Tuesday, March 03, 2015

7 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters

There are people who love to knit and crochet, but produce more sweaters, blankets, caps, and mittens than their friends and families can use. Yarn crafters are a generous group: in 2000, images of penguins wearing sweaters to help them recover from an oil spill prompted knitters all over the world to donate handmade penguin sweaters to the Penguin Foundation. They received many times more sweaters than they wanted, and most of the tiny sweaters were sold to raise funds.

There are other folks who could benefit from some lovingly-crafted woolens for one reason or another. Organizations have arisen to connect generous and productive crafters with those who could really use their output. Maybe you would like to knit for one of the seven profiled in an article I wrote for mental_floss.

Church Cat

The Pratt Family Singers

You may have noticed that the film version of The Sound of Music is 50 years old, and the internet is full of tributes. What you might not know is that in 1962 Julie Andrews and Carol Burnett did a spoof of the Broadway musical The Sound of Music. This was three years before Andrews starred in the movie version. This skit if from the TV special Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall. (via mental_floss)

Mixer Aghast

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Unskippable GEICO Ad

It’s just an ad -at least the first 12 seconds. But after that is when the fun begins! That’s a good dog. NOT. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Grocery Pun

Fifty Shades Of Wayne

Think of an extremely rich, well-connected, and handsome man who has a hidden other life, with a secret lair full of gadgets. A man who likes to dress up in black rubber and frighten people. A double life that no one in his day-to-day business suspects. Christian Grey or Bruce Wayne? They are one and the same in this mashup by Josh Meeter. If the movie Fifty Shades of Grey were more like this, they would have doubled or tripled the ticket sales. The Dark Knight made $351 million in its first two weeks; Fifty Shades of Grey, $137 million. (via Uproxx)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour. The 1960s variety show was revolutionary and successful, but the network couldn’t stand for it.

Name That Scene: Classic Movie Moments Lovingly Recreated in LEGO. Morgan Spence built them for a how-to book, implying that you can, too.

Stream once and destroy: 20 great TV episodes too painful to watch twice. Even more so if you know and care about the characters.

So This Baby Weasel Decided to Hitch a Ride on a Flying Woodpecker’s Back. It was a case of a weasel underestimating his prey, and the photograph is astounding.

Hot sauce and ghost chili peppers lead to world's best lunch-theft revenge story. There will be no more stolen lunches in that office.

Earth Has Another Moon, and It Has a Crazy Orbit. Cruithne is so small we can barely see it, but the way it moves will blow your mind.

Why you should never completely trust the photos on hotel websites. The reality will make you feel better about not being able to afford them anyway.

Can Anybody Beat Kentucky Basketball? Not in this sci-fi fan fiction world.

10 Awesome Acts of Archery Across the Ages. (via the Presurfer)

9 Historical Murder Mysteries Solved More Than A Century Later. (via Neatorama

Thin Mints

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Seizure While Skydiving

Christopher Jones of Perth, Australia, has a seizure during free fall, and a skydiving instructor (wearing a helmet-cam) has to save his life by pulling that ripcord before its too late. This is rather intense. Christopher regained consciousness before he hit the ground. (via Neatorama)

Monday, March 02, 2015

Sure, But Why?

Pot of Gold

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America’s Infrastructure Nightmare

Once again, John Oliver tells it like it is -informing us on things we need to know in a humorous yet terrifying manner. Contains NSFW language.


The Art Of Romance As Told By Cats And Dogs

The “art of romance” business is just an excuse to show a bunch of cute clips of cats and dogs together, but it’s a good enough excuse for me. (via Buzzfeed)

Miss Cellania's Links

Strangers on a Beach: The Origins of Tom Ripley.

40 of the world's weirdest flowers.

A Sprinter's Fight to Prove She's a Woman.  No one had ever doubted Dutee Chand’s sex, but she was pulled from competition over a gender test.

Gorgeous Images from The Art of Home. The book gives us a glimpse into the world of the Dreamworks’ feature coming to a theater near you. 

The Horrible History Of The World's Most Notorious Mental Asylum

The object of the game Orb-x is to roll your orb into the black hole. You’ve got objects to change the trajectory of your ball, but you have to plan your moves ahead of time. (via Look At This)

John Travolta, Joe Biden, and why men touch women's bodies without asking.

19 Jokes All Grammar Nerds Will Appreciate. In other words, they’re puns.

7 Game Of Thrones Theories So Crazy They Have To Be True. None of them are that much weirder than what we’ve already seen.

Television’s Most Realistic Mom-Child Relationships. We love our kids, but none of us are really Donna Reed.