Sunday, August 31, 2014

Wedding Gown

Your Brain on Coffee

Coffee is important to my life. Let’s find out how it works its magic, courtesy of AsapSCIENCE. (via Neatorama)


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Swans Feed Fish

Two black swans generously share their trough of swan chow with their friends, the koi, at Swan Lake Resort in Kending, Taiwan. Not only does this save the caretakers time in feeding the fish, but you know the tourists love it! (via Neatorama)

Comic Groaner

Cat vs. Deer - The Translation

The deer are apprehensive, then curious, then arrogant. And they don’t mind to tell you so! (via Tastefully Offensive)


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Jorge and the Running of the Sheep

Jorge lives in Australia, and has always dreamed of running with the bulls in Pamplona. But that’s in Spain, far, far away. Then he hears about an event called the Running of the Sheep at a local festival in the Australian town of Boorowa. Excited, he goes to Boorowa and finds out that it’s not quite the same. This short film by Sam Matthews is just delightful. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Linda Larade

Hammerhead Shark is Too Close for Comfort

When you’re shooting video from up on the penthouse of a beachfront hotel, you can see what’s in the shallow water a lot better than the people who are in the water can see. These guys could see a hammerhead shark chasing a stingray, while the guys in the water couldn’t. They couldn’t hear the shouting from the hotel for a while, either. This happened in Destin, Florida. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)


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55-foot Human Water Catapult

Oh, this will be exciting -the strange phenomena known as the water blob gets the Devin Supertramp POV treatment! But that’s not all that’s going on: there’s also wakeboarding, water skiing, jet skiing, surfing, and that odd water jetpack thing. Makes you wish that summer vacation could last forever, doesn’t it? If you’d like more, there’s a behind-the-scenes video, too. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Political Campaign Notes

A Love Story 8 Years in the Making

Filmmaker Casey Neistat tells us the story of his relationship with Candice, told over nine years and various corners of the earth. It’s sweet and romantic and when it’s done, you’ll be glad you watched it. (via Digg)


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Friday, August 29, 2014

Ant Teamwork

A colony of ants work together to drag dinner back to the nest to share -and possibly store- their find. The ants form chain to get more pulling power. At first I thought this was a sausage (you know how ants are at picnics), but considering the scale, I think it’s a worm or a millipede. The language is not identified, so maybe you could help us out if you recognize it. (via reddit)


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Poor Yard Sale Sign!

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Traveling with Children

Peter the Elephant Plays the Red Clarinet

Peter the elephant lives in Ayutthaya, Thailand. Here, he enjoys a clarinet tune from Paul Barton and wants to make some music of his own. Elephant see, elephant do. Who’s going to tell him he can’t? (via Tastefully Offensive

Miss Cellania's Links

Titanic: The Movie That Made History.

7 Gross Foods Your Grandparents Ate (That We Taste Tested). They shouldn’t have …even in the ‘60s we knew this stuff wasn’t really edible.

Listen to a Conservative Judge Brutally Destroy Arguments Against Gay Marriage. (via Metafilter)

8 Videos of Cats Doing Un-Cat Like Things.

Paper Dresses and Psychedelic Catsuits: When Airline Fashion Was Flying High.  

47 Incredible Photos Of Parents From Around The World.

Morocco's Secret All-Blue City.

Deer as livestock is somewhat equivalent to raising cattle for beef, but it’s not the most lucrative use of specifically-bred deer. Another kind of deer farm breeds deer for their antlers: the bigger, the better. (via Digg)  

What Life Is Like When You’re Born on a Commune.


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Batman Spotted in Chiba Prefecture, Japan

The Caped Crusader, or an awesome facsimile, was spotted this week breezing down the highway on a three-wheeled Batcycle in Chiba Prefecture in Japan this week. The cosplayer, nicknamed “Chibatman,” was photographed by quite a few people who all had to post images on social media. He appears to wear a very faithful version of the costume from The Dark Knight. See more pictures of Chibatman at The Daily Dot.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


A Case of Stage 9 Animes

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Stop Resisting! Stop trying to Take My Gun!

This is why police and police cars should all be equipped with cameras, with cameras as a priority purchase over riot gear. More on this case here. (via Boing Boing)

25 Famous People Who Were Once Interns

This week’s mental_floss video is hosted by summer intern Paige Finch. That must mean everyone else is goofing off. It only makes sense that Finch would talk about famous people who were once interns. Temporary unpaid work can give you valuable experience, connections, and college credit …if you can afford to do it.

Autocorrected Marquee

The Daily Show on Ferguson

John Stewart went on vacation, and when he returned to The Daily Show, he had to sum up the events of Ferguson, Missouri, in a hurry. I think he did a perfectly concise job of it.

Game of Thrones, Season 4 VFX breakdown

Rodeo FX shows some of their more impressive visual effects from season four of Game of Thrones. Does this contain spoilers? I don’t think so, as it’s mainly landscapes, and serves to show us how they can film a series in someone’s bathroom and make it look like the most epic and expensive sets ever. This is not the only company working on visual effects for the series. See more from season four here. (via Uproxx)

Lil’ Buck and Prime Tyme

These guys turn their body movements into art. Not only are they good dancers, they are innovators, giving us a new look at dance. (via Digg)

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

An Honest Trailer for Ghostbusters

Screen Junkies gets around to giving us an honest trailer for Ghostbusters 30 years later. This episode is a bit of a departure for the series, as they can’t really find all that much to make fun of in the 1984 comedy. Ghostbusters is almost beyond criticism. The worst they can say about it is that it is a little adult for a kid’s movie. Hmm. I saw Ghostbusters as an adult in 1984, and I don’t recall it being marketed as a kid’s movie. It wasn’t, but the internet generation just happens to of an age to recall it from their childhoods. Today, a PG rating might designate a movie aimed at kids, but thirty years ago, it meant parental guidance suggested, which was the proper rating as ratings were understood back then. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Famous People in Their Early TV Ads

The Ultimate "Before They Were Famous... by worldwideinterweb

When young actors try to break into the business, they take any and all jobs, trying to both build their resumes and pay the rent. Waiting tables will only get you so far. Then, after they make it in the business, we can dog out old videos of their younger days and marvel at how young they look. We can also contemplate how many advertising dollars are spent on breakfast cereals and fast food. The biggest takeaway I had about this celebrity compilation is that I must be getting really old, because I don’t know who half these stars are. (via Uproxx)


How To Harvest Cherries

Picking cherries by hand is way too labor-intensive for commercial orchardists. The get the most cherries in the least time, you need specialized equipment, but strangely the one piece of heavy equipment not involved is a cherry-picker! Instead, you’ll need a specialized roll of tarp to catch the cherries, and conveyor belt to gather them, and the world’s largest vibrator, the Vibro6 EH. Now that’s one huge vibrator! Shake the tree, gather the cherries, and move on. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Miss Cellania's Links

Bananas: An A-Peel-ing History.

The Tax Foundation crunched the numbers and made a map, comparing how far $100 will go in purchasing power in each state compared with the national average. Another map shows metropolitan areas compared to their surrounding areas. (via mental_floss)

An in-depth profile of erstwhile Saturday Night Live writer Michael O'Donoghue.

New Orleans Nine Years After Katrina. (via Metafilter)

Exploding Toads: The Storied Remains.

A post at Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds contrasts the process of sending kids to school in the 1970s when the author was a kid with the process today. (via Boing Boing)

What Lies Beneath Stonehenge? (via reddit)

Adam Savage has an ingenious way to explain the dangers of porn on the internet to his sons. (via Metafilter

Arby’s made a poster to show all the different kinds of meats they puts on a sandwich. The poster inspired customers to ask if they could have “that” sandwich.

Ice Cream or Not Ice Cream? How to define the real thing.


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Monday, August 25, 2014

John Oliver on the Wage Gap

John Oliver looks at the silly arguments made about whether women are paid as well as men. Maybe we can fix it, but first we’ll have to agree whether or not there is a problem. All we have to do is remain single, never have children, and stay under 44 years old.

British Parenting

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Babies Discovering Mirrors

In this compilation of babies seeing themselves in mirrors for the first time, we see that they catch on fairly quickly that it’s a reflection of themselves. After all, most of them recognize their mothers in the mirror. This new discovery soon gives way to the particularly human joy of admiring ourselves. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

17 Facts About The Harlem Globetrotters.

He Caught All 719 Pokémon.

If Pop Culture Started Treating Men the Way It Treats Women. (via Metafilter)

Famous Fonts You Can Download. (via mental_floss)

On Cans. Canned food, that is.

In a new ad campaign from Pizza Hut Japan, we see very short vignettes about cats running a pizza parlor.

If You're Born In The Sky, What's Your Nationality?.

200 Years Ago: The Burning of Washington, D.C.

No, You Cannot Leave Great Salt Lake. (via Marilyn Terrell)

A story about a woman who bought a restaurant in Ferguson, Missouri, the day before Michael Brown was killed inspired a movement to shop and eat in Ferguson. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014


Rod Serling delivers the closing lines from The Twilight Zone episode “Obsolete Man.” Ant remarks on tyranny are spot on. You can see the entire episode here. (via Boing Boing

Every House Episode Ever

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Miss Cellania's Links

John Muir Took the Scenic Route.

The right to freedom of speech, the press, and assembly aren’t the only Constitutional violations in Ferguson, Missouri. There’s also the protections of the 4th and 14th Amendments.

Bill Cosby's Untold Story: Agony, Ambition and a Son's Tragic Murder.

What Those with Chronic Pain or Illness DON’T Want to Hear.

When Money Doesn’t Matter: Up Close & Personal With The Son of a Chinese Billionaire.

WNYC Radio produced a series of videos called Bodega Cats in Their Own Words, each featuring one store. The voices are provided by the store owners, who know their cats better than anyone. (via Laughing Squid)

When Postcards Made Every Town Seem Glamorous.

“Although they were notorious for appearing naked in marketplaces, interrupting sermons, and calling for the overthrow of the church, the Quakers were extraordinarily disciplined about running riot.”

What Do Talking Apes Really Tell Us?

Living Dangerously

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Combination Business

Miss Cellania's Links

 Help!: The Beatles' Second Movie.

There is a huge difference between how parents prepare black sons and white sons for the event of dealing with police.

Dog Philosophy.

Blood, Fingers, and Genes of Fabulous Financial Traders.

Archaeologist Donna Yates bought one of the first Lego Research Institute sets as soon as they went on sale. She recreates scenes from her own life in archaeology and academia and posts them to her new Twitter account, Lego Academics. (via Uncle John’s Bathroom Reader)

Fark Wants to Ban Misogyny. Is That Even Possible?

I’m a straight woman married to a woman. It hasn’t been easy.

31 Truths About Raising Kids That You Won’t Find In A Parenting Book.

I’ve been seeing this cat’s picture all over the internet, and I just love that snaggletoothed expression! Griffen Von Porkchop has his own Instagram where you can see plenty of pictures, including kitten pics. (via reddit)

Owl Wash

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The Luckiest Biker in Belarus

A dash cam in Mogilev, Belarus, caught footage of a motorcyclist crashing into the back end of a moving car. The biker manages to land on his feet, though. I would say “don’t blink or you’ll miss it,” but it’s a video. Not only can you back it up, but they will show it again in slow motion. If this stunt were put into a movie, people would just laugh at how unbelievable it is. There is a translation of the in-car conversation at reddit, but it’s mostly profanity. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Wedding Announcement

Dave Grohl Does Carrie

Since we've already seen a whole slew of videos in which celebrities tried the Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS, and YouTube has a couple of million other such videos, it now takes a very special video to rise above the pack. I think this one accomplished that goal.

Dave Grohl was challenged to have a bucket of ice dumped on his head, but the Foo Fighters take it a step further, by recreating the most iconic bucket-spilled-on-head movie scene in history. Grohl stars as Carrie White in Stephen King’s 1976 horror film Carrie, with every frame designed to mirror the original. I was kind of hoping they’d go ahead and do the rest of the movie, but I guess the destruction was too expensive. After all, these challenges also include a monetary donation to the ALS Association. They’ve raised $22 million so far! (via Viral Viral Videos)

Where Hong Kong Is

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Slippery Squirrel

How to keep a squirrel from eating the seed that’s meant for the birds? Vaseline! If you do this, make sure you have a camera ready, like Robert Krampf did. 
For anyone who is concerned about the squirrel, he still raids our other two feeders and the vegetable garden. The tiny amount of Vaseline used is non-toxic, the kind used for lip balm. He quickly learned that this feeder was not worth the trouble, so we have not put more on the pole, and the birds are delighted to actually get some of the bird seed.
(via Tastefully Offensive)

Angie's List

The Coach’s Speech

Dave Belisle is the coach of the Cumberland American Little League team of Rhode Island, the New England regional champions. They were eliminated from the Little League World Series regional finals by a team from Chicago. The coach gave the kids a speech they will always remember. Tom Hanks said there's no crying in baseball, but you may feel a little sting behind the eyes. This is what Little League should be. (via reddit)


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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Miss Cellania's Links

Rollin’ Bones: The History of Dice.

On September 19, 1940, Witold Pileki of the Secret Polish Army made sure he was among a group of 2,000 to be arrested, and he was sent to Auschwitz. Two years later, he broke out.    

The blog Small Town Noir tells the stories of people who were arrested in New Castle, Pennsylvania, between 1930 and 1960. Diarmid Mogg became interested in the town and its people when he found some mugshots on eBay, not just their crime, but their entire lives as well as they can be reconstructed.

Saving the Rainforest in Rendova.

How Many Capital Cities Do You Know? I missed a couple toward the end and ended up with a score of 18, which disappointed me. Try it yourself!

Hey, White Americans. We Need to Talk. (via Wil Wheaton)

16 Out-of-Context IKEA Instructions to Help You Live a Better Life.

George Takei on the torments of life in the closet.

Global Parenting Habits That Haven't Caught On In The U.S. (via Neatorama)

The Complete Guide to Making Burritos at Home.

Bonus: A ton of links for anyone needing to catch up on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

The Laziest Dog

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Monday, August 18, 2014


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John Oliver on Ferguson, Missouri

John Oliver, once again, tells it like it is. As ridiculous as the entire situation is, it’s far from funny. NSFW language.   

The Henry Davis case he refers to was a case of mistaken identity, and Davis should have never been placed in a cell at all.

Miss Cellania's Links

The 10 Most Important Days in the History of the Universe (according to an astronomer).

Working Anything but 9 to 5. In low-income jobs, work flexibility means it’s the worker who must be flexible, not the schedule. (via Metafilter)

“A Shocking Sabbath Carnival of Death.”

10 Props that Have Been Used in More than One Movie.

The city of Berlin had a particularly gruesome 20th century: World War I, the Holocaust, World War II, the Berlin Wall. And within the city you’ll see plenty of remembrances, memorials, and reminders that those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. 

I Made a Taco Pizza. “It was everything I dreamed that it would be.”

What Hurt Feelings: The Untold Story Of The 31-Year Battle Over Flashdance.

Goussainville, just north of Paris, was a perfectly normal small French town -up until just 40 years ago. It is now a group of abandoned homes. What happened?

Carl Zimmer tells us about research into how the trillions of bacteria and other microbes we carry around with us every day may be influencing our behavior -and we’d never know it.

I Intervened On Behalf Of A Young Man Who Was In Danger Of Being Unfairly Arrested.

Earthquake Sensitivity

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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Pick Neck


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Planes Avoiding Thunderstorms

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport is the world’s busiest airport. With so many planes coming in, they can’t just shut things down when storms arrive. Here we have a time-compressed video of a radar image, showing storms passing over the airport and the planes as they are directed in by air traffic controllers. Some do have to circle while the weather passes, but most are sent in around the storms in an amazing aerial ballet. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Urban Planning

Today is Black Cat Appreciation Day

August 17 is Black Cat Appreciation Day! Black cats, like black dogs, are often passed over for adoption, possibly because of outdated myths, or possibly because their color makes it difficult to see their facial expressions. But black cats need homes, too, and they can be wonderfully loving pets.

Furball Fables celebrates with a video highlighting their favorite black cats: Kitten Gunnar, Buddha, Spooky, Squiggy, Ziggy, Lucky and Miss Blacat.

There’s a Facebook page called For the Love of Black Cats where you can plenty more black cats on Black Cat Appreciation Day -or any time.

Overly Attached Cat

(via Fark)

The Marmot That Stopped Time

Greenpeace was working on a video about coal mining on public lands, which features a time-lapse nature sequence. Filming such a sequence doesn’t always go smoothly, though. This one was photobombed by a marmot, who not only screwed up the possibility of converting the video to a time-lapse, but also got so friendly with the camera that it was knocked off balance! That’s a good marmot. (via Metafilter)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Just Might Be

How Superman Actually Keeps His Identity Secret

It’s occurred to every reader of Superman comics sometime in their childhood: how can those smart investigative journalists who work at the Daily Planet not recognize the crime fighter they cover as the mild-mannered reporter who looks just like him? The only difference is the glasses, and the lack of spandex. The reason they never did is explained in the rest of this comic by Tony Wilson at Dorkly.

Bench-pressing Hermit Crab

This pet hermit crab climbed to the top of his, um, food container or something, and now he’s trying to raise the roof! When his owner came in the room, he said, “Me? No, I’m not trying to escape. Oh, I’m just exercising! Lifting weights! Yeah, that’s the ticket…” (via Tastefully Offensive)