Thursday, October 27, 2016

Don't Be Selfish

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Spooky Club

Brothers Joe and Lloyd Stas bring us a goofy Halloween short film that delivers in a hurry! The Spooky Club is a group of guys who have eerie but useless talents. In this video, they are on a mission to find Vincent Price's skull and cremate it as he had wished.
We got an email from Vincent’s daughter, Victoria saying how much she liked it and how her Dad would have loved it too. It made us feel super proud! It’s 23 years this week since he died.
Read more about Spooky Club and the making of the short film. If you want to join Spooky Club, sign up here. (Thanks, Joe!)


Puppies in a Pumpkin Patch

Devin Supertramp takes a sideways turn from his usual extreme sports videos to play with delightful puppies! Here they are in their Halloween costumes, cavorting in a pumpkin patch at Cornbelly's farm in Lehi, Utah. There's no pop culture tie-in, no plot, and no voiceover, just a soothing adorable sequence to make your day better. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

Anatomy Research Review. Research on bedbugs, nipples, rodents, and bra sizes.

When comic book superheroes confront real-world stuff, it can get pretty weird. (via reddit)

Vintage Halloween pictures.

Science confirms rich people don’t really notice you—or your problems.

How to Read The Secret Language of Starfleet Uniforms

What it’s really like to scare people to death for a living. HAuNTcon brings professional haunters together for a one-of-a-kind trade show.

How do pumpkins grow? Visit a farm that grows both the kind we carve and the kind we make into pies.

Willow the Squishy Cat has more Halloween spirit than you. She even has an "avacato" costume.

What’s A Woggin? A Bird, a Word, and a Linguistic Mystery.

Historic Vampires. Real monsters from history who contributed to the legends.

Skeleton Cat

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25 Halloween Life Hacks

Everywhere you look on the ‘net, there are tips for making your Halloween celebrations easier or even more fun. As he does sometimes, John Green takes some of those ideas and tests them to see if they really work the way they are supposed to. He doesn’t take a lot of care, so your results may vary, but you get the idea. My contribution: use a large rubber glove, cut the glove off with scissors, including each finger. But his result is funnier, in the Halloween episode of the mental_floss List Show.

PS: I have never found a better way to carve a pumpkin than by using a hole-boring drill bit and a sawzall. Done in two minutes.

Dirty Divorce Trick

"Country Bill” White was a country music singer and a “living corpse,” a stunt man who was often buried underground for weeks at a time. Those stunts don’t seem that outrageous to us now, because he had a chute to send down supplies and a radio for communication, but he made somewhat of a splash in the 1960s and ‘70s doing it. He even set records, although Guinness no longer keeps records for dangerous stunts. In 1966, he married a woman who was also into being buried alive, so they had something in common. But when they divorced in 1968, she managed to time the proceedings in order to cause him the most pain, as you can see from the above clipping. Read about "Country Bill” White and his strange career underground at Weird Universe. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Double Dutch Bus

Nostalgia time! Here’s that funky “Double Dutch Bus” by Frankie Smith. From the YouTube page:
"Double Dutch Bus" is a 1981 funk song by Frankie Smith, made famous for its extensive use of the "izz" infix form of slang. The song title represents a combination of two institutions in Smith's Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, neighborhood: the double Dutch game of jump rope played by neighborhood kids, and the SEPTA bus system that was a backbone of the local transportation network (and for which Smith had unsuccessfully applied for a bus driving position; the Transpass referred to in the song is an actual SEPTA pass). Smith and co-writer Bill Bloom persuaded contacts at WMOT Records to finance the song, and it was recorded in the summer of 1981, engineered by Gene Leone. The song rocketed to popularity in a matter of weeks. On the U.S. Billboard R&B chart, it held the number one spot for eight weeks. It also crossed over to the Billboard Hot 100, where it peaked at number 30 in the summer of 1981.[1] The record has received two separate gold certifications, one for sales of the 7" edit, and a second gold record for sales of the 12" single.
This is not all that old, either, because 1981 was not that long ago.

Odd One Out

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Princess Cumulus

You recall the LED Stickman costume that Royce Hutain made for his toddler daughter Zoey in 2013. He improved on that to make it a Minnie Mouse costume for her in 2014. This year, he and Zoey collaborated on a new costume: a thunder cloud! She is “Princess Cumulus.” The costume is an adapted inflatable suite with Arduino-controlled LED strips underneath. The fart sounds for thunder are Zoey’s contribution. While they had fun with this one, it is impractical for going door-to-door, so she will trick-or-treat as Wonder Woman. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Give the Devil Your Head

Tweet of the Day

I believe someone is cutting onions in the next room. (via Buzzfeed)


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Urban Geography: Why We Live Where We Do

Cities are all cities, but they differ greatly in everything else. You know European cities are older, but you probably don’t know how much that affects everything else about them. One big difference is how dense they are. Modern technology, particularly in transportation, affected how cities grew. Wendover Productions tells us all kinds of interesting things about cities that you never thought about before. (via reddit

Miss Cellania's Links

The Spirits of Lily Dale. The town where Spiritualism survives.

22 Food Jokes That Are Just As Funny As They Are Ridiculous. Bone app the teeth!

How do two different movies about a fairly obscure news story from 1974 end up being made at the same time? The Writers of Christine and Kate Plays Christine on One of the Strangest Cinematic Coincidences in Recent Memory.

Snow Leopards and Humans Are Competing For Food, With Tragic Results. There may be as few as 4,000 left in the wild.

Singular or plural? It's complicated. “Quantifiers” are not adjectives and are only sometimes numbers.

The Police Killings No One Is Talking About. Native Americans are being killed by police at a higher rate than any other group in the country. (via Metafilter)

Where Rococo Meets Space Age: Treasure Hunting at Italy's Premier Antiques Fair.

The First Known Depiction of a Witch on a Broomstick. Link contains some art nudity.

The Strange Tale of an X-Rated Haunting. Cambridge-based parapsychologist AD Cornell conducted a set of experiments designed to study how seeing a ghost affects people, by dressing as a ghost with a sheet pulled over his head.

How Donald Trump spectacularly failed his supporters.

My Luggage

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

An Honest Trailer for The Nightmare Before Christmas

Get ready for Screen Junkies to ruin your childhood with an Honest Trailer for the 1993 Tim Burton movie The Nightmare Before Christmas. They say they are doing this for Halloween, but isn’t it supposed to be a Christmas movie? I have my suspicions that this trailer contains things that aren’t really in the movie. Or was it really a Hot Topic ad? (via Tastefully Offensive)

9 Spooky Halloween Events Worth Traveling For

Halloween is becoming a bigger holiday every year—Americans are expected to spend $8.4 billion on spooky loot this year alone. And though you’ll find haunted houses, parties, parades, and costume contests almost everywhere, some places go the extra mile to celebrate Halloween in extraordinary fashion. These huge celebrations are a great excuse for an autumn road trip or vacation. Read about some of those are are still to come in a list I posted at mental_floss. 

The Devil Drives a Saab

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