Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Learning to Love the Music You Hate

Jeff Tweedy of Wilco talks about learning to appreciate music that wasn't his thing when he was young. You can start out as a purist for your chosen genre, but maturity allows you to learn something new from anyone, anywhere. You can apply that lesson to other things besides music. (via Laughing Squid

Vintage Science Fiction

It must be nice to be so privileged that you can have visions of the future without having to confront the possibility of cultural change. Envisioning a more perfect world of the future in all its facets is for those who can see the imperfections of the present. This comic is from Zack Weinersmith of Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal.

The Captain


Deadpool vs San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Deadpool made his presence known in the halls of Comic Con this past weekend. Watch as he flirts, photobombs, and performs various shenanigans among the cosplayers and fans. He gets away with it because he is Deadpool! (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Miss Cellania's Links

Why Didn't the Soviets Ever Make It to the Moon? (via Digg)

Great Idioms from Around the World.

Led Zeppelin: Pictures show first concert, in 1968. (via Damn Interesting)

Randy Rainbows latest song parody is called "Suckers." https://youtu.be/wb219dz_NeA

The Canadian Towns That Icelanders Visit for a Taste of Their Past.

Emily asked, "I’m cooking one meal from every state in the United States, what meal best represents your state?" (via Metafilter)

I was owed about $5,000 from late-paying publications. I tried to hold them all accountable. Here’s what happened. (via Digg)

Discover the deep sea. This is so cool and so simple, you have to do it for your kids.

A blast from the past (2008): 7 Extremely Focused Art Sites.


Up to Mars

This 1930 Max Fliescher cartoon stars Bimbo, the ambiguous animal (probably a dog) whose girlfriend eventually turned into Betty Boop. After a fireworks accident sends him to Mars, Bimbo find the red planet a slightly more surreal version of earth. He then gets conscripted into a military production number. Hey, I didn't say it made any sense. (via Fancy Notions)  

Tweet of the Day

The comments here are worth a read. Europeans don't understand why the US puts up with all this. (via Bored Panda)

Monday, July 22, 2019

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

It's finally here- the first trailer for the Mister Rogers biopic starring Tom Hanks. We know the actor, and we know the character he plays. In real life, Fred Rogers was always exactly like the Mister Rogers he played on TV, and he had pure, beautiful reasons for doing what he did. Still, we will all want to see the movie just to relive who he was. A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood opens nationwide in November. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Provocative Pizzaria

(via Bad Menu)


(via reddit)

OwlKitty's Movie

Animator Tibo Charroppin has a muse: his cat, Lizzy. Not only is Lizzy a good cat, she can step in for any movie star in any movie, or just improve a film with her presence. Lizzy has become a famous internet star known as OwlKitty.   

Aside from being “just really stinking cute,” Lizzy is a seamless star in these blockbusters thanks to Charroppin’s animation and video manipulation skills. With the help of a green screen and a knack for impeccable timing, Lizzy swats, pounces, and scratches her way into the center of everything. The videos are meant to make you laugh, which is why Charroppin began creating them in the first place. “We [he and Olivia, Lizzy’s mom] started this account,” he says, “wanting to make stupid videos for our friends and it really blew out of proportion.” But, there is a heartwarming, earnest point to all the fun. “We’re trying to show that shelter cats, adopted cats, foster cats,” Olivia explains, “that they all have this star power.”

Charroppin gives us a look behind the scenes of making these movies here. See a collection of the best OwlKitty movies, including Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park, Rogue One, John Wick, The Matrix, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at My Modern Met. Keep up with all the Owlkitty videos, pics, and magazine covers at Instagram.  (via Everlasting Blort)


There's one branch of my family that relies on old wives' tales, superstitions, and fear of everything to negotiate life. I spent a few years battling their influence to give any kids a sense of mastery over their world. I pretty much won that battle. They once asked if I was afraid of anything. I had to think, and then said, yes, I'm afraid my kids will run into the road and be hit by a car. Honestly, that's a common danger for children that I might not be able to control. I hope it made them more cautious about traffic. The point of this comic is that knowledge is power, and the more you know, the less you need to fear the world around you. Or maybe the point is just that spiders are beneficial, I don't know. Anyway, Gothgrrl was once afraid of dogs, and went into veterinary work knowing she needed to get over the fear of being bitten. She even told me she wanted a dog to bite her, because once something happens, you don't have to be afraid of it anymore. Everyone she works with has been bitten by a dog. It happened last week, and now she's okay with it. This comic is from Lunarbaboon.


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Testing Patience for Turkish Ice Cream

In Turkey, ice cream comes with a floor show. Vedat DumanlΔ± documented this vendor and won an award of some kind from GoPro. (via Laughing Squid)

Miss Cellania's Links

16,000 Readers Shared Their Experiences of Being Told to “Go back to where you came from.” Here Are Some of Their Stories.

Wanna Go For a Swim? An encounter with surfer dudes changes an old man's life. Bring a hankie. (via Metafilter)

The winners have been announced in the 2019 Audubon Photography Awards competition. See the top 100 images here. (via Kottke)

The Quiet Cruelty of When Harry Met Sally.

The Northernmost Settlement on Earth Cracked 70 Degrees For the First Time Last Week. Alert, Nunavut, 500 miles from the North Pole, is supposed to be frozen year-round.

The Legend of Bingen’s Mouse Tower. And what contributed to the fantastic tale. (via Strange Company)

The Snail Family in Medieval Art. Everyone knows that medieval art is filled with snails fighting knights, but there's actually a whole medieval snail ecology and society, from snail-birds to snail-monks. And, ofc, snail-cats. (via Metafilter)

Xafi and Auri are Russian blue cats with mesmerizing green eyes.  (via Nag on the Lake)

Where the "Black Box" Came From.  (Thanks, WTM!)

A blast from the past (2012): 10 Bizarre Coloring Books for Adults.

Three Kittens

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Why Were Bootleggers Called That?

Bootleggers are people who sell illegal alcohol, often meaning untaxed alcohol, although the term has widened to mean the selling of any illegal or unofficial goods. Simon Whistler explains the origin of the term, but there's a lot more here than just etymology. We also learn a lot of trivia about Prohibition.

Tweet of the Day

The Philadelphia Flyers hockey team inserted their mascot Gritty into the trailer for Stranger Things season three, and it will make you smile, and maybe even giggle! (via Digg)