Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Fun Special

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Fast Food Fire

I wonder who did it! Can you find a clue? (via reddit)

Two Years

The creator of the webcomic xkcd, Randall Munroe, is one of the internet's favorite people. The "webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language" delivered plenty of each. Then it veered into medical science. Munroe explained that everything changed when his fiancé (now wife) was diagnosed with cancer. Along the way, the webcomic pointed out some powerful observations in dealing with the disease. This one in particular made it clear that the only indication of beating cancer is time. Today's comic announces that it has been two years since the diagnosis. Congratulations to the Munroes on this important milestone. Happy Biopsy-versary! (Thanks, Rojomoke!)

Black Friday at the Dollar Store

Improv Everywhere staged a shopping mob at one of Manhattan's 99 cent stores last week. A hundred agents got in line before the store opened, setting up tents to make it look as if they've been there for days, waiting for the Black Friday deals. Agent Cody Lindquist posed as an NBC reporter, interviewing shoppers. The store manager was confused but gracious, and most the items that were bought ended up being sent to various charities. Read more about the stunt at Improv Everywhere's site.

Miss Cellania's Links

8 Famous Mascots Whose Names You Didn't Know.

Do Orchestras Really Need Conductors? (via the Presurfer)

Cartoon Logic. Or lack of it.

The Oppressed Christian.

The geekiest political postmortem ever: Could Better Fonts Have Helped Save the Romney Campaign?

A blog friend of mine rescued an abandoned kitten and needs help. Maybe you can give the kitten a home, or help out with the vet bills.

The Most Amazing Bars in the World. Architecturally and aesthetically speaking, that is.

If there is any doubt about how nuts New Zealand has gone over the film The Hobbit, check out this elf doing a TV weather forecast. You won't understand him, he's speaking Sindarin, one of the Elvish languages of Middle Earth.

Before steroid use became common, body-building buffs were attractive real-world hunks. Sean Connery put his body up against the best of them in the Mr. Universe competition of 1953.

How to eat like an Oscar winner. Changing your body and image for a film is not easy, but the reward can look good on the mantle.

This Weekend

Piano Duet with Elephant

Peter the elephant likes to play. Maybe he should take some lessons. (via Arbroath)

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Law Firm

There's a difference, you know. (via Criggo)

10 Horrible Things We Do to Teddy Bears

I would like to draw your attention to a horrible epidemic of toy abuse. Teddy bears are being treated like objects in that we find ways to hurt, maim, and destroy them in the name of recycling, art, politics, or even entertainment. It’s not that Ursus teddius domesticus is an endangered species (quite the contrary), but do we have to treat them so badly? Let’s check out a few awful things that humans have done to teddies, in a list I posted at mental_floss.

Cool Things to Find

Cool Things to Find is a parody of the earlier PSA called Dumb Ways to Die. And who does the finding? The Mars Curiosity rover, of course!

Miss Cellania's Links

I Yam What I Yam: The Story of Popeye.

Wil Wheaton is Awesome.

Gisella Perl: Angel and Abortionist in the Auschwitz Death Camp. (via Metafilter)

When a student inadvertently hit "reply all" to a NYU announcement, everyone learned you can email all 40,000 students at once. So of course, thousands of them did.

Summarize The Simpsons in 10 episodes? Selecting the ten most representative episodes of the show's 23 seasons is sure to leave some favorites out, so go see if yours are there.

New Zealand is so excited about the new movie The Hobbit, Air New Zealand has incorporated it into their new inflight safety video. It's also a gimmick to get you to actually pay attention to life saving tips.

26 Pictures Of Cats & Dogs In Christmas Sweaters. Even if you hate Christmas sweaters, these critters are funny and adorable.

Quiet: The Power of Introverts. One of every three people is an introvert, so why do we act like there's something wrong with it?

When AMC veered away from all movies into original programming, every sat up and took notice. But they are taking it too far by introducing reality TV into their lineup of quality dramas.

How to Sell a Car. There are certain tips and techniques that you can learn to use or to defend yourself from.

I Tried

La Surprise du Chef!

This ad for French underwear may not have any facts, but it sure gets your attention! The description at YouTube, translated by Babelfish, says:

Discover finally what makes the Slipway French more extremely than all the other Slipways

Uh, don't try this at home. (via Everlasting Blort

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Perks of Being Older

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I'm addicted to The Walking Dead. Are you? Is there anything at all that could make Michonne more badass? Yes, one thing. (via Buzzfeed)


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Cheetah in Slow Motion

At 1200 frames per second, the first minute of this video only covers one second of the cheetah's run! Greg Wilson shot high-speed footage of five cheetahs from the Cincinnati Zoo, including the world-speed-record-holder Sarah, over three days to get this video. They ran at up to 60 miles per hour, so I would imagine the most difficult part would be keeping the cat toy ahead of them. Read more about cheetahs at National Geographic. (via Metafilter)


The first Superman cartoon, from 1941. The Fleischer Studios cartoons from 1941 and 1942 are now in the public domain, and are posted at YouTube. You'll find the links, and more interesting stuff, at Metafilter.

Miss Cellania's Links

A Phylogeny and Evolutionary History of the Pokémon.

With quite a few states offering petitions to secede from the union, the question arises on how strong the states would be was individual nations. What if they all seceded and then declared war on each other?  (via Jason Kottke)

7 Neatest Gifts for Photographers.

Munchausen by Internet. Much more common than you might think. (via Fark)

A Field Guide to Tech Facial Hair.

The Great Beaver Drop.

The Empire State Building has a new LED light system. They inaugurated it with a light show set to music by Alicia Keys.

Sexism in the video game industry? Call me shocked, but it's sparked a serious conversation open to all on Twitter.

Why Countries Can’t Agree On Climate Regulation. Now, don't walk away, it's explained in a cute Scandinavian animation.

Children stuck with internet-inspired baby names. Every one of them could be obsolete and hard to explain by the time they're in high school.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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All I Need Is Love

The Muppets have the Christmas spirit! Here they sing on Cee Lo Green's new song "All I Need is Love" from the album Cee Lo’s Magic Moment. (via Uproxx)

The Instant Cat Meme: Grumpy Cat

She’s funny, she channels emotions we all share but tend to hide, and she’s a cat. Is it any wonder that the internet loves Grumpy Cat? Learn how the Grumpy Cat meme came to be and how big it is now, in an article I posted at mental_floss.

Facts of Life

Disney's Terrifying New Interactive Robot

Disney is developing a robot that can interact with visitors at its theme parks. Throw a ball, he catches it. If he doesn't catch it, he uses body language to acknowledge the fact. Throw more balls, and you can juggle with it. The unnamed robot is only in development now, and looks unnervingly like the Terminator. Those who think that Disney = Skynet have a little more ammunition for their theory. (via Daily of the Day)

Gangnam Style Christmas Lights

John Storms hasn't lived in Cedar Park, Texas, very long, but he and his family arrived with a splash, synching a huge Christmas light display to PSY's "Gangnam Style." The LED lights should only cost about $15 a month in electricity. "Gangnam Style" is not the only song the lights dance to. (via Stuff I Stole from the Internet)

Monday, November 26, 2012


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Wedding Dress Camp-Out

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Kevin the Singing Fox

Have you ever heard a fox sing? This is more of a trilling chatter, but it is cute because Kevie is cute. (via Daily PIcks and Flicks)

Police Medic

Krispy Kreme's Christmas

The redneck rapper Krispy Kreme put his Christmas wish list into song. Ya think he's a little obsessed with pro wrestler John Cena? (via The Daily What)

Miss Cellania's Links

Coney Island: America's Greatest Playground.

How One Construction Worker Deals with Injuries Without Insurance.

Victor Mature, the First Hollywood Hunk.

The Worst Baby Advice Ever.

Fifty years ago, Dr. Michael Alpers went to Papua New Guinea to investigate "kuru," a sickness that killed many of the native Fore people, and no one knew why. He ended up devoting his life to solving the mystery of the disease. (via Metafilter)

When you combine all the different colors of light, you get white light. When you combine enough smells, you get ‘olfactory white’ which doesn't smell like anything.

Why PSY Is The New King Of YouTube. "Gangnam Style" is now the most-viewed video on YouTube ever, finally surpassing out Justin Beiber's "Baby."

Sierra Leone teenager Kelvin Doe is a completely self-taught engineer. Without training, he built his own radio station with its own power generator out of scrap metal and imagination.

The Bajau Sea Gypsies of Borneo live and work on the sea. Who needs real estate when you have crystal clear tropical water?

The Proliferation of Kingdoms. What were once just plants and animals are now divided into six kingdoms under three domains.

Letters at the top generated by Google Type.

Best TV

Nut Again

Simon's Cat tries to catch a squirrel, but he's not the skinny, agile, outdoor cat he thinks he is! Artist Simon Tofield teaches us to draw the squirrel, too. (via Laughing Squid)

Sunday, November 25, 2012


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Carol of the Balls

NBA players give us a performance of musical basketballs in this ad. Get ready to hear this song a few times a day for the next five weeks. (via Daily of the Day)


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PhantomX Hexapod

The PhantomX robot has been around for a while. This demo shows its activities running Phoenix code, and features children who are not nearly as afraid of this creepy crawly thing as they should be. now imagine this machine covered in battle armor with guns mounted above and below. Then imagine it covered in fur on toy shelves for Christmas. I'm not sure which is scarier!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


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Feedback Wanted

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Fairy Tales

They always told you, keep your professional life and your personal life separate. In some professions, that should be a no-brainer. This video is part of a web series called Teachers. (via Unique Daily)

Follow Instructions

One and Only

As contestants on a game show that has video producers competing against each other, the team of Travis Kurtz and Matin Atrushi had 72 hours to make a funny video, and they got it finished in time!

We made this video for a TV show called "Viral Video Showdown" on SyFy Channel (Episode "Such a Cliche"). We had 72 hours to come up with an idea based on: 1.) action 2.) a cliche and 3.) the idiom "Between a rock and a hard place" and then write, shoot, edit and deliver a final product. We hope you enjoy it.

The episode featuring the making of this video will air this Tuesday. (Thanks, Travis!) 

House MD

If you never watched the erstwhile TV show House MD, you can catch up watching this compilation of clips from all 177 episodes. Well, you'd have to add some arguments about lupus to be really complete, but this will give you an idea of whether you should watch the DVDs. (via Metafilter

Friday, November 23, 2012


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For a Friend

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Good Dog, Bad Dog

This dog spotted in Edinburgh, Scotland, is helping his busker buddy by patiently holding the hat and accepting cash and pats on the head. That's a good dog!

Meanwhile, this dog will steal the money right out of your wallet! That's a bad dog!

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Black Friday

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It's Black Friday, Charlie Brown

The Peanuts gang has a TV special for every other holiday, Jimmy Kimmel figured why not for Black Friday? (via Tastefully Offensive)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Ending

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Mathematically Optimal Potatoes

From the wonderful math nerd Vi Hart.Now, see how useful math really is?

Join Us For Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Miss Cellania's Links

Coney Island: America's Greatest Playground.

7 Overlooked Thanksgiving Rituals, According to Sociologists. Admit it, at least half of these happen in your family.

12 Even Uglier Christmas Sweaters

9 Signs Black Friday Needs To End.

Hey Hasbro, Girls are Important, Too. (via Daily of the Day)

The U.S. Does Not Have a Spending Problem, We Have a Distribution Problem.

The 6-Pack Ring Fishing Experiment.

A group of Tea Party sympathizers in Pulaski County, Ky., is trying to shut down the county library system's special taxing district over a tax hike, a move opponents say could close down the entire library system in the county. What would amount to $1 per year per taxpayer may cause my niece and nephew to lose their library. 

While they blamed the union's rejection of further pay cuts, Hostess executives rewarded themselves mightily during their company's financial collapse.

Some photos of our president enjoying life and generally being cool.

Parade Kitteh

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Another Turkey Dubstep

The turkeys' first dub step video from a few months ago has 2.5 million views, so they were under pressure to give their audience more. I think it went to their heads.  See more turkey cartoons for your Thanksgiving enjoyment.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Loyal Turkey

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The Perfect Guide To Holiday Etiquette

Billy is demonstrating different ways to behave at the dinner table. Billy needs therapy, or at least constant supervision. This video contains language that may be deemed a bit rude in the workplace. (via Buzzfeed)

Louis C.K. on Eating

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Kids On Thanksgiving

Random kids in Brooklyn tell us what they are thankful for. I also did not know that Thanksgiving is a Jewish holiday. (via Breakfast Links)

U.S. Space Team's Up Goer Five

There are around a half-million words in the full Oxford English Dictionary, though most people use only a few thousand in everyday communication. Randall Munroe of xkcd explains the Saturn V rocket using only the 1,000 most commonly-used English words. This comic grew out of Munroe's journeys into Simple English Wikipedia. You can see another example here. If you want a taste of how difficult it is to explain things using only the thousand most common words, The Up Goer Five Text Editor will point out any words you use that are too uncommon. However, if you are going to explain something to children or people who are learning English as a second language, the simpler the better. What you see here is just a small portion of the rocket: see the entire panel at xkcd. (via Metafilter)

Epic Meal Time Thanksgiving

The guys from Epic Meal Time put together a Thanksgiving feast featuring a pig stuffed with a turkey (from chef Zadi), brown goo, and a fast-food lasagna. And then they served it at Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. Warning: NSFW language. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

Giving Thanks For Thanksgiving Turkeys. If you're going to eat turkey the rest of next week, you may as well know something about the birds.

The Friskies Awards.

Bomb Disposal Expert Takes His Last ‘Lonely Walk.’

In the game Furiosity, the object is apparently to turn all the blocks into a different color. It only begins to get difficult about level four, and then it gets very difficult for further levels. (via the Presurfer)

Most Parents Worry About Kids’ Online Privacy — but Aren’t Doing Anything about It. However, they will ask to be their kids' "friends" on Facebook.

Fiona Apple is postponing her South American concert tour to be with her dying dog, Janet. Her message explaining the decision will make you run for the tissue box.

Why you should stay home on Black Friday. Mainly because leftover turkey with your grandma makes a much better memory than fighting for bargains on stuff you don't need.

Chubby Babies in Space! Chinese propagandists of the '60s, '70s, and '80s knew what would grab attention for their aerospace research program.

While our Thanksgiving holiday is based on a historical American event, it's not the only holiday for expressing gratitude. Here are Five Other Thanksgiving Holidays from around the world.

A Few Facts About Steven Spielberg's Lincoln.


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It's Thanksgiving

From the folks who brought you Rebecca Black and her song "Friday," here's Nicole Westbrook singing about Thanksgiving. The song sounds like it came out of a mad-lib pop song generator and ultimately makes no sense at all.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Solid Waste Breakfast

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Scarecrow Style

A Portuguese performance of The Wizard of Oz added an extra musical number to the show. The crowd loved it! (via Metafilter)

8 Thanksgiving Flowcharts

Holidays, especially traditional family holidays, come loaded with many decisions to make. Luckily, flowcharts give us a geeky shortcut to making those decisions. Here are eight that pertain specifically to how you handle Thanksgiving, in a list I posted at mental_floss.


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Kittens Watching Tennis

It must be a big-screen TV, as these adorable kittens are mesmerized by watching a tennis match -or the ball, at least. (via Laughing Squid)

Flirt Fail

(via Cracked)

Miss Cellania's Links

Family Feud: Adidas vs. Puma.

I was a Teenage Sexist. (via Metafilter)

The Hans Brinker Budget Hotel in Amsterdam is a $22-a-night hostel that fills up every night, possibly due to its strange advertising strategy. The website admits that its accommodation are not luxurious, or even satisfactory. (via the Presurfer)

I've started telling my daughters I'm beautiful.

Are you flying out to visit family for Thanksgiving? Look what's waiting for you at the 25 Worst Airports in America.

Jonathan Trappe is a professional cluster balloonist. Besides having the coolest job in the world, he recently flew a house using balloons, just like in the movie UP!

Red pandas are the cutest little fur balls on earth. But if you startle one unexpectedly, you're treated to a few seconds of adorable comedy.

10 Low-Budget Films That Became Unexpected Hits. That doesn't necessarily mean you should watch them, but read and make up your own mind.

 25 People And Pets Putting Hollister And Abercrombie & Fitch Shopping Bags To Good Use. Choose your illusions wisely.

The perfect holiday dinners all seem to fade into a blur over the years. The ones you really remember are the Out of the Ordinary Thanksgivings.

The Fancy Feast

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Taco Bell

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Live and Let Die Crocodile Jump

In the 1973 film Live and Let Die, James Bond crosses a creek by jumping on the backs of series of crocodiles. Stunt man Ross Kananga, who actually suggested the stunt in the first place, did take after take to get the scene just right. The crocodiles came awfully close, once even tearing his pants leg. (via the Presurfer)

Angel of Death

From Feng at Fengtastic!

PSY and MC Hammer at the AMAs

This intergenerational mashup was performed at the American Music Awards last night. If you're a little burned on "Gangnam Style" but want to see what Hammer does with it, you can skip to the middle of the video. Oh, the awards? Wikipedia has all the winners.

Miss Cellania's Links

The Who's Tommy: how the "rock opera" was invented.

Some Thoughts and Musings About Making Things for the Web. I can relate so much to this, except for the fact that Matthew Inman is talented and I'm not.

Jon Stewart Mocks Secessionists: 'Stop. Don't. Come Back.'

Why Coke Cost A Nickel For 70 Years. (via Metafilter)

The Definitive Guide To Surviving Black Friday. It's easier than you may think!

Since mercury was found in his hair, Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe was thought to have been poisoned. New findings have been released on the 300-year-old mystery.

10 Pictures That Prove George Lucas Used To Be One Cool Dude. Ah, those were the days!

A new book tells the story of a father trying to help his son come out of the closet. Even with family support, he feared harassment from his peers -which they were eager to provide.

Some of the dogs and cats displaced by hurricane Sandy have found refuge in …San Diego? The shelters in the damaged areas still lack power and the ability to hold animals for long.

This year, you might want to try one of 5 Odd Holiday Dishes or 11 Impressive Thanksgiving Cupcakes.


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Gotham High

The prequel everyone's been waiting for -Gotham City's super heroes and villains in high school! Which future Dark Knight Trilogy character will get the girl in this teen romance? (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Signs of Life

Described as "A space drama set in the incredible year Twenty-Five Billion." (via Everlasting Blort)

Kittens and Ducklings

Quick, get the insulin! You might die from the sweetness of 18 ragdoll kittens from four litters playing with day-old hatchling ducks. And then they put that song on top. Feel free to send this to someone who needs a smile. (via Daily of the Day)

More Than One Squid