Tuesday, April 24, 2018

The Eye of Answers

Isaac the Wizard is so smart. This comic is from Tredlocity. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Search Engines

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How Much Fish

How big would a fish have to be before a cat can't steal it? A Japanese TV show ran an experiment to find out. They left increasingly larger fish out for stray cats to find. The cats dragged off astonishingly large fish, and it's quite funny. The experiment was supposed to end when the fish got too big, but my theory is that all the cats of the area had eaten too much fish by then to consider it worth the effort anymore. But this experiment wasn't stringently-designed for research, it was just a cool idea for a TV show. If you don't understand Japanese, the relevant segment runs from 3:50 to about 15:00. I posted this more than ten years ago, but that copy of the video has been deleted from YouTube.

Miss Cellania's Links

What Are Mercury's Mysterious Red Spots? Data from the MESSENGER probe proves the tiny planet to be more interesting than we ever knew.

A tantalizing casting call may give us a clue to Star wars: Episode IX. In other words: Rey's parentage is back in play. 

How Antonio Banderas Conquered His Fear of Playing Picasso. The role of his hometown hero was intimidating before now.

Whose Story (and Country) Is This? We shouldn't have to be white, male, and Protestant to matter. (via Metafilter)

What Kind of Town Elects a Cat as its Mayor? The kind of town Talkeetna, Alaska, is.

Where the Amish Go on Vacation. A neighborhood in Sarasota, Florida, is the place for an annual respite from normal work. (via Nag on the Lake)

8 Serious Hollywood Scenes That Looked Hilarious Before CGI. Don't let a look behind the scenes ruin your suspension of disbelief.

The Dark History of 'America First.' The dog whistle phrase has been around more than a century.

How Charles Dickens Imagined a Westworld-like Robot Theme Park Back In 1838. The Mudfog Association proposed using automatons to provide immersive entertainment.

The Jewish Psychic Who Tricked Hitler. Erik Jan Hanussen was a master at manipulating gullible people, up to a point.

Pull Cord

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The Lost Voice Guy

Lee Ridley is a standup comic who doesn't speak. He has cerebral palsy and performs under the name Lost Voice Guy, even though he apparently never had one. Ridley's disability-themed routine is delivered by a synthetic voice machine. The machine itself, called a Lightwriter, is the focus for some of his jokes as he performed on Britain's Got Talent. (via Boing Boing)

Tweet of the Day

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Monday, April 23, 2018

The Convert

Aie Rama Rama

Every once in a while, it's good to take a Bollywood break and enjoy an over-the-top production number with joyous music and more dancers than Hollywood can afford. (via Everlasting Blort)

The Credible Hulk

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A Cat Walks Into a Deli...

A cat walked into the deli-cat-tessen and admired the items on display at the meat counter. The clerk, who may be the butcher as well, went into his sales spiel and gave the cat a better look at a variety of offerings until the cat indicated what he most wanted. The cat probably thought he'd get away with not paying, but the deli got a viral video out of it.

TinyKittens Update

All three cats at the TinyKittens livestream have given birth to their litters. Ramona had five, but one died within a day. Then Rula had three. Then Chloe, the big orange cat, produced five with the help of Ramona, who acted as midwife. Ramona nursed Chloe's new kittens along with her own, and even cleaned Chloe up. One of Chloe's kittens has a cleft palate, and is getting tube feeding until she's completely assessed.

Meanwhile, Shelly, their caregiver, has been shuffling the kittens among the mothers to ensure they all get properly fed. Rula doesn't mind nursing everyone's kittens. Ramona won't leave Chloe alone. Chloe, who is older, has birthed many litters, and suffers from kidney disease, doesn't feel all that great. The three cats love all the kittens, and tend to appropriate babies from each other when they get the chance. Shelly has documented all the kittens, and the ones that look alike got collars to tell them apart. They are being weighed and assessed regularly. Meanwhile, the mama drama is addicting. As you can see from the screenshot above, the mother cats have to take TV breaks every once in a while. You can read more about TinyKittens mission at their website.  

Identifying a Dinosaur

Last Takes to Midnight

A compilation of a week's worth of sketches from The Nib. You can see the latest episode here.

Miss Cellania's Links

How the Log Cabin Became an American Symbol. It wasn't because of Lincoln- it was an earlier political figure that make the log cabin an icon.

These Celebrities Weren’t Dead When Their Obituaries Were Published. The erroneous reports gave us some enduring celebrity quotes.

When You're Black, Every Place Is A Starbucks.

Looking Like a Flapper Meant a Diet of Celery and Cigarettes. For freedom-loving women of the Roaring Twenties, it was worth it to ditch the corset.

7 Split-Second Movie Jokes You Totally Missed. Production designers know that only avid fans will ever find them on their own.

Stories Behind 10 Of The Most Haunted Paintings In The World. You don't want to spend too much time staring at them. (via Nag on the Lake)

What Would A Guitar Sound Like If You Played 37 Guitar Pedals All At Once? Samuraiguitarist Steve Onotera decided to find out.

Eddie Putera Recreates People’s Childhood Memories With Realistic Dioramas. His attention to detail is a real delight.

An Increased Minimum Wage’s Positive Effects “Persist and Indeed Grow in Magnitude over Several Years.” The report is from the U.S. Census Bureau. (via Metafilter)

The Hidden Dangers of Flexible Work Hours. When you can work any time, you risk ending up working all the time.

Cats Are All Alike

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The Black Hole Bomb and Black Hole Civilizations

Black holes are pretty cool to study, not cool to get close to, but did you know that black holes spin? You never thought about it before, but since everything else in space spins, it makes sense. What's really cool is that we could theoretically harness this energy. In reality, we are nowhere near having the capability of approaching a black hole, much less surviving such an adventure. From that point, this video from Kurzgesagt takes the theoretical possibilities to the next level by explaining how to make the biggest bomb in the universe. We know the science, but we are far from being able to do it ...at the present time. (via reddit

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