Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Lots of Trout

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A Lesson in Fire Safety

Lesson number one: don't do this. Here we have an illustration of the immaturity of teenage boys, possibly influenced by the action movies they've seen and stunts performed by professionals with a staff ready for any contingency. These guys have an idea, but no contingency plan and little foresight. The second part is a lesson in what not to do when you are on fire. Of course he wants his pants off, but the procedure is stop, drop, and roll, which works better when you're not soaked in gasoline. An alternate method is to smother the fire with a blanket or something. They didn't have a blanket, but his buddy eventually did the only thing he could, and smothered the fire with his body. This happened quite a few years ago, so we are pretty sure they are okay. (via reddit)


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An Honest Trailer for Get Out

Jordan Peele's horror film Get Out was nominated for four Academy Awards today: Best Picture, Best Original Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Actor for Daniel Kaluuya. Coincidentally, Screen Junkies had the Honest Trailer ready to go. Maybe they knew something, like how the movie deserves the nominations. They don't so much denigrate the film, but celebrate it for the strange story it is.

I Can't Hear You

Miss Cellania's Links

Silver Medal Shocker. The story of the notorious US-USSR gold medal basketball game at the 1972 Olympics.

Maybe Men Will Be Scared for a While. But maybe to fear women is to begin seeing them as people.

When Artificial Intelligence Gets into Birding. After studying a list of 32000 existing bird names, a neural network comes up more more -and they're glorious. (via Metafilter)

If You Find Aliens, Who Do You Call? Various officials reveal how they pass the buck on such calls.

The 20 Most Important Pop Culture Moments of the Last Ten Years. 

Meet the Murderous Viking Princess Who Brought the Faith to Eastern Europe. Game of Thrones could learn a thing or two from Saint Olga.

Star Wars and the Strategic Use of Chasms. No real spaceship or space station will ever have that much elbow room.

The Story of Hyperchess, a 3D Chess Game Inspired by Star Trek. Max Chappell worked for twenty years to get it right.

In the 16th century, Dutch Renaissance artist Pieter Bruegel the Elder painted a village scene filled with people doing nonsensical things. Netherlandish Proverbs illustrates over a hundred old Dutch proverbs. (via Strange Company)

The Slash: The 20-Foot Clearing That Stretches 5,525 Miles Across World's Longest Border. You can see it in satellite images. (via Digg)


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Mantis Squad

What's going on with these mantises? Are they about to fight? Are they posing for a picture? Are they even alive? Yes, they are alive, but it appears to be a kind of stand-off, where they are bluffing each other, waiting and even daring one of them to make the first move.

Turns out they are in their fighting stance in reaction to the camera. They sure are pretty, for a bunch of bugs. Adrian Kozakiewicz of InsecthausTV has plenty more videos that delve into the mysterious world of insect behavior. (via Boing Boing)

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Monday, January 22, 2018

Bilingual Honda

Quentin Tarantino's Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance

If Quentin Tarantino directed the next Star Trek feature film, it would be the weirdest, bloodiest, most intense Star Trek ever! Luckily, we have some footage that fits the bill in this trailer. This is not for children. Nerdist presents a vision of Kirk, Spock, Scotty, Bones, and the rest of the crew in a grindhouse B-movie you can't wait to see. (via Digg)


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Snowboarders Try to Use a T-Bar

If you're used to a regular skilift, trying to get up a snowy mountain with a T-bar is challenging. It's even harder on a snowboard. But when you are an inexperienced snowboarder, it's almost impossible. These guys are out on their first snowboarding expedition at Nevis Range Mountain Experience in Torlundy, Scotland. On the one hand, it's nice to find out how incompetent you are before you get to the top of the mountain. On the other hand, you're now stuck in viral video with the videographer laughing at you, leading the internet audience to do the same. (via Tastefully Offensive)


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This video was presented as "bro's night out," which makes it seem like a silly game, but watch and listen. These guys are making serious music! Well, maybe not 'serious' music, it's the theme from Knight Rider followed by the theme from The Flintstones, but they do it well. 

They are playing musical instruments called boomwhackers, or tubes that are tuned to a musical pitch to be played like bells. The group is Louie's Cage Percussion, made up of classically-trained musicians from Austria.
Named after the Monkey King Louie and the composer John Cage, this percussion group consists of six talented young musicians in their twenties. They are some of the youngest members of renowned Austrian orchestras including the Vienna Volksoper, the Lower Austria Tonkuenstler Orchestra and the Graz Opera and play all repertoires of classical music. Besides their studies of classical music, they have always been interested in jazz, rock and electronic music and have played in various bands and broadened their knowledge of various musical genres.
You can get an idea of how boomwhackers work from an extended cut of one of their practice sessions. Now watch a stage performance from Louie's Cage Percussion.

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Miss Cellania's Links

The Ford Model K? In the early days, Ford gave us plenty of cars besides the Model T.

45 Clever Signs From The 2018 Women's March.

The Y Chromosome Is Slowly Disappearing. At this rate, the male sex has only a few million years left.

Why Brigham Young University Had a Secret Cola Vending Machine. The Mormon prohibition against certain drinks leaves a lot of room for interpretation.

How Your Worst Fears Stack Up Against Reality. Select your top three fears, and the app will explain what your odds of dying from each one are.

London, 1682 vs. Today. The Morgan Map has been overlaid with aerial views of the modern city for comparison purposes.

A Roundup Of The Strangest Moments Of Trump's First Year In Office. 

The Boy Who Stayed Awake for 11 Days. A science fair project led to a world record that still stands.

When Nixon Said “Sock it To Me” on Laugh-In. His 1968 appearance opened the door for presidents on entertainment shows.

Jason Windsor finally gives us a sequel to his classic 2003 video “End of Ze World.” With NSFW language.

His Humiliation

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A Mother’s Promise: You Can Be Yourself

Laurin is raising Danny, the only thing she has left of her husband, and she can't know what he'd say in any situation concerning him. This is from the New York Times, where you can see five other stories about becoming a mother that are just as gripping. (via Digg)

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