Promised a New “Golden Age” of Travel in 2021. What Happened?  

Dezeen's top 10 cabins of 2021 

Dezeen's Top Ten Home Interiors of 2021.

Dezeen's Top Ten Houses of 2021.

The Biggest Fits of the Year. This has to do with fashion.

9 Fads We Couldn't Get Enough of in 2021.

The 13 Most Mispronounced Words of 2021.

Seven of the Worst 2021 Ads.

Remembering the startups we lost in 2021.

Ninety-Nine Fascinating Finds Revealed in 2021.

Fox News' Worst Lies About Covid-19 From 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.

New Year's Eve

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Celebrating a New Year in the Movies

New Year's Eve on film can be funny, sad, nostalgic, hopeful, drunk, or just happy -but they all have Auld Lang Syne to tie them together. These clips are from the movies Ocean's 11, One Way Passage, The Gold Rush, Waterloo Bridge, An Affair to Remember, Wee Willy Winkie, Scandal, The Apartment, Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Bachelor Mother, and It's a Wonderful Life. Someone needs to append When Harry Met Sally into this. Happy New Year!

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Year-end Lists 2021: Best of Blogs and Websites

 Reddit Recap 2021

Read the full report here

Reddit's top posts of 2021.

Fark's Headline of the Year 2021 Winners.  Links to the finalists in each category are here

MessyNessy’s 21 Favourite Little Stories of 2021.  

Mental Floss' 40 Favorite Stories of 2021.

The Medium Stories That Defined 2021.

The Ten Biggest Kotaku Posts Of 2021.

51 Best (And Weirdest) Charts Of 2021.

Top Ten Stories of 2021.

The 20 most-read stories of 2021 on Ars Technica.

These Are Apartment Therapy Editors’ Favorite Property Crushes From 2021.

The 12 most-read Vox Future Perfect pieces of 2021.

Gastro Obscura’s
Most Popular Articles of 2021.

The Top Ten Moss and Fog Posts from 2021. 

Patheos' Top 10 Posts of 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.


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Playing My Guitar and Your Guitar, Too

In this video, guitarist Dave Simpson of the Dave Simpson Trio is strumming his own guitar, but fretting the bass. Bass player Carina Powell/CiCi Bass. is picking her bass, but fretting Simpson's guitar. While they are playing basically the same tune, the sensation of two very different instruments in different hands is quite jarring to a musician, but they pull it off well. They switch left hands back to their own instruments before the video is over, to show us what they're best at. It's cool to watch, and cool to imagine what it feels like. (via Laughing Squid)

Year-end Lists 2021: Internet

 Google's Year in Search 2021

What people search for on the internet tells us a lot about the state of humankind. Google has calculated the most searched-for terms for 2021 and has compiled the results. You can also see a timeline of search trends over the course of 2021, which you can change to dig deeper into categories listed at the top. Click on the images to read more about a topic.  

21 Of The Best Memes The Internet Gave Us In 2021. 

The Best Memes of 2021 Reflect Our Collective Madness.

The 35 Best Memes of 2021.

11 Wildest Viral Moments of 2021.

TikTok's Most Viral Trends of 2021. 

These Are 2021's Most-Liked Instagram Posts.

The 50 Best Podcasts of 2021.

Here's what took over Twitter in 2021. In chronological order. 

10 big takeaways on the state of the internet in 2021.

Guardian readers: the funniest things (on the internet) in 2021 – chosen by you!

5 internet moments from 2021 that made us cringe.

The Most Frequently Used Emojis of 2021.

The top 25 most interesting public webcams of 2021. Each entry in the list is a link.

The year of garbage internet trends.

2021 was the year the world finally turned on Facebook

Facebook’s very bad year.

Popular Internet Videos of 2021

See all the year-end lists here.


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Year-end Lists 2021: People

Read more at People magazine. They honor several people.  

18 People We Couldn't Stop Talking About in 2020.

The Daily Dot's Person of the Year 2021.

22 memorable moments of 2021 when people stood up for the least powerful among us. 

26 Of The Most Controversial And/Or Problematic Things Celebrities Did In 2021. 

The Chaotic Celebrity Couples That Got Us Through 2021, Ranked.

24 Celebs Had Pandemic Babies in 2021. Another five had one in 2020 (one couple had a baby in both years).

The Most Annoying Celebs of 2021.

The top 12 celebrity cancellations of 2021.

Year in review: Remembering the stars we lost in 2021. 

Black Celebs We Lost in 2021.

The Creative and Inspiring People We Lost in 2021.

In Memoriam

Celebrities who died too late to be included in the above video include archbishop Desmond Tutu, Nevada senator Harry Reid, football coach and broadcasting legend John Madden, and beloved blogger Jonco.

See all the year-end lists here.

Miss Cellania's Links

Man Finds Frog in his Lettuce; Now has a Pet Frog.

Hamsters Have an Epic Tolerance for Alcohol.  (via Fark)

The Vampire of Silesia. Johannes Cuntze became thoroughly annoying after he died.

Jason Isbell Is Tired Of Country Music’s Love Affair With White Nostalgia. (via Metafilter)

15 of the World's Weirdest Drinking Games. Do not attempt any of these games unless you have made arrangements for a designated driver or overnight accommodations.  

Do you have a cold, the flu or Covid-19? Experts explain how to tell the difference. (via Digg

The Mystery of the Alaskan Killer Bigfoot.

The World's Oldest Family Tree Sheds Light on Neolithic Culture. (via Damn Interesting)

11 Homes That Use Color in Surprising Ways.

A blast from the past (2010): 10 Weird Items People Tried to Smuggle.

Good Looks

(via Fark)

Haynes Baked Beans

This may be the best ad of 2013- it has astronauts, an alien monster, violence, and humor! The strange thing is that it's not an ad for Haynes Baked Beans, which does not exist, but for Cinesite, the special effects company that produced it. I mean, you have to admit the effects are awesome. Too bad you would never get a real food company to take this kind of memorable approach in a TV ad. (via Warming Glow)

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Year-end Lists 2021: Politics

Biden's Year

Looking back on a plague year and ahead to more political upheaval.

2021 in review: A look back at the year in politics, month by month.

US politics in 2021: a democracy under attack. The view from Europe.

The year conspiracy theories yielded deadly consequences.

For Biden, 2021 was a year of big accomplishments — and big disappointments.

The 2021 Lie of the Year: Lies about the Jan. 6 Capitol attack and its significance. 

A Podcast from FiveThirtyEight: The Biggest Political Surprises Of 2021.

The Worst Political Predictions of 2021.

Round and Round We Go.

2021 in Six Minutes

See all the year-end lists here.

How to Pronounce Omicron

It took about a month for broadcasters and newsmakers to stop calling it "omnicron." But is it pronounced with a long or short "o" sound? We consulted Star Trek, and have no further enlightenment. Maybe we'll have to ask the ancient Greeks.

New Year Plans

This happens every New Year. Another tradition that you can skip and no one will know any better.  This comic is from Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet.


(Thanks, Jones!)

Year-end Lists 2021: News

(Image credit: Dr.Dunno

The year in review: Top news stories of 2021 month-by-month.

Top News Stories We Couldn't Get Enough Of In 2021.

Heroes and Monsters

Conspiracy Chart

15 times fast-food workers exposed the industry on TikTok in 2021.

The 2021 Bloomberg Jealousy List: Stories they wish they'd have written.

22 Of The Best News Corrections In 2021.

Here’s a look back at the best and worst of news media in 2021. 

Top 10 People in Media Who Got Canceled or Fired in 2021.

40 good news stories from 2021, illustrated.

Top 10 Best Things that Have Happened in 2021.

21 really good things that happened in 2021.

What went right in 2021: the top 26 good news stories of the year.

Prince Edward Island's
Biggest News Stories of 2021.

26 Weird Things That Happened In 2021 That Somehow Made The News.

Botox, billionaires, and bitcoin: 2021 in charts.

8 crazy ‘Florida stories’ of 2021. 

The Top 10 International Stories of 2021

See all the year-end lists here.

RIP Jonco

One of my earliest blogger friends has passed away. Jonco, at Bits and Pieces, died yesterday evening. His children broke the news on the blog.

Jonco was a link blogger from way back; he started Bits and Pieces in March of 2002. His idea of blogging was like mine; find funny and/or interesting things on the internet and share them with people who might enjoy them. In doing so, he built a community of people who stopped by his site for a laugh. They commented, they got to know each other, and they had discussions, largely with his "Open Mic Saturday" posts. Jonco traveled around and met some of his readers, and was always open to having dinner with someone who was passing through St. Louis. Then in 2010 he inaugurated his famous "Big Ass BBQ," (BABBQ) for loyal fans to meet up and have a good time. Jonco repeated his hospitality again in the next year. In 2012 he organized a Bits and Pieces gathering in Las Vegas. A good time was had by all. Another Las Vegas reunion was planned for 2020, but had to be canceled due to the pandemic. Here's a quote from a Christmas post:
I’ve met some wonderful people through this site and I’m proud that it has connected some of you together and fostered some lasting friendships. Whether we’ve met in person or just gotten to know one another through the website or on Facebook, I want to thank you for coming here, commenting, and being part of our little worldwide neighborhood.  
One thing you could say about Jonco- he knew how to make friends. He will be greatly missed by his many readers and those of us in the blogging community. My deepest condolences to his wife Pat, his son Dave, and his daughter Kris.


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38 Bizarre Items Dropped on New Year's Eve

The big ball drop in Times Square in Manhattan may be the most famous dropped object that rings in the New Year, but that custom happens in places all over for the holiday. Some towns drop much stranger things to signal midnight on New year's Eve. John Green describes some of these customs in the latest mental_floss videos. (via mental_floss)

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Tuesday, December 28, 2021

The A-hole Special

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Year-end Lists 2021: Photography

A World Ablaze, Captured By Associated Press Photographers In 2021.

year in pictures.

Reuters' Pictures of the Year 2021.

The most striking images of 2021, according to the BBC.

News' 2021 in Pictures.

The Guardian's best photographs of 2021 – and the stories behind them.

USA Today's
Pictures of 2021. 

Photographers on Their One Photo That Summed Up 2021.

People Magazine's 2021: The Year in Pictures.

Al Jazeera's 2021 In Pictures: The best photos from around the world.

Just 13 of the Most Surreal Pictures From 2021.

Buzzfeed's Most Powerful Photos Of 2021.

The Mars rovers Perseverance's most outta-this-world images of 2021.

The Best Images of the Northern Lights in 2021.

27 Photos To Remind You That 2021 Wasn’t Completely Terrible.

See all the year-end lists here.

Your Choice

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Don't Be Afraid

Sure, the world's a scary place. That's why we have families to wrap our arms around. Don't Be Afraid, directed by Gasta, uses a poem by Sophie Lewis and illustrations by Pierre Buttin. (via Swiss Miss)

Year-end Lists 2021: Games and Tech

The best tech news and headlines of 2021.

Freedom on the Net 2021: The Global Drive to Control Big Tech.

6 of the Biggest Crypto-Heists of 2021.

The biggest tech fails of 2021.

The 100 Best Inventions of 2021.

The Top 10 Biomedical Innovations of 2021.

The most innovative gadgets of 2021. 

The 10 best tech products of 2021.

10 of the Best Android Apps of 2021, According to Google.

Engadget's favorite games of 2021.

Ars Technica’s top 20 video games of 2021.

The Guardian's 15 best video games of 2021. 

Den of Geek's Best Games of 2021.

The Best Games You May Have Missed In 2021.

12 Games Killed In 2021 That Prove Preservation Is Vital.

The Most Broken Games Of 2021.

The Worst Games Of 2021 According To Metacritic.

The Year In Gaming Apologies.

The 10 Hardest Games of 2021.

The 10 Biggest Video Game Controversies of 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.


This takes me back to the bakery. Sure, we'd occasionally go in there to cry, but most of the time it was a way to dissipate the excess body heat from the ovens.

Year-end Lists 2021: Sports

The pandemic played havoc with sports again in 2021. The 2020 Olympics were finally held in Tokyo. League sports started, stopped, and started again. Teams forfeited some games due to illness. Athletes made more headlines for their vaccine status than for their performances. But it was a year, and there were games and competitions.  

2021 in sports.

Time's Athlete of the Year: Simone Biles.

Sports Illustrated's Biggest Sports Moments of 2021.

Year in Review: Top sports stories of 2021.

Year in review: The best sports moments of 2021.

The 15 Best Canadian Sports Moments of 2021.

Top 22 controversies that rocked the world of sports in 2021.

The Highest-paid Athletes in 2021.

Sports Illustrated's Best Photos of 2021.

Sports Photos of the Year.

We Crunched The Numbers On 2021’s Best (And Worst) Teams.

The alternative 2021 sports awards: quotes, gaffes and animal cameos.

Ballon d'Or Awards 2021.

Nominees for The Best FIFA Football Awards™ 2021 revealed.

NFL Top 100 Players of 2021.

Ranking the Top 100 MLB Players of the 2021 Season.

The Top 10 Best Cricket Sporting Moments And Matches Of 2021.

WWE & AEW's Best of 2021: Honorable Mentions for The Biggest Pro Wrestling Stories of The Year.

See all the year-end lists here.

Miss Cellania's Links

I wear a black patch over my left eye. It has aroused the curiosity of many; no one has suspected the horror that it hides. (via Nag on the Lake)

Abandoned Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia. The war-torn history of Cambodia in the 20th century is told in the ruins of a purpose-built town.

Why Emotional Intelligence Takes a Dive Among the Affluent. When economic inequality rises, concern for others dips. (via Digg)

Today, the James Webb telescope switched on camera to acquire its first image from deep space.

Roland Doe, the Boy Who Inspired The Exorcist. (via Strange Company)

One Of History's Most Prolific Monsters Might Be Innocent.

The Woman for Whom the Word “Scientist” Was Coined. (via Damn Interesting)

From respair to cacklefart – the joy of reclaiming long-lost positive words. (via Metafilter)

Scientists Now Know Why Comets Glow Green. Finding out was not easy. (via Fark

A blast from the past (2014): 9 Cats With Cushy Jobs.


(via Fark)

10 Ways A Condom Can't Protect You

A better title for this video would be "Ten things a condom can't protect you from," which include the kind of dangers found in a sci-fi or fantasy novel: they cannot protect you from velociraptors, magic spells, comic book heroes, or farting in an elevator. This public service video from the UK's Centre for HIV and Sexual Health is intended to appeal to geeks by hitting them where they live. Of course, it also tells you what condoms are good for.

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Oh, Merry Christmas! Again!

Year-end Lists 2021: Science

Time's Heroes of the Year article is paywalled, but you see who they are.

2021 in science.

The Ten Most Significant Science Stories of 2021. 
These discoveries from 2021, if true, could shake up science.

The Nerdist's Best Science and Tech Breakthroughs of 2021.

The Top 10 Websites for Science in 2021.

Ten People Who Helped Shape Science in 2021.

30 Under 30 In Science 2022.

Atlas Obscura’s Favorite Science Projects of the Year, From Fake Leopards to a Torture Orchard.

The Biggest Junk Science of 2021: COVID-19 Edition.

The Biggest (non-COVID) Junk Science of 2021.

The Physics World 2021 Breakthrough of the Year. 

Top 10 Physics Breakthroughs of 2021. 
2021 in Conversation: The year in medical research.

The 10 Strangest Medical Cases of 2021.

C&EN’s Year in Chemistry 2021.

Top 10 archaeological discoveries of 2021.

The top climate change stories of 2021.

: NOAA Research's top 5 stories from 2021.

The deep sea discoveries and sightings of 2021 are amazing.

10 of the most amazing dinosaurs discovered in 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.

Why I Quit Drugs

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An Asian Russian in China

"Asian Russian" shouldn't be such a confusing term, since Russia spreads across the top of Asia. But somehow it is, due to the preconceived notions of what a Russian is, even among Russian people.
Kiun B was born in Yakutsk, as one of the Sakha people, who are indigenous to the region. Yet Russians often assume she's an immigrant. When she moved to China, she blended in with the crowd, but then had a hard time explaining how she is Russian to folks who couldn't wrap their heads around the idea.

Year-end Lists 2021: Animals

Top 7 animal stories from 2021.

The Most Adorable, Inspiring, and Silly Pet Stories from 2020.

9 animal stories that made 2021 more ‘bearable.’

The Cutest Pets on Instagram in 2021.

TikTok pet parents are sharing their most viral videos of 2021.

The top 10 cutest animals in 2021.

These Are the Most Popular Cat Names of 2021.

Five Remarkable Dogs Honored With 2021 AKC Awards for Canine Excellence. 

From the National Zoo: 10 Animal Videos That Topped Our List in 2021.

These 11 kinds of animals had a pivotal 2021.

The 12 most intriguing animal discoveries of 2021.

Flying Rhinos and Divine Tigers: Atlas Obscura’s Year of Awe-Inspiring Critters

These New Animal Species Have Been Discovered in 2021.

The Top 10 Most Endangered Birds.

Scientists declared these animals extinct in 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.


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Year-end Lists 2021: Movies & TV

 Sleepy Skunk's 2021 Movie Trailer Mashup
Sleepy Skunk's annual trailer mashup makes you want to go to the theater. Contains a little NSFW language.

The A.V. Club's best films of 2021.

The Best Movies of 2021, Ranked by Tomatometer.

Uproxx's Best Movies Of 2021. 

Esquire's Best Movies of 2021.

The BBC's
20 best films of 2021.

The 25 Best International Movies of 2021.

The 10 Best Action Movies of 2021.

The Best Documentaries of 2021.

The 50 Best Horror Movies of 2021, Ranked.

The Best Sci-Fi Movies of 2021.

io9's Best Sci-fi, Horror, and Fantasy Trailers of 2021.

The A.V. Club's best movie trailers of 2021.

The A.V. Club's best movie scenes of 2021.

Top 10 Worst Movies of 2021

The Characters Who Gave Us Joy in 2021.

The Biggest Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy Disappointments of 2021.

Top 10 Best TV Shows of 2021

Best Television Shows Of 2021.

The A.V. Club's 25 best TV shows of 2021.

The Root's
10 Best Shows of 2021.

The Ringer's Best TV Shows Of 2021.

Gizmodo's 9 Best Animated Series of 2021.

The A.V. Club’s favorite TV episodes of 2021. 

The Best TV Performances of 2021.

Gizmodo's 8 Best (and 5 Worst) TV Shows of 2021.

25 Infuriatingly Bad TV Show Storylines From 2021.

19 of the Best Shows Canceled in 2021 (and Where They Might Go Next).

The best canceled TV shows of 2021.

Gizmodo's Fictional Characters and TV Shows We Lost in 2021.

The best, worst, and weirdest pandemic TV moments of 2021.

See all the year-end lists here.

Miss Cellania's Links

Banana Time! Auralnauts improves on Star Wars again, with a new 38-minute musical version of The Force Awakens. Contains NSFW language. (via Metafilter)

Chagrin Falls, USA: A lesson in structural racism. The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

Dinosaur Egg Fossil Contains Exquisitely Preserved Embryo. It tells a lot about how dinosaurs became birds.

CDC Report Shows Steep Drop in US Life Expectancy in 2020.

The Himmel Trial House is All About the View. (via Nag on the Lake)

Yankee Candles as a Diagnostic Tool. If you shop for a Yankee Candle, or received one as gift, and you can't smell it, you should consider getting tested for the coronavirus.

Ham Sniffers are Getting Burned Out from Sniffing Hams. (via reddit)

Belyana: Russia’s Giant Wooden Boats.

Britain's Smallest House has a 16-square-foot Interior.

A blast from the past (2014): All the Doctor Who Doctors Seen in 10 Completely Different Ways.


(via Fark)

Tweet of the Day

His obituary is here. And a eulogy here. (via Nag on the Lake)

Sunday, December 26, 2021

Pessimistic Research

Galaxy Quest

The star-studded 1999 science fiction comedy Galaxy Quest is here for your post-Christmas viewing enjoyment. The movie stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, and Tony Shaloub. The film did okay in its initial theatrical run, but became a cult that in the decades since. Not only is it funny, it's another excuse to watch Alan Rickman act.

The star-studded 1999 science fiction comedy Galaxy Quest is here for your post-Christmas viewing enjoyment. The movie stars Tim Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Alan Rickman, Sam Rockwell, and Tony Shaloub. The film did okay in its initial theatrical run, but became a cult that in the decades since. Not only is it funny, it's another excuse to watch Alan Rickman act.

Year-end Lists 2021: Music

What Did 2021 Sound Like? Read Cultured's Top Music Stories.

The Biggest Music Moments Of 2021.

Music Industry Trends In 2021.

Time's Entertainer of the Year: Olivia Rodrigo.

NPR's 50 Best Albums of 2021.

NME's 50 best albums of 2021.

Pitchfork's 50 Best Albums of 2021.

Uproxx's Best Albums Of 2021.

The Guardian's
best albums of 2021.

Best Albums of 2021. 

Uproxx's Best Pop Albums Of 2021.

Uproxx's  Best Hip-Hop Albums Of 2021.

Uproxx's Best Indie Albums Of 2021.

Uproxx's Best R&B Albums Of 2021.

Here Are Spotify’s Top Artists, Songs, and Albums of 2021.

The Guardian's 20 best songs of 2021.

Pitchfork's 100 Best Songs of 2021.  

Uproxx's Best Songs Of 2021.

The 50 Best Cover Songs of 2021.

The 5 worst songs of 2021 we hope to never hear again.

16 Songs From This Year That Are Actually Very, Very Overrated.

The Three Worst “Country” Songs Of 2021.

Spin's 21 Favorite Concerts of 2021.

The Best Album Covers of 2021. 

United State of Pop 2021 (Strawberry Ice Cream)

DJ Earworm delivers his annual mashup of the 25 biggest hits of the year, which all happen to have a dance beat (or close to it). This year, it also has ice cream.

See all the year-end lists here.

Netflix Accounts

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Year-end Lists 2021: Books

 Once again, we've reached that weird week between Christmas and New Year's Day when nothing gets done. As I have since 2012, I'll end the year here at Miss Cellania with a series of link posts looking back at the year we just had. Did the predictions for 2021 come true? Of course not. We were only six days into 2021 when everything changed. Now that the year is almost over, we can try to start to make sense of it. These lists will be far from complete, mainly because I'm trying to avoid paywalled links whenever possible.

We'll start with books, as those rankings are worked out early. People who love books are more organized than those who wait until the last minute to rank, say, politics, because politics can change in a day, but book sales are a bit steadier. If you're looking for something good to read, you'll certainly find it enthuse links.  

Smithsonian's Ten Best Books. This index contains many sub-lists by subject.

Publishers Weekly's
Best Books of 2021.

The New York Public Library's Best Books of 2021.

The Economist's best books of 2021.

The Best Books The New Yorker Read in 2021.

NPR's Books We Love.

Esquire's 50 Best Books of 2021.

Goodread's Worst Books of 2021.

The Most Scathing Book Reviews of 2021.

The Best Fiction of 2021.

The Best Reviewed Fiction of 2021.

Time's 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2021. 

Booklist Queen's 16 Best Nonfiction Books of 2021.

Goodreads' Best Science Fiction of the year. 

19 of the best romance novels of 2021, according to Goodreads.

Buzzfeed's Best Young Adult Books Of 2021. 

The best children’s books of 2021.

The 11 Best Music Books of 2021.

From Killer Clams to Roman Emperor-Detectives, Atlas Obscura’s Year in Books.

The Best Physics Books of 2021.  

These are Science News’ favorite books of 2021.

The best politics books of 2021.

28 Best Cookbooks of 2021, According to Home Cooks & Pro Chefs Alike.

Serious Eats' Best Cookbooks of 2021. 

Ah, here's how to get around a paywall!

See all the year-end lists here.