Sunday, September 25, 2022


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An Elephant Story

Pocha the Asian elephant has lived most of her 55 years in a small concrete enclosure at the Mendoza EcoParque in Argentina. She and her daughter Guillermina finally got to leave the zoo in May of this year and were taken 2,092 miles (3,366 kilometers) to Elephant Sanctuary Brazil, where they can roam through grasslands and the rainforest and meet other elephants. Their joy in their new home is easy to see.

Cat Covid

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The Crispiest Onion Rings

Kent Rollins is a real cowboy. He grew up wrangling cattle in Oklahoma and became a chuck wagon cook. Here, he shares his secret for crispy onion rings. You'll find the printed recipe here. 

You might think that watching someone cook onion rings pales in comparison with eating onion rings, but this video is not only informative, it will inspire you to make some onion rings yourself. There are enough ingredients involved in Rollin's recipe that you have to make a lot of onion rings to justify it. Save some for me! (via Digg)

Red Squirrels

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Rosh Hashanah Rock Anthem

From Aish, we have parody of "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO to welcome in the New Year beginning at sundown. The lyrics are at the YouTube page.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Talented But Criminal

Bookman vs. Seinfeld

Jerry is confronted by a library detective over a book he didn't return to the library 20 years before. Mr. Bookman is played by Philip Baker Hall. You have to wonder how many times they had to do this skit since you know Jerry kept breaking up. He still can't keep a straight face in this take, but it was probably the best one they could so.

If you are young or from a different culture, this is hilarious because Mr. Bookman is doing a parody of Joe Friday's lectures in the old cop-centric series Dragnet. (via reddit)

Trail Cam of a Playful Kitty cat

A charming trail cam sequence from Colorado shows that mountain lions are not all that different from house cats. Thaddeus Wells built a wooden swing in the forest and set a camera nearby, hoping to catch bear cubs in action. But a young cougar chose that area to sleep in. When she touches the swing, she's startled at its movement. But then that movement becomes intriguing to her, and she bats it back and forth like a cat playing with a piece of string. I wonder if she ever knocks objects off a cliff just for the fun of it. (via reddit)

Strong People

Walt & Jesse's Magnificent Meth Lab

What if Breaking Bad had been launched by Cartoon Network? JabaToons imagined the content of the AMC show with the animation style of Cartoon Network's glory years. It is not for children, as if that isn't totally obvious. This is just the intro, but people are already asking for full episodes. Yeah, the animation idea has been done before, but not in this particular way. (via Boing Boing)

Dinner Date

The Night the World Exploded

Trailer for the 1957 film The Night the World Exploded.

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Friday, September 23, 2022


This was in 1934. You have to wonder how long the cat lived. "The first thing that cat did with the money was hire a food taster." (via Undine)


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"Financial compensation" never sounded so good. The latest project from There I Ruined It takes the monologue from that ad we've all seen again and again and sets it to the tune of "Galop Infernal" by Jacques Offenbach. We know it as the Can-Can song. (via reddit)

Philosophical Doormat

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It's Fall!


I can SO relate to this! Yesterday was the autumnal equinox in the Northern Hemisphere, marking the transition from summer to fall. From this point on, the nights will be longer than the days until next spring. But autumn is often just a state of mind, especially in the torrid American South. Having been through a few equinoxes in the South, I knew that yesterday would be just another day as far as the weather goes, but I was surprised this year. On Wednesday, the high temperature was 90°F (32°C). But where I am, the high temp Thursday was 75°F (24°C) and I needed to bring in the porch plants in last night. The weather is always surprising; this year I am surprised it followed the calendar. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

The ‘Cost’ of Voting in America: A Look at Where It’s Easiest and Hardest. (via Digg)

The 1904 Olympic Marathon Was The Worst Race Ever. It involved cheating, illness, theft, injury, performance-enhancing drugs, hallucinations, and one runner being chased off course by dogs.

Chagrin Falls: First they came for Trump, and I said nothing… The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

This lady needs to try the taste test again.

We Are a Picturesque Small Town and We Refuse to Be the Setting for Your Romantic Comedy. (via Metafilter)

Rogue One: 15 Stories About The Making Of The Underrated Star Wars Movie.

A new study asks: Are we harming blood donors by taking blood from them? (via Damn Interesting)

Woman With Severe Chronic Pain Was Denied Medication for Being ‘Childbearing Age.’

San Francisco’s Famous Sourdough Was Once Really Gross.


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Dance of the Dumbo Octopus

Find out more about this cute little Octopus at Neatorama.

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Thursday, September 22, 2022


How a Lumberjack Cake is Made

Professional cake artist Liz Marek of Sugar Geek Show shows us how she makes a lumberjack cake. In the first two and half minutes, you'll know how the red flannel is done. She uses two layers of chocolate cake, two layers of red velvet cake, and two layers of yellow cake with some red dye to make the four layers of flannel shirt. Then she models a mostly-edible chocolate axe to go with it, then frosts the outside of the cake to look like a crosscut tree stump! I wouldn't go to this much trouble to make my own wedding cake. If you want to try this one yourself, there's a tutorial with words and stuff that explains all the steps at Sugar Geek Show. (via Nag on the Lake)

Olive is a Clever Rat

Rats in the wild are scary because they are so invasive and can spread disease, but they honestly make pretty good pets. With a good home and regular meals, they can be affectionate and entertaining. And one of the reasons they survive in almost all conditions is that they are so intelligent. Esther Minic-Rosenthal has several rats, but she's never had one as willing and able to learn as Olive. While Minic-Rosenthal tells us Olive's story, watch to see all the neat things she can do. At about 1:40, you'll see she can recognize her own name in print! I am quite impressed. See more of Olive's tricks in several videos at Laughing Squid


LEGO Machine Demonstrates Mechnisms

Brick Experiment Channel shows us a LEGO machine that combines 20 different mechanical principles. If that were all this video had, it would be simply fascinating. You have to have a little awe at the engineers who came up with all these ways of controlling movement. But these mechanism are all eventually combined into one LEGO device powered by one motor. See them all work at once is glorious! They labeled the video as a "useless machine," but it is anything but useless as it demonstrates how all these moving parts work, and brings us joy to see the finished product. And besides, it rotates a Viking. (via Boing Boing

Play LIke a Cat

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How to Win a Preschool Argument

Okay, is it sprinkling outside, or is it raining? A little boy tries to argue about the weather with a little girl. She’s got a sister for backup, and although the sister makes an attempt to moderate the disagreement, you know the poor little boy feels totally outnumbered. And she poked his heart! There will be a lot more of that in this young man’s life to come. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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Wednesday, September 21, 2022


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Totally Naked with Two Women

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The Puppy Raised in a Bubble

A tiny dachshund puppy named Sally had pneumonia so bad that she needed an oxygen tent. It's possible that she aspired milk while nursing, which led to lung damage. The Bottle Brigade, a group of vet techs who care for fragile or special needs puppies and other animals, took her in. Sally was confined to an oxygen chamber they called the bubble. Kathryn and her comrades didn't know how long it would take for Sally's lungs to heal, and the puppy did a lot of growing up in the bubble. Watch and see how her story turns out. (via Fark)

Simba's Education

You know what happens to little cubs who ask too many questions! Mufasa, being an apex predator instead of a wise king, chooses the easy way. It sure would have made The Lion King a shorter film. This tale is from Deliberately Buried Comics. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Hard Living

From Married to the Sea.

Honest Trailer: Elvis

When Screen Junkies gives us an Honest Trailer, the expectation is that they'll tear a movie apart and tell us everything that went wrong. However, when critiquing Baz Luhrmann's movie Elvis, they have little to criticize the film for. They poke fun at Baz Luhrmann (for his other films), the casting of Tom Hanks as Colonel Tom Parker (but not his acting), and the story the movie told, because it was beyond bonkers (but it was a true story). They couldn't say one bad thing about Austin Butler's portrayal of Elvis, except that the camera lingered on his pelvis. Elvis was quite a hit over the summer. That doesn't mean this Honest Trailer isn't worth a watch, because it is. The movie was bonkers, but that's what was called for when you do a biopic of Elvis.  

Miss Cellania's Links

An Important Update to the Multiocular O. A letter you should know, I guess.

His Little Fish (Grab a Hankie). (via Geeks Are Sexy)

The racist backlash to The Little Mermaid and The Rings of Power is exhausting and extremely predictable. (via Fark)

How to gird your loins. (via Everlasting Blort)

"Semper Supra," the official US Space Force song, was unveiled Tuesday. What do you think of it?

The Best Gothic Horror Movies.

Old Oil Paintings of Cats Stealing Food.

The Symbolism of Food in Movies.

How Many Ants Are There? An awful lot! (via Damn Interesting)


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Do you remember the 21st of September? Earth, Wind, and Fire debuted this song in 1978. It takes me back to college. NPR has an entire article about why this song is so popular after all these years.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Drunken Women

Burning Man Drone Light Show

Watching this light show on video might not quite as awesome as seeing it live, but you didn't have to spend several days at Burning Man to see it. (via Digg)

Hindsight is 20/20

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Fish Brought Back from the Brink of Death

Emma The Cabbage is studying to be a vet tech, and she's studied fish for years. Emma spotted a fish in distress at a pet shop, pale, floating, and not moving except to breathe. The store didn't even charge her for it. Emma brought the fish home for some TLC. After a few weeks of intense care, the little fish changed from a sick nondescript minnow to a beautiful rainbow betta! It's amazing what a little knowledge and the willingness to care for a pet will do. This fish won the lottery in that aspect. He even looks like he's smiling!

Suit Features

By Feng at Fengtastic!

The League of Pigs

One guy in the UK has a group of adorable young pigs on his farm, and he's set them up to compete in footraces. These pigs are serious about getting to the food trough first!  In this video, you'll get to know and love the competitors: Ginger Hamilton, Bear Trotsky, Piggy Smalls, Pepper Sanchez, and Hoshi Oinku. Besides that, the production values are excellent, and the narrator is not only professional, but quite funny. This is the first race video; if you want to see more, there are other races. (via reddit)


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Monday, September 19, 2022


That will buy a lot of turnpike! (via Bad Newspaper)

The Mysterious Statue of Corvo

Corvo is the smallest and northernmost island of the Azores. It has a Wikipedia page that does not mention the subject of this video, but you can find a few mentions of it elsewhere on the internet. It concerns a story with no evidence, but we all know that absence of evidence is not evidence of absence. At the same time, the way the story has grown and evolved over time, any truth behind it is probably nothing like what is told today. What am I talking about? It's the statue of Corvo, which was supposedly placed there before the island was ever "discovered," (via Digg)


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A Fancy Squirrel Treehouse

The same squirrel came to visit Shohreh and Jessie every day. They named her Xena. Xena loved that one tree, so they knew she'd really love a treehouse. You won't believe how fancy it is! This little squirrel house has a porch, furniture, a cheery decor, and even lights! They threw a housewarming party and invited friends, and so did Xena. Now there are four squirrels in the treehouse. These squirrels know a good thing when they see it.

Laser Engraver

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America's Weirdest Place Names

Laurence Brown of Lost in the Pond tells us about a few American town names he finds quite odd. Brown selected seven towns with unusual names, and you've probably never heard of most of them. Such lists usually start with Intercourse, Pennsylvania, but not this one. These towns were not selected for salaciousness but for the interesting stories behind them. Honestly, I believe these particular seven towns were actually selected because of all the possible puns. 

Miss Cellania's Links

 Andor May Be the Best Star Wars Series Yet. Kinda wish I had Disney+ now.

The Real Warriors Behind the Movie The Woman King.

50 Times Photos Of Pets Perfectly Embodied Renaissance Art.

The Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2022 Winners. (via Damn Interesting

Being a victim of rape costs an average of $3,500 in medical bills, study finds.

The Devil's in the Details of this Floor Plan. Try getting to your bedroom from the front door.

How Should a Sequel Deal with Beloved But Dead Characters? That's a dilemma for Squid Game's second season.

North Farmington High School Cosplay Senior IDs for the Class of 2023.

The Great Smoke Pall of 1950. (via Strange Company)

Predator in Training

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Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox featuring vocalist Ashley Stroud do the TLC hit “Waterfalls” in the style of ‘60s R&B music. Except they give it extra zing that makes it more than the ‘60s or the ‘90s. This is good. (via Tastefully Offensive)

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If I recall correctly, "The Way We Were" won the Grammy. (via Everlasting Blort)

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Pizza Math


Sclrap Flyapp

The Muppets perform the song "Sclrap Flyapp" on The Ed Sullivan Show in November of 1968. This was before Sesame Street, SNL, or The Muppet Show. Jim Henson's puppets had appeared in plenty of regional TV commercials and a local Washington, DC, show, but to see them in the '60s, most of the US had to wait for a rare guest appearance on variety show and late night talk shows. It was always a treat because the monsters were just so charmingly silly. "Sclrap Flyapp" was a recurring bit that was done on several shows, varying somewhat each time. (via Laughing Squid)


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That Guy in Every Fantasy World

Every fantasy world has a character who is there to show a range of personalities among the characters. The easiest way to show this is to make him annoying. This goes double for when a fantasy is made into a movie, where this character is often portrayed as short with a high or nasal voice. You can spot them a mile away. Alasdair Beckett-King illustrates this in a hurry in a very short film, even managing to mention examples along the way. Here he gets a lesson in judging people.


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Saturday, September 17, 2022

Too Late To Turn Back Now

Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose released "Too Late to Turn back Now" in 1970 before they ever had a hit, and it went nowhere. After their first hit song, "Treat Her Like a Lady" in 1971, they went back and released "Too Late to Turn Back Now" again in 1972 and it shot up the charts. Hearing it brings back memories of hanging out at the city pool that summer, thinking about boys.  

Theory and Practice

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How Much Does Steven Seagal Sit in His Movies?

You will begin this video thinking, "Who cares how much Steven Seagal sits in his movies?" At least that's what I thought, but Jovo Anschluss (who refers to Seagal as "Fred" throughout the video) drew me in with his non-stop hilarious yet deadpan monologue about Seagal. The narrative gets sidetracked with a story of how Anschluss bought tickets to "A Night with Steven Seagal," and then launches into the exhaustive statistics. How could Seagal have more overall scenes standing, but have more movies where he sits more than stands? All that is explained in seven different ways. Yeah, none of this matters in the grand scheme of things, but the video is a crazy delight. (via Digg)



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Tattooing in Slow Motion

The series Smarter Every Day visits a tattoo parlor to find how it’s done. We get an explanation of how two kinds of tattoo machines work, and then see a closeup of the process in slow motion. Our host Destin even gets a taste of the process, without ink, just to see what it feels like. This is pretty interesting, but I still don’t think I’ll ever get one. (via Digg)

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Friday, September 16, 2022

Suspicious Behavior

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Exploring the Landscape of Mars

NASA's Perseverance rover explored an area called Jezero Crater, where a mighty river once flowed -billions of years ago. The landscape image was generated from 1,118 pictures and comprises 2.5 billion pixels. We can't see them all in a video, but that's enough so that we can get a zoomed-in look at Betty's Rock, Skinner Ridge, and Hogwallow Flats. Perseverance is storing rock and soil samples that NASA plans on picking up and bringing back to earth sometime. The idea that it can transmit such gorgeous photos millions of miles back to earth is already mind blowing. Read more about this video at digitaltrends. (via Damn Interesting

Maxim has the Answers

His heart is in the right place, but his mental health is out there somewhere. You can enlarge this picture to read the signs here. (via reddit)

Dad's Bike

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Miss Cellania's Links

Constipated Scorpions and Maya Enemas: The 2022 Ig Nobel Prize Winners.

The Stories Behind Saturday Night Live Characters.

It's not a good year to be a Russian businessman. They are particularly subject to suicide and falls. (via Boing Boing

In Valhalla, you will get back the things that were lost to you in life.

For Sale: An American House Owned by the Same Family for 300 Years. (via Fark)

The parable of the Good Samaritan, updated for 2022.  

14 Fascinating Facts About the History of Magic. Read the list or listen to them in a video.

A Blast from the Past (2014): 6 Ways to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox.

Deadpool Gets a Colonoscopy

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney both turned 45 and got their first colonoscopies. But Reynolds lost a bet and had to fulfill his pledge to share his colonoscopy with the world. Katie Couric is very happy that's now she's not the only celebrity to be seen undergoing such an, er, intimate procedure. However, we won't see anything traumatic. The kicker is that even though McElhenney won that bet, he also showed his colonoscopy because he thought he could do a colonoscopy better than Reynold's. This is all in support of Lead From Behind, where you can find out more about colon cancer prevention. (via Laughing Squid)


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Napping with a Friend

The cat is just trying to get comfortable. I think he eventually succeeded. (via The Daily What)

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Thursday, September 15, 2022

Roger Bucklesby

Dizzy Detectives

In the 1943 Three Stooges film Dizzy Detectives, Moe, Larry, and Curly are recruited as police officers. They are on the trail of the Ape Man. Now, back then an actor could make a pretty good living playing a gorilla, and all it took was owning a gorilla suit. Ray "Crash" Corrigan, who plays the Ape Man here, became one of the go-to guys for gorillas in cinema.


Matt Shirley made a Venn diagram and left four spaces open. Redditors have suggestions for filling them.

Nugget Likes Potatoes

Nugget loves his dad, to the chagrin of his mom, who was the one wanting to adopt a cat. But Nugget loves potatoes more than anything. Nugget doesn't eat potatoes; he just likes them around. They are like a security blanket of sorts for this cat who is a survivor of mouth cancer. Nugget is now toothless, but he gets all the love and car he needs from his family. You can keep up with Nugget and his potato friends at Instagram.

Imperial Walker

The first Star Wars fans are getting old. (via Bits and Pieces)

Cosplayers Are So Happy, They Dance

For the first time since 2019, Ottawa Comiccon returned last weekend. Cosplayers, some who had been waiting three years to show off their stuff, were all over, and Geeks Are Sexy was there to document them. The participants were in a dancing mood, so here are some of them gettin' down to "Struttin'" by Thumpasaurus. This is just a tiny sample of the awesome costumes, so you'll want to check out the photo gallery from Ottawa Comccon 2022 at Geeks Are Sexy.

Miss Cellania's Links

Cat Aspires to Be an Eyepatch.

Telling the Bees About Queen Elizabeth.  (via Boing Boing)

The Instant Pot is Over. Will the air fryer be far behind?

Spy Stories for Dummies: Trump and the Stolen Secrets. The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

The 15 Longest-Running Cast Members in Saturday Night Live History. With a video of their best work for each.

A Non-Stop Supply of Chicken Selfies. (via Everlasting Blort)

The Sucky History of the Breast Pump.

The Dangers of Ultra-Processed Foods Go Beyond Their Lack of Nutrition.

The Sleep Patterns of Different Animals. Who knew koalas slept so much! (via Nag on the Lake

Keyboard Kitten

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Interior Crocodile Alligator

I drive a Chevrolet movie theater. If you want to hear the entire song this was edited from, you can. But right here are the best lines. (via Everlasting Blort)

I Don't Look Good Naked Anymore

The Snake Oil Willie Band released a song that too many of us can relate to. (via Buzzfeed)

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Wednesday, September 14, 2022


Teacher's Phone Case

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The Hiking Cat

Lindsay never enjoyed hiking much until she took it up to let her cat enjoy a bit of nature. Aries loves hiking, whether he's walking himself or riding in a backpack watching the scenery. But cats are like children: when you do something for their pleasure, you end up enjoying it yourself because you start to see the world through their eyes. So Aries introduced Lindsay to the pleasures of a good nature hike, as well as camping and other adventures. You can see more of Aries and his travels at Instagram.

Last Thoughts

From Married to the Sea.

Honest Trailer: Thor Love and Thunder

I thought, from seeing the official trailer, that Thor: Love and Thunder would be a fun movie. It made a lot of money, but both critics and audiences were a bit meh about it. Now we have an Honest Trailer to explain to us what the movie is really like. Thor: Love and Thunder is apparently one joke after another, which took away from any serious aspect of the story. You really can't make a laugh-fest out of cancer. The funny bits made Thor: Ragnarok special, so they put twice as many jokes into Thor: Love and Thunder. In filmmaking, that doesn't always work.


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The History of Tattoos

Queen Victoria had a tattoo? We may never know for sure, but tattoos were somewhat of a fad in Victorian society, after sailors came back from Polynesia with them. But tattoos go back as far a human civilization, for various reasons in various places. The TED-Ed animation skims over many of them briefly, and together they reminds us of how universal the art of tattoo really is. You can get the full lesson by Addison Anderson here. (via Digg)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2022