Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Worlds Worst Sheepdog

Nelson, a terrier mix, is not rounding up the sheep. It's more like the sheep are rounding him up! Or maybe he's a born leader, as they do follow him. But he's not leading them anywhere but in circles. From the sound of his voice, owner James Bell does not expect any more of him. There are more videos of the world's worst sheepdog at YouTube. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Internet is Learning an Important Lesson About Service Dogs. We know you're not supposed to pet them without permission, but what if one approaches you?
That Time the U.S. Postal Service Tried Delivering Mail By Missile. It saved neither time nor money, but that wasn't the point.

In America, Naturalized Citizens No Longer Have an Assumption of Permanence.   

Why You Should Slack Off to Get Some Work Done. The world's most productive scientists and engineers worked only 10 to 20 hours a week.

Postcards From the Honeymoon Capital Of The World. For many couples, the Poconos was where the Baby Boom began.

The Dark Side of ‘Service With a Smile.’ Putting on a happy face when you're not feeling it can lead to mental and physical problems.

A Horror Story About a Shower Curtain. Or it could be a comedy; either way, it needs to be filmed.

What Do Morticians Do With the Blood They Take Out of Dead Bodies?

More Than 600 Members Of Jeff Sessions’ Church Have Filed A Formal Complaint Against Him Over Immigrant Family Separations.   

How Volcanoes Work. The U.S. has 169 "potentially active" volcanoes, but they're not all alike.

A blast from the past (2012): The Bell Witch of Tennessee.

Your Own Cat

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Dancing in Movies

Ready for a feel good break? This video has clips from almost 300 movies (listed here), set to song listed here. (via reddit)

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Looking for Love

Freezing 200,000 Tons of Lethal Arsenic Dust

Giant Mine near Yellowknife, in Canada's Northwest Territories, extracted a lot of gold in its time. Then the gold ran out, and the company went bankrupt in 2004. They left behind 237,000 metric tons of arsenic trioxide as a side effect of the mining operation, although that amount does not include the arsenic that has escaped into the environment. You can read more about Giant Mine's history here. The Canadian government was left to deal with the arsenic. Tom Scott introduces us to the technology that won't destroy the arsenic, but will keep the dust from seeping into the air and water. Read more about the Giant Mine Remediation Project at its website. (via Digg)

Ole Meme

The distracted boyfriend meme has no doubt been a thing long before film, too. Charlie Chaplin just knew a good visual. (via reddit)

Lucas the Spider in Naptime

Lucas the adorable young spider is looking for a place to nap. It has to be perfect: private and cozy and away from distractions. When you are a tiny spider, there are a lot of spots to choose from! Spoiler- he finds a good place. (via Laughing Squid)


Transitioning from normal English to '90s slang isn't making you cool, not by a long shot. Teen slang evolves specifically to be different from what their parents say. Better to not say anything at all about a 15-year-old. Take it from me, your relationship will change drastically when they want driving lessons and advice in choosing a college. This comic is from Chris Hallbeck at Maximumble. 

School Parking Permits

It's another case of giving more to those who already have. If you have to skip studying to make it to your fast food job on time, be prepared to work some extra hours for a parking permit, too. (via Buzzfeed)

Too Many Vitamins

T.J. was a 14-year-old who ate gummy vitamins as if they were candy. It was a language problem- he thought they were candy. While he ate too many every day, the day he consumed an entire bottle (150 gummies), he landed in the hospital with strange symptoms. YouTuber Chubbyemu takes us through the process of diagnosis and treatment, and explains in detail what a vitamin overdose does to one's body. It's not pretty. Chubbyemu has a series of horrific medical stories in his YouTube channel. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

The 100 Greatest YouTube Videos of All Time, Ranked. Watching them all will keep you too busy to argue about the ranking.

Brain in a Bucket. A new method for tissue analysis got a man sent to prison for life on its first use in forensics. (via Nag on the Lake)

Why Coca-Cola Purposely Designed a Soft Drink to Fail.

Wollemi Pines Are Dinosaur Trees. After flourishing for 100 million years, they had to be rescued from extinction in the 1990s.

Why the Finns Don't Want to be Happy. Despite the highest quality of life in the world, they aren't going to press their luck.

The Heyday of Penny Restaurants. The food wasn't free, because that would rob the transaction of its dignity.

Forget the World Cup, Let’s Play Motor-Ball! Soccer played on motorcycles was exciting, but not at all safe.

The Curious Death of George Wythe. And why no one paid the price. (via Strange Company)

Bringing the Thunder.

After her child is born, a mother learns that equal parenting means giving dad a chance.

A blast from the past (2014): French Fries Around the World.

Weird Personal Habit

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Monday, June 18, 2018

Ya Think?

Parrot Sings "Bacon Pancakes"

Milo the Quaker parrot sings along with his human, Erica Croke. The song is a classic, "Bacon Pancakes" from the TV show Adventure Time. Milo must watch the show a lot, or he sings it a lot, or he just loves making -or eating- pancakes. You can see more of Milo at his Facebook page.

(via Tastefully Offensive)

The Sounds of Children

This is audio from inside a U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility, made available by ProPublica. If children crying for their parents bothers you, this will bother you, but you need to hear it. There are subtitles.

The Trump administration instituted a new policy a couple of months ago that every person crossing the border illegally will be arrested. Crossing the border illegally is a misdemeanor. Since children cannot be sent to jail, they are sent to separate holding facilities without their parents, which are defined as "not jail." Over 2,000 children have been separated from their parents in this manner since April, and so many more are coming in every day that a new tent city was erected overnight in Texas to hold the overflow.

It is legal to cross the border at an official port of entry to ask for asylum. Many of the people arrested are seeking asylum, but the border patrol is not allowing people to cross at an official port of entry for the purpose of asylum. So they enter elsewhere, ask for asylum, and are arrested. 

The current administration has stated that this tactic is being used as a deterrent, so that people will not come to the US for asylum. Put yourself in a refugee's place. If your home country is so dangerous that you'd walk to the US to escape it, any haven is better than no haven. If I were forced to choose between my child dying or being separated from me, I'd choose the separation. But it's still evil and unnecessary, and our federal government is only doing it to inflict pain upon these families. Trump says he will lift the child separation practice if Congress gives him an immigration bill that includes $25 billion for a border wall. Does that not sound like ransom to you?

There are plenty of people who think arresting refugees is a fine tactic, that we can't have so many immigrants here. Their ancestors who came to the US as refugees ...well, they say that's different. I am a white woman born in the US, but there is nothing at all that makes me any more deserving of safety and freedom than someone fleeing a lawless country to seek safety for their family. God loves the refugee children as much as He loves me.

Twenty years ago today, I took a child out of a Communist country and brought her to the US to grow up in an intact family. When I, an American, walked into the US Consulate at Guangzhou, our group passed through hundreds of Chinese citizens outside who had been waiting for weeks just to get an appointment to ask for a US visa. We walked right in, privileged because of an accident of birth. And now we have children being separated from their mothers and fathers right here in our country, sent to their own jails and camps, with no protocol in place to reunite them with their parents, who could be deported without them. That ain't right, no matter who you are.

What kind of nation have we turned into?

Customer Loyalty Rewards

I honestly think all the local grocery is getting from me are my grocery-buying habits, which is obvious. I don't use a smart phone, and my store account is set up without email, much less social media. They still manage to send me coupons for what I'm going to buy. However, I'm sure there are plenty of hyper-connected people that make all that information accessible to them without even thinking about it. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd.