Friday, September 30, 2016

Monsters of Rock Moscow '91

Hard to believe now that the fall of the Soviet Union was 25 years ago. During that tumultuous process, on September 28, 1991, the Monsters of Rock show was staged in Moscow. A crowd of 1,600,000 people showed up to celebrate the freedom to enjoy Western rock music. Watch the full concert. 

Salsa Tequila

Americans may get the impression that Europeans speak all European languages, mainly because they often learn several languages. That’s not the case, as demonstrated by Norwegian comedian Anders Nilsen. A couple of years ago, he produced a song in Spanish. Nilsen doesn’t speak Spanish, as is made clear in the song, which consists of random Spanish words, names, and phrases, relying heavily on menu items. Nilsen wanted to make the point that a song could become a hit even if the lyrics make no sense.

"Salsa Tequila" indeed became a hit in several northern European countries: Norway, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, and Sweden. The tune is certainly catchy, but was the song a hit because people got the joke, or in spite of it? In Spain, southern Europe, and the Americas, it’s obviously a nonsense song, but it still could have been popular.

Other versions of the song were produced by various folks in German, Dutch, Finnish, and a mishmash of Scandinavian languages. (via reddit)

13 More Punny Halloween Costumes

It's that time of year again. Prepare yourself for another round of people dressed as visual gags among the vampires and witches. The best pun costumes make people look at you, think for a moment, and then laugh. Here are some that might make you laugh right now, in a list I compiled for mental_floss.

Scary Thought

Miss Cellania's Links

An Essay on the Greatness of Gilligan's Island. Eddie Deezen shares the love.

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Horses Can Be Taught to Communicate With Us Using Symbols. Particularly if it gets them a nice warm blanket.

The Mystical Early Pennsylvania Settler Who Lived in a Cave. Johannes Kelpius was a devout Protestant who also practiced astrology, numerology, and alchemy.

How an L.A. Printer Kept the Art of the Album Cover Alive. Read about the history and the art of record jacket printing.

How the 'war on drugs' actually encourages drug addiction. And fills all our prisons.

The Doonesbury Trump retrospective proves that Garry Trudeau had Drumpf's number all along.

Tabby Cat Song

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Which Restroom?

The international symbols for restrooms in the UK can be confusing. Should he use the restroom for people wearing pants, or the one for people with one leg? Maybe he should get a kilt to be sure! This Vine is from Josh Sundquist, who is a master of amputee humor, as well as soccer and Halloween costumes. (via reddit)

Thursday, September 29, 2016

$4 Bill

Animated Indiana Jones Fan Film

Animator and lifelong Indiana Jones fan Patrick Schoenmaker produced an opening sequence for an Indiana Jones TV series. The only problem is that there is no animated Indiana Jones TV series. At least not yet.

Schoenmaker did some artwork for Lucasfilm to promote Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This animated sequence has been a side project of his ever since, and it’s finally been unveiled. He talked to Inverse about it
My main idea was not to make a trailer that would have just been an excuse to take some random scenes and edit them together to look cool. I wanted a story, but I didn’t have the time to make it a full short, so instead, I came up with something like the intro to the Batman animated series.

It boiled down the feel and essence of any Batman story into a one-minute intro. It’s a great short film by itself because it makes you hungry for the episode, so I took that approach.
Well, there he’s nailed the biggest flaw in the video: it’s too short. If Lucasfilm would just hire him, he could work on Indiana Jones full-time. (via Den of Geek)

Mazda Tribute

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Possum Recipe

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Miss Cellania's Links

9 Awesome 3D-Printed Animal Prosthetics. A breakthrough for technology, and a second chance at life for them.

These eye-tracking heat maps show what people really care about. In ads, it’s often not the product for sale.

How George Washington Used Vaccines to Help Win the Revolutionary War. He was fighting both the British and smallpox.

Identical twins share their most embarrassing mix-up stories. If you have a twin, you’re always hoping he or she behaves.

Here's All The Vines Worth Six Seconds Of Your Time This Week. Especially the French bulldog and the guy with the tree.

Here’s Your List Of The Last Day To Register To Vote In Every State. But don’t put it off until the last minute.

Chuck Tingle live-Tweeted the presidential debate and made it sound way more interesting. (via Metafilter)

Colma, The Town Of The Dead.

Do Women Have to Talk Like Men to Be Taken Seriously? And Should They?

Meet the Man Who Made Up the Klingon Language

Popular Cat Activity #37

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The Hillary Shimmy Song

Jonathan Mann enjoyed the presidential debate Monday night and was inspired to write a song about it. It’s pretty catchy! Well, if your opponent was hanging himself with his own rope, you’d feel like a little shimmy, too. (via Uproxx)

Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Tiny Lasagna

Watch this guy, or his fingertips, prepare the tiniest lasagna you ever saw! He boils the pasta, browns the meat, grates and mixes the cheese, and then layers it all into a matchbox-sized baking pan.

The finished product is about one bite of lasagna for a human, but it bet it was one delicious bite. The video is from Jay Baron of Walking With Giants, a channel that has plenty of miniature cooking videos. (via Metafilter)


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How Much Would it Cost to Live on the Moon?

Forty-five years ago, we thought colonizing the moon was surely in our future. But once the space race was won, the moon was found to be not useful enough to justify the expense. And the expense of getting there was astronomical. Maybe that’s where the word came from. Our dream of living on the moon would be even more expensive. This video from Whenever Productions explains the economics of space colonization. The planned Mars mission looks different when you look at it from the financial side. The Apollo missions also look different. Did we really spend that much money just to beat the Soviets to the moon? (via Digg)


CCTV is Watching You

CCTV cameras are watching you. If you do something wrong, they will catch you, and it’s too late to hide your identity once the deed is done. This pickpocket realized he was on camera, pondered his options, and had to quickly change his plans. Sweet!

Rasheed Parakkal produced and starred in this short film called New God that was used for a TV ad promoting security cameras in Kerala, India. People shared an edit of the video with no indication that it was intentionally-produced, and Parakkal received plenty of grief when people assumed he was a real thief caught on camera.
“By using a CCTV angle to shoot the movie, we were trying to make it in all truthfulness and as close to reality. Little did I know that it will get picked up in this way,” he said. And Parakkal doesn’t know whether to be happy or sad about it. On one hand, he’s happy people thought it was an actual CCTV grab, because that would mean his acting and the whole set-up seemed original. “But I am obviously disappointed because it was my original work that someone tampered with for his short-term amusement,” he said over the phone from Wadakanchery.
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