Thursday, July 02, 2015

A Shark Cage Won’t Protect You from Terror

Hillary Rae and friends went diving in a shark cage off the coast of South Africa. They encountered a 13-foot great white shark. Or, more accurately, the shark tried to eat the cage! 

I’d be screaming, too, if there were any chance you could get me into one of those thing! (via Boing Boing)

Pussy Cat

Miss Cellania's Links

Global Boom. Explosions of the horrifying kind.

Living Test Patterns: The Models Who Calibrated Color TV.

The True History of the Confederate Flag.

Victim of the Beast: The Mysterious Gravestone of Lilly E. Gray.

How To Set Off Fireworks Without Blowing Yourself Up. (via Digg)

The definitive guide to understanding science on the Internet. Learn to sift the hype and sort the facts to tell good science from bad science.

How to Make Your Own Sparklers. It takes more time than you’ve got before Independence Day, but there’s always another occasion coming up.

Apotheosis РNorthern Lights over Icelandic landscapes. This beautiful video will make you want to check the flight schedule to Reykjavík.

Now that 2015 is officially half over, it’s time to take stock of its first six months. Here are the contenders for the best TV episodes of the year so far.

 How to stay abreast of 2016 campaign coverage without becoming an idiot. We’ve got over a year to go before the presidential election, so do try to avoid burnout.

What happens when you ask Siri to divide zero by zero.


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The Ladder Dancer

Uzeyer Novruzov performs his circus act of dancing with a ladder for America’s Got Talent. Unless you saw it on TV, you probably haven’t seen anything like this in a long time, if ever. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Wednesday, July 01, 2015


USA Challenges Japan to a Giant Robot Duel

Some robotics companies build robots for scientific and technical research. Others build them for specific purposes, like factory tasks. MegaBots, Inc. builds them for bragging rights. What do you need a giant robot for? To fight other giant robots! Duh, don’t you ever watch movies or read comic books? Anyway, world reputation is on the line. Megabots has a giant robot called the Mark 2. Suidobashi Heavy Industry in Japan has the giant robot Kuratas. If the challenge is answered, we may see both of them destroy each other in about a year. Read more about the giant robots at Jalopnik. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Checkout Line

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Jurassic Park: 1990's Kid Remake

In 1993, way before iMovie and After Effects and all those other moviemaking programs,  Michael Raisch (age 13) and David Chakris (age 11) decided to make their own version of Jurassic Park. They used VHS tape, toys, hand-drawn backgrounds, and monofilament. Raisch and Chalris only recently met up again, and decided to release their masterpiece. You can read the story behind it at Raisch Studios. (via Neatorama)


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Jon Snow

Cutting a Watermelon with a Sword

Oh yes, that is a lovely sword. But something tells me Ail here hasn’t thought his plan through as completely as he should have. Can you guess what goes wrong before it happens? I bet you can. (via Neatorama)

Miss Cellania's Links

16 Great Works of Snow White Cosplay.

Terminator: Genysis opens today, but before you see it, you might want to have a refresher course on the chronology of the other films. Direct TV gives us an interactive timeline for The Terminator, Terminator 2: Judgement Day, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, and Terminator Salvation plus an alternative timeline and an overview of the entire saga. (via The A.V. Club)  

A Day in the Life of Admiral Ackbar. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

An interactive map by Andrew Kahn shows the origins and destinations of ships that transported slaves from Africa to the New World (and some other countries) between 1540 and 1860. (via Digg)

15 Fascinating Facts About Saving Private Ryan.

A Plethora Of Punny Tattoos.

Sherlock Holmes: 10 Offbeat Takes on the Great Detective. And there’ll always be room for one more.

CBS’ Animal Apocalypse Drama Zoo Is Just Silly Enough to Be Fun. A revolt that bands animals together against man is preposterous but fascinating.

The Prickly History Of Tattooing In America. A short course from the new book 100 Years of Tattoos.

The creepiest and most bizarre stories told by people who explored the internet's hidden websites. They raise more questions than anyone wants to answer.

Air Conditioning

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Sweet Child o’ Mine on Violin

Cathie King plays all the parts of “Sweet Child o’ Mine” on violin. This video went viral when Guns ’n’ Roses shared it on social media. You’ll find the arrangement here. (via Uproxx)