Thursday, July 24, 2014


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How Playing an Instrument Benefits Your Brain

Playing a musical instrument involves more areas of the brain than other activities. It only makes sense. You have to use your fine motor skills to play, understand the tune, read the music, remember how it’s done, co-ordinate with other players, and watch your timing. All at the same time. And that’s after you’ve learned how to do it! Learn more in this TED-Ed lesson from Anita Collins. (via Laughing Squid)

Dogs Re-enact a Movie

27 Unbelievable Local Traditions

To the folks who live there, these rites seem normal. But to the rest of us, but staging a buffet for monkeys is just strange. In this week’s mental_floss video, John Green tells us about the weird local traditions that may even be worth traveling for. Most of these traditions have been on Neatorama at one time or another, but some have been a long time ago. You can use the search function at the top to look them up.

Miss Cellania's Links

John Lennon's Psychedelic Rolls-Royce.

How Turbans Helped Some Blacks Go Incognito In The Jim Crow Era.

America’s Favorite Star Wars Movies (And Least Favorite Characters).

Who Has the Best Facial Hair in Baseball History?

The 22 Most ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Cats Of All Time.

Ten times The Simpsons accurately predicted the future. Or does Matt Groenig actually control what happensin real life?

Here's the Kim Jong-un dance video North Korea is so upset about. He tried to get rid of it, but the genie is already out of the bottle.

Monty Python performed their final live performance together Sunday, and closed it out with a singalong. Followed by bonus footage of fans in costume.

Miss America Hypocrisy: The Vanessa Williams Nude Photo Shaming. We like our beauty queens to be chaste and virtuous and yet sexy at the same time.

Britain has basically decriminalized internet piracy. The U.S. should, too. Policing piracy is about as effective as policing marijuana use.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I am as confused as you are. (via Bad Newspaper)

Crazy Circle Illusion

What you’re seeing is a circle of dots spinning around inside a red ball. And yes, that’s what you see. This is not an optical illusion that fools the eye into seeing something that’s not there, but a neat explanation of how the pattern was created. I won’t spoil it for you, but the explanation is pretty darn clever. (via Neatorama)


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Disabled Dog Runs in the Weiner Race

Go, dog, go! Emerald Downs in Auburn, Washington held a Wiener Dog Race sponsored by the local radio station. Among the dachshunds was the delightfully-named Anderson Pooper, who is disabled and uses wheels. Anderson Pooper didn’t win, but he made it to the finish line, which is more than you can say for some of the racers, and won the hearts and minds of the spectators. And now the internet. That’s a good dog. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Bonus: Here’s another video of Anderson Pooper competing in an earlier race while wearing a GoPro on his harness.

Representative Babies

Funny, they all look alike to me. (via Weird Vintage)


SCAD Tower Free Fall

Here’s the simplest idea for a theme park ride yet. In fact, it’s not even a “ride” at all, unless you count the elevator trip up. The Sky Tower in Tivoli Friheden, Denmark, is an actual free fall, with no ropes or kill switch. You go up 100 feet, get strapped into a safety harness just for the short time it takes to get from the platform to a hang oner the edge, then the harness is unhooked. It takes a mere second to get back down. Guaranteed to cure you of ever thinking about what it would be like to jump from a building. This video shows the experience from all angles. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Miss Cellania's Links

A Plea for Nostril Research.

Runaway Money. The strange story of Albert Clarke, who inherited all the royalties from Goodnight, Moon. (via Metafilter)

Desert Woodrats Use Gut Microbes for Detox. Ed Yong tells of a case in which a species leapfrogs generations of evolution by getting microbes to do it for them. 

The World's Largest Aquatic Insect May Have Been Found, And It Will Haunt Your Dreams. You can’t even hold it in your hand -as if you’d want to.

Make Fun Of The Mistakes Of Geniuses With These Classic Jeopardy! Bloopers. Yes, that one with Ken Jennings is included.

13 Insane Fair Foods You Need To Eat This Summer. Not all in the same day, of course; that could be fatal.

Living With Disability in the Dark Ages. The lack of documentation could mean it wasn’t considered so far out of the ordinary.

Life for Mick Jagger in his 20s must’ve been an amazing ride. Here are 30 photographs that prove it was so.

The 11 worst fast food restaurants in America. A survey of customers shows that bigger is not always better.


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I'm On Vacation

Your trip to the beach, or the mountains, or a national park never goes perfectly. But that’s okay, because you’re on vacation! Getting away from the everyday work routine you follow the rest of the year is such a treat that you can put up with anything! Rhett & Link wrote a little song about it. And there’s a contest attached, where you can tell your own vacation horror story. (Thanks, Rhett and Link!)