Thursday, December 13, 2018

Elderly Woman Cuts Neighbors' Christmas Lights

Dan Hubbert of Cottingham, UK, strung lots of flashing Christmas light in his yard. Apparently one neighbor did not appreciate the display. She came in the middle of the night and cut the lights with a knife! Hubbert posted the security footage on Facebook, and asked readers whether he should contact the police. Hubbert said she could have come around and asked him to turn off the lights at night.
“Everyone wants me to ring the police on her,” he said. “She should pay for them. If it was youths I would’ve been straight on the blower to the police but she’s old. You can’t start going across the road and chopping down lights.”

While Mr Hubbert said he was thinking about contacting the police to ask them to speak to the woman, he admitted he and his children saw the funny side of the incident.
Read the story at the Independent. Article contains autoplay ads.

Secret Santa

Not a very good secret Santa at that. (via reddit)

Owl Delivers a Letter

I really wish I knew the story behind this video. As it is, we can assume that someone has just been accepted to Hogwarts. (via Cynical-C)

No Pony

Kids can be cold and calculating. Most children who are disappointed in not getting a pony just stop believing in Santa. One kid not only got revenge, but he's on to extortion now. Jim Benton drew this comic some time ago. This year, he pulled it out, added more color, and printed it on his Christmas cards. (via reddit)

What About?

Our Ambivalent Concept of Luck

Some folks consider "luck" to be the result of supernatural forces that work for us or against us, while others look at luck as random occurrences that have nothing to do with who we are. The former can either guide our decisions or cause us to rebel against the very idea. The latter robs us of agency, as people are loathe to believe that randomness in the universe has anything to do with our lives. Research suggests that luck decides our success more than talent. This video from The School of Life looks at why we are not likely to accept the findings that random luck plays a big part in how our lives turn out. (via Laughing Squid)

Every Year

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Tweet of the Day

A day late, but still worth it. (via Metafilter)

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Appetizing Translation

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Behind the Funyuns

Watch how Funyuns are made! You might be surprised to learn that they are not made of onions. The onion flavor is sprayed on after the ring is made. (Thanks, WTM!)

Santa Cat

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Ska Peanuts

You know the song "Linus and Lucy" from the Peanuts TV specials. Here, Jeremy Hunter of Ska Tune Network plays a ska version all by himself. Yeah, that's just him on guitar, bass, keyboard, trumpet, and trombone. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

Time magazine has announced their Person of the Year, and it's a group of people. The title of the report is called "The Guardians and the Truth," but we can describe the group as journalists, particularly journalists who paid a steep price.

The Cube Rule of Food classifies what we eat based on structure. Therefore, Pop Tarts are calzones, pigs in a blanket are sushi, steak is salad, and a hot dog is a taco.  (via Metafilter)

A Stunningly Simple Visualization Of How Few People Live In Canada.

The Costs of the Confederacy. In the last decade alone, American taxpayers have spent at least $40 million on Confederate monuments and groups that perpetuate racist ideology

The Golden Age of Rich People Not Paying Their Taxes.

Designing the perfect names for your children.

Population Mountains. Matt Daniels shows you what the populations of cities look like stacked as a 3D graph. (via Metafilter)

A blast from the past (2007): Rudolph, and Santa's 27 Other Reindeer.

Tree Lights

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It was a lovely idea. A crowd of children were waiting for Father Christmas to arrive at the Broad Street Mall in Reading, England, in 2012. Santa Claus, played by Steve Chessell of the 11th Battalion Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, lowered himself into the shopping center's atrium by rope -but was stopped by his beard getting caught in the rope's rappelling mechanism! Heroically, he decided not to remove the beard, but hung there and waited while the festivities went on below. Eventually, another engineer from his battalion rappeled down to him with a pair of scissors. Yay! (via Fark)

Tweet of the Day

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's European

A Honest Trailer for Japanese Spider-Man

Screen Junkies takes a left turn back to Japan of the 1970s, when Spider-Man was on television. The bargain basement production values, the practical effects, the overacting, and the recurring tropes all make this a delightful romp into unintentional comedy.  My favorite part is the montage of dummies being thrown off cliffs. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Traffic Information

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