Tuesday, June 19, 2018

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ya Think?

Parrot Sings "Bacon Pancakes"

Milo the Quaker parrot sings along with his human, Erica Croke. The song is a classic, "Bacon Pancakes" from the TV show Adventure Time. Milo must watch the show a lot, or he sings it a lot, or he just loves making -or eating- pancakes. You can see more of Milo at his Facebook page.

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The Sounds of Children

This is audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, made available by ProPublica. If children crying for their parents bothers you, this will bother you, but you need to hear it. There are subtitles.

The Trump administration instituted a new policy a couple of months ago that every person crossing the border illegally will be arrested. Crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor. Since children cannot be sent to jail, they are sent to separate holding facilities without their parents, which are defined as "not jail." Over 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in this manner since April, and so many more are coming in every day that a new tent city was erected overnight in Texas to hold the overflow.

It is legal to cross the border at an official port entry to ask for asylum. Many of the people arrested are seeking asylum, but the border patrol is not allowing people to cross at an official port of entry for the purpose of asylum. So they enter elsewhere, ask for asylum, and are arrested. 

The current administration has stated that this tactic is being used as a deterrent, so that people will not come to the US for asylum. Put yourself in a refugee's place. If your home country is so dangerous that you'd walk to the US to escape it, any haven is better than no haven. If I were forced to choose between my child dying or being separated from me, I'd choose the separation. But it's still evil and unnecessary, and our federal government is only doing it to inflict pain upon these families. Trump says he will lift the child separation practice if Congress gives him an immigration bill that includes $25 billion for a border wall. Does that not sound like ransom to you?

There are plenty of people who think arresting refugees is a fine tactic, that we can't have so many immigrants here. Their ancestors who came to the US as refugees ...well, they say that's different. I am a white woman born in the US, but there is nothing at all that makes me any more deserving of safety and freedom than someone fleeing a lawless country to seek safety for their family. God loves the refugee children as much as He loves me.

Twenty years ago today, I took a child out of a Communist country and brought her to the US to grow up in an intact family. When I, an American, walked into the US Consulate at Guangzhou, our group passed through hundreds of Chinese citizens outside who had been waiting for weeks just to get an appointment to ask for a US visa. We walked right in, privileged because of an accident of birth. And now we have children being separated from their mothers and fathers right here in our country, sent to their own jails and camps, with no protocol in place to reunite them with their parents, who could be deported without them. That ain't right, no matter who you are.

What kind of nation have we turned into?

Customer Loyalty Rewards

I honestly think all the local grocery is getting from me are my grocery-buying habits, which is obvious. I don't use a smart phone, and my store account is set up without email, much less social media. They still manage to send me coupons for what I'm going to buy. However, I'm sure there are plenty of hyper-connected people that make all that information accessible to them without even thinking about it. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd.

Managers Special

Why Are There No Mosquitoes at Disney World?

The worst mosquito tourist experience I know is Roanoke Island in North Carolina, and the best is at Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky. But when you go to Disney World in Orlando, you're too busy having fun to notice the lack of mosquitoes. The theme park is built on a swamp in Florida, so what gives? The truth is that Disney goes to great lengths to control the mosquito population. Rob Plays explains how that happens.

Miss Cellania's Links

How Raiders of the Lost Ark Continues to Influence Pop Culture. When creating heroic tales, filmmakers still ask, "What would Indiana Jones do?"

The Unexplained Dancing Plague and Other Epidemics of Yore. The power of suggestion is still the most logical explanation.

The Bible Passage Jeff Sessions Used to Justify Detaining Children Has a Disgusting History. It's the verse you use when you don't have a moral leg the stand on. 

Reanimation! Science Stories About Frankenstein. This seven-part video series features conversations with scientists on Mary Shelley's book and the issues it addresses. (Thanks, WTM!)

George Lucas's Plan for Star Wars 7 through 9, Starring Mid-Chlorians. No matter how much you dislike any of the new Star Wars films, you can tell yourself it could have been so much worse. (via Ars Technica)

The Recipes of Cleopatra. Her elixirs were well-regarded in the fields of cosmetics, gynecology, and alchemy. (via Strange Company)

The Iroquois Theater Disaster. More than 600 people died in the stampede and conflagration, which led to new safety standards.

Southern Baptists Call Off the Culture War. America’s largest Protestant group moves to cut ties with the Republican Party and re-engage with mainstream culture.

Watch Tiny Crab Spiders Take Flight With 10-Foot Silk Parachutes.

How to claim your maple syrup.

A blast from the past (2016): The 1909 Cherry Mine Disaster.

The Cats' Orchestra

Anyone who ever saw The Aristocats knows that cats make music like nobody's business. Click the "more" button to see 14 cats playing their chosen instruments.

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Sunday, June 17, 2018

Grand Larceny

Once In A Lifetime: Isolated Vocals

"Once in a Lifetime" by The Talking Heads with just David Byrne and the chorus, without any musical instruments, sounds like the depraved rantings of a lunatic mind. (via Dangerous Minds)

Strategic Slice

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Blood Oath

Ew. Fresh blood is fairly clean, yet you don't know where that hand has been. But that's nothing compared to the world of bacteria crawling inside the mouth of someone with such weak gums. This comic is from Jake Likes Onions. http://jakelikesonions.com/post/174856492449/flossing -via Geeks Are Sexy https://www.geeksaresexy.net/

To Dad

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How to Film a Canada Lynx in the Wild

The Wild Canadian Year is a five-part TV series about Canadian wildlife. Sam Ellis' assignment for the show was to film a Canada lynx in its natural habitat. Not an easy task, as remaining invisible is a big part of a lynx's lifestyle. But over time, Sam tracked and got to know a cat he called Mad Max. He spent 76 days trying to get some good footage of Max hunting. So here we have a videographer following a cameraman following a lynx following rabbits for more than two months, so let's appreciate the result. 

Fathers Day Links

18 Of The Most Dad Things Dads Do On Family Vacations.

Literally Just 30 Celebrity Dads With Their Kids Who Are So Cute You Might Cry.

17 Pieces Of Advice For New Dads That Are Actually Really Helpful.

Why Father's Day Was 58 Years in the Making. It wasn't an official holiday until 1972!

Daddy’s finally home: 14 deadbeat TV dads who made good. Everything’s different when Daddy comes back.

20 Hilarious Comics That Get Real About Fatherhood.

The TV Dad is American History.

I Had No Idea What Fatherhood Was Going to Be Like.

Fathers Day Cake Wrecks.

The 10 Worst Movie Dads for Father's Day. 

A Comik.

Criminal Cat

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Advice for Dad

From the 1932 movie Horse Feathers. Groucho was 11 years older than his brother Zeppo, so he was convincing enough to play his Dad. Happy Fathers Day!

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