Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Making of Star Wars

The Making of Star Wars was an hour-long (49 minutes plus ads) TV special that aired in September of 1977, after they figured most people who wanted to see Star Wars had finally had the opportunity. We didn't have multiplexes then, and sometimes it was months before a film reached small towns. It is narrated by William Conrad, in addition to Anthony Daniels and the beeps and whistles of R2D2. (via Metafilter)

Happy Summer!

Today is the last day of school in this part of Colorado. The sign is programmed to wish the kids a nice summer vacation. Too bad the snow is obscuring the view. (via reddit)

Zoom Inside Fruits and Vegetables

Kevin Parry made a stop-motion video by slicing thin layers off various produce to show us what they're like inside. Yeah, you've seen the insides before, when you take a bite, but this is super cool. That part goes by pretty fast, then he shows us how it was done, which is cool, too! (via Boing Boing)

The Corner

I had a cat whose hobby was staring into a corner for hours. She must have carried a lot of guilt. Who am I kidding? Cats don't know guilt from Adam. However, the idea of a large amount of misbehavior is quite believable. This comic is from Jimmy at They Can Talk.  

Mr. Earl

How to Get Attention Without Attention-Seeking

This is not about seeking fame; it's more about intimate relationships. Laughing squid framed the question better: "How to ask another person for reassurance without appearing to be desperate for their approval." Everyone wants validation, even when a relationship settles into the comfortable part where communication may flag. Yet we sometimes let pride get in the way of asking for what we need. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

A Library Assistant Shares 28 Things She's Learned About the General Public. (via Bored Panda)

Celebrities Whose Fictional Crimes Turned Real.

When San Francisco’s Chinatown Was Quarantined for Plague. (via Nag on the Lake)

Muslims of Early America. Muslims came to America more than a century before Protestants, and in great numbers.

The Curious Cons of the Man Who Wouldn’t Die. Mark Olmsted he wanted to spend what time he had left enjoying himself, but the more crimes he committed, the more HIV research was advancing.  (via Digg)

Is the World Really Overpopulated?

I Lost 25 Pounds in 4 Months Eating Prison Food. “I couldn’t wait to go home, restart my life—and eat a diet that didn’t kill me.”

That One Time Coca-Cola Made a Dystopian Soda. OK Soda was remarkably short-lived, but exceedingly strange.

How Dodge City Became The Ultimate Wild West. Mostly, it was the victim of fake news. (via Damn Interesting)

A blast from the past (2013): 8 Underground Rivers.


(via Fark)

Dinky Duck in The Beauty Shop

A tale of fraud, violence, and sexual harassment from 1950.

Tweet of the Day

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Monday, May 20, 2019

Lobster Package

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If I was a Vampire

Fantasies have their benefits ...and costs. This comic is from GenHeim.

Miss Cellania's Links

A Generation Looks Back at 20 Years of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

Doctor's Notes Reveal Bizarre Medical Cases from 400 Years Ago. Astrologers Simon Forman and Richard Napier kept notes on thousands of patients, and the 500 best cases are online. (Thanks, WTM!) 

Japan’s Only Mascot School Teaches the Art of Cuddly Cuteness.

How Gerrymandering and Voter Suppression Paved the Way for Abortion Bans.

Cute young thing gets harassed by a wrinkly bald guy with a loud shirt. It seems very creepy until you think about it from their point of view.

The Human Antivenom Project. Tim Friede embarked on a self-immunization project to build up his body's self-defense against snake venom to protect himself from his pets, who bite him rather often. (via Digg)

Senate won’t take up any legislation to protect elections from interference. Not that the Senate is doing much these days anyway.

The Sea Waif: A Murder on the Ocean and the Little Girl Who Stayed Alive.

If Congress Won’t Act, Trump Will. Encouraged by lawmakers’ passivity, the president is taking the same approach to 2020 that he took to 2016.

The Women Who Coined the Term "Mary Sue."

A blast from the past (2016): 15 Pop Culture-Themed Graduation Caps.

Cat Illusion

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The Talking Tree

A man (played by Eka Darville) encounters a talking tree (played by by John Ventimiglia). You can imagine how surprising that would be, and he's inspired to make the most of the situation. Why was he chosen to hear a tree's thoughts, and what great wisdom can come from it? This short by Stefan Hunt is awesome in ways you don't expect. (via Laughing Squid)

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Sunday, May 19, 2019


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Understanding the Plague Doctor’s Mask and Costume

The plague called the Black Death affected millions of Europeans in the 14th century. Doctors were terrified of treating patients, but did the best they could (which wasn't much) and developed a kind of hazmat suit that they hoped would protect them. It may have helped somewhat. If you prefer to read text instead of watching the video, you can at Strange Ago. (via Strange Company)


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