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Year-end Lists 2013: Miscellaneous

Here's those lists that just don't fit into any of the normal categories, because they are odd. Worth a look anyway.

Glove and Boots: 2013 Year in Review

Glove and Boots sum up the events of 2013 and how they don't make any sense at all. They put it succinctly at the beginning of this video "2013: you suck!"

The most overused business words of 2013.

2013′s Worst Writing About Millennials.

Oh, Have You Met My Kids, Panda, Phone and Cheese? The Weirdest Baby Names of 2013.

The 23 Worst Photoshop Fails Of 2013.

The Best Charts of 2013.

The Top 10 Moments of 2013... in Play-Doh.

The Absolute Best Cosplay of 2013.

13 of the Most Extraordinarily Useless Food Inventions of 2013.

Viral Videos of 2013 - The Song (Song A Day #1812)

Jonathan Mann, who writes a song everyday, wrote one about the viral videos of 2013.

No, You Can't Have Any

Hey, Blondie, you're on a diet! (In LOLspeak, that would be "U R 2 fat!") Three bowls of cat food for three cats -makes sense,right? But the ginger cat is a self-appointed food guard, determined to keep the bigger tomcat from getting any, much less his share. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Have a Potato New Year!


(via Buzzfeed)

Jay Thomas Tells The Lone Ranger Story

Hrothgar added this to the article Hi-Yoo, Silver! at Neatorama in a comment. I appreciate it!

Miss Cellania's Links

Hi-Yo Silver, Away! The story of The Lone Ranger.

A Quick Guide to Some New Laws Taking Effect on Wednesday.

Procatinator is exactly what it sounds like: a procrastination site featuring cats. Load it, and you will see a screen-size cat gif accompanied by a more-or-less appropriate musical soundtrack. (via Everlasting Blort)

Nina and Gramps celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary with an Up!-style photo shoot.  (via Neatorama

If I Need ID to Buy Cough Syrup, Why Shouldn't I Need ID to Vote?

Scientists tell us their favourite jokes. Pat yourself on the back if you inderstand them all.

$1,000 Pill For Hepatitis C Spurs Debate Over Drug Prices. The treatment had a 90% cure rate, but costs $84,000.

6 New Year Traditions from Around the World.

Year-end Lists 2013: Best of Blogs and Websites

The list of things to do with the internet for 2013 had a lot of interesting stuff, but I have an entirely different post for websites that put up lists of their own top internal posts of the year. I may be adding to this over time, as more of them calculate what they've done in 2013.

Some say the era of the blog is over. Well, maybe not. At least I hope not!

Facebook's Year in Review

Lifehacker's Most Popular Top 10s of 2013.

The Best of Longform.

Here Are the Top 12 Moments on Instagram in 2013.

The top 10 single-serving Tumblrs of 2013.

Top Pinterest Pins of 2013.

2013: The year in Digg.

Carl Zimmer's Top Ten Posts of the Year at The Loom.

Ed Yong's 20 Most Popular Posts at Not Exactly Rocket Science.

Virginia Hughes top five and five most underrated posts at Only Human.

The most influential people on Reddit in 2013.

The Best Of BuzzFeed In 2013, By The Numbers.

The Best Dorkly Articles of 2013.

The Best Gawker Posts of 2013.

Read This, Skip That: The Best of The Daily Beast in 2013.

The 40 Best Cracked Articles and Videos of 2013.

The Best of io9's Science and History Stories in 2013.

The best of The Verge longreads.

A Year in Writing: The Best Mashable Reads of 2013.

Imgur's Top 13 Images of 2013.

Screen Junkies' 2013 Bloopers & Outtakes

Clever Disguise

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Monday, December 30, 2013

Year-end Lists 2013: People

We Didn't Start The Fire: 2013 Celebrity Edition

Owen Weber and Roger Weber wrote new lyrics for the Billy Joel song "We Didn't Star the Fire" using the celebrity news stories of 2013. Here it is, sung by Kevin Leblanc in a rapid-fire video looking back at the past year. Now, if you are like me and keep up with fewer celebrities each year, you'll still recognize some of them, and this goes so fast that "some of them" is enough to keep you following this dizzying video.

30 Women Who Kicked Ass In 2013.

Aaron Paul Was The King Of 2013, Bitch!

Top Ten Pop Culture and Social Media Scandals.

Top Ten Pop Culture and Social Media Feuds.

The Naughty List: The Most Hated Pop Cultural Icons of 2013. Each with an explanation of what they did to deserve such wrath.

Rob Ford and the Sleaziest Pols of the Year.

The Lives They Lived. The New York Times tribute to those who died in 2013.

Celebrity Deaths: Hollywood Entertainers Lost in 2013.

Tributes To Those We Lost in 2013.

12 Other People We Lost in 2013.

Etch a Sketch Inventor, André Cassagnes: An Illustrated Tribute

Name the Quadrilateral

Big Boy

Year-end Lists 2013: Animals

Vide0my out a lot of those cute but short cat videos together so we can relive the pleasure again. The original videos are all linked at the YouTube page.

The 11 Most Influential Animals of 2013.

ASPCA Names Cat and Dog of the Year.

The 30 Most Important Cats Of 2013.

The Year In Cats Getting Stuck In Ridiculous Places.

Meet the cutest zoo animals born in 2013.

The most newsworthy dogs of 2013.

The Top Ten Cute Posts of 2013 From Cute Overload.

31 Biggest Dog Fails Of 2013.


(via Buzzfeed)

Miss Cellania's Links

Who Framed Roger Rabbit: The Inside Story.

I Need to Do Everything in My Power Not to Be Poor.

What it's like to be a black female bobsledder on the U.S. Olympic team.

Who Is the Only Person to Be Elected Governor of 2 Different US States?

Kill Me Now: The Troubled Life And Complicated Death Of Jana Van Voorhis. An assisted suicide group helps a physically healthy but mentally ill woman die because they believed her delusions.

Michelangelo's Grocery List. (via Metafilter)

Moguls Rent South Dakota Addresses to Shelter Wealth Forever. One state's laws take billions out of future federal budgets, which the middle class must make up.

How to Escape the Community-College Trap.
100-year-old Negatives Discovered in Antarctic.  (via the Presurfer)

12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms.

The Workout

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Year-end Lists 2013: Photographs

The Daily Beast 2013: The Year in Photos.  (Source of the above image.)

TIME Picks the Top 10 Photos of 2013.

National Geographic's Most Memorable News Pictures of 2013. 

The Most Memorable Photos of the Year.

2013: The year in photos.

NASA releases the best photos of Earth taken from space this year.

The 2013 National Geographic Photography Contest Winners.

Reuters Pictures of the Year 2013

Photojournalism at its best. Reuters put their best photographs of the year on a YouTube video to let us all know it's okay to show everyone. See the pictures at your own pace here.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

My Kitty

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Guy on a Buffalo

"Guy on a Buffalo" is from the Austin band Possum Posse. Read the entire story behind the video (which is actually several videos stitched together), in this interview. It was a viral hit a couple of years ago, but I can't find that I ever posted it. Better late than never!

Leonardo DiCaprio: The Movie

Leonardo DiCaprio stars in an epic film in which he gets into a lot of trouble in his youth, grows up, takes a boat ride, becomes stranded in a strange foreign land, flies a plane out, and eventually becomes fabulously wealthy, although he's still committing crimes. The story is strung together from clips from… (counting) 18 movies! They are listed at the YouTube page (DiCaprio has actually been in 29 feature films). This supercut from Official Comedy might just win him that elusive Oscar. (via Laughing Squid)

Year-end Lists 2013: News

JibJab 2013 Year in Review: "What A Year!"

Jib-Jab presents their annual year-in-review video, full of singing, dancing, all-animated versions of the movers and shakers of 2013. From Pope Francis to Ylvis to the Royal baby, from Miley Cyrus to Batkid to Ed Snowden to Paula Dean, they all get the cartoon treatment. They've even figured out a way to honor the recently-deceased in cartoon form, by having them line up to enter heaven.

Yahoo's Top News Stories from 2013.

The World Almanac’s top 10 news stories of the year.

Top 10 International News Stories.

Dave Barry’s Review of 2013, the Year of the Zombies.

Watch the Most Heartwarming Stories of 2013.

Top 10 Underreported Stories.

This Year in Bad Cops.

The Year in Mass Shootings.

The 40 Most Insane Things That Happened This Year In Florida.

2013′s Most Memorable Local News Moments.

2013: A Year to Remember in Environmental News.

2013: War by the Numbers.

2013: The year in heists and capers.

The 13 Mightiest BBC News Fails Of 2013.

The 13 craziest, most offensive things said by politicians in 2013.

The Year in Fringe Politics.

2013: What Brought Us Together

Dali and Rhino


Trevor Noah - Live at the Apollo

Trevor Noah talks about growing up as a mixed-race child in South Africa under Apartheid. Things got really weird when he visited to the U.S. and Germany, looking for a place where he could be black.

Year-end Lists 2013: Internet

YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say?

YouTube invited it's biggest stars, and the folks who made the year's biggest videos, to come help them make their annual year-end "rewind" video. Get ready for a collage of the the people, images, memes, and music of 2013. There's a list of the people appearing here at the YouTube page. The soundtrack is a remix of tunes that are memes themselves mixed by DJ Earworm. Trying to spot and name all the references in this mashup would be an interesting exercise, but first -just watch and enjoy it for what it is: a time capsule of YouTube in 2013.

2013: A Year in Memes.

The 10 Best Memes of 2013.

Of Miley And Men: The 15 Most Memorable Memes Of 2013.

The 10 most influential Internet freedom activists of 2013.

Where Have All the Cats Gone? YouTube Is Ruled by Professionals Now.

2013: The Year Offense Criticism Ruined Art and the Internet.

The top 10 hoaxes and pranks of 2013.

Top Bing Searches for 2013, broken down by category.

BitTorrent Zeitgeist: What People Searched for (to download) in 2013.

The 12 Most Explosive Twitter Spats Of 2013.

The 11 Most Memorable Selfies of 2013. I would add this late entry.

The 29 Must-Read Web Comics Of 2013.

Top 10 Web Series of 2013.

What Were the Worst Things on the Internet in 2013?

Google Zeitgeist 2013

Google has released their annual video highlighting what people searched for the most in the past year. They also have an interactive site so you can explore the top searches of the year, which is quite confusing, as it is all image-based, and what does "View #my2013 Gallery" mean? I did not search for any of those things! At least, I don't think so, as most of them aren't labeled. The "trends globe" is kind of interesting. You can check 150 cities of the world to see what their residents searched for the most by date. Don't spin the globe too fast, or we'll all get dizzy! Also see the slightly different versions for the UK, Japan, Germany, and France.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Get Smart Bloopers and Outtakes

Would you believe that every Get Smart episode is on YouTube? Would you believe that there are 138 of them? Find a listing here.

Slow Luggage

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Year-end Lists 2013: Science

This Year's Biggest Discoveries in Science.

Top Science Longreads of 2013.

The Best Scientific Visualizations of 2013.

21 Science Fictions That Became Science Facts In 2013.

The Coolest Science of 2013, in GIFs.

Doctors weigh in on 2013’s biggest medical breakthroughs.

The 25 Best Inventions of the Year 2013.

The 24 Best Space Moments Of 2013.

2013: The Year in Volcanic Activity.

Earth, Wind and Fire: The Extreme Weather of 2013.

Six Things We Learned About Our Changing Climate in 2013.

The Top Five Ocean Stories of 2013.

10 New Animals Discovered In 2013.

A Recap of Our Five Favorite New Species of 2013.

The 23 Most Breathtaking Science Photos Of 2013.

The Most Amazing Science Images of 2013.

Ten Weirdest Animal Stories of 2013.

Science Stories: Hidden Gems of 2013.

100 things we didn't know last year.

Miss Cellania’s Top 20 Weird News Stories of 2013

One of the ways mental_floss celebrates the end of the work week is for me to round up the oddest news stories for The Weird Week in Review. Not every weird news story made it into the weekly column, because I tend to skip those that are overly prurient or tragic, and stories that are not available in English. But of those 300 or so strange news items that appeared in the Friday column, here are the twenty stories of 2013 that are worth another look, in my annual year-end column at mental_floss.


(via Buzzfeed)

Kung Fury

Kung Fury is a trailer that would like to be a real movie someday. Kung Fury the character is a cop who's a martial arts master. He travels through time to defeat Hitler, with the help of Vikings -and dinosaurs! It's a sendup of '80s cop movies, with any movie trope that was ever vaguely successful thrown in. I'd watch it. You know you would, too. Written and directed by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg (Laser Unicorns), who also stars as Kung Fury. In less than 48 hours, this Kickstarter project was fully funded. (via Daily of the Day)

The Human is Calling

(via Fark)

Year-end Lists 2013: Games

2013 in Gaming: The Year in Under 2 Minutes

The Year of the Crush: How the Radically Unfair Candy Crush Saga Took Over Our Lives.

Why 2013 Was A Good Year For Women In Gaming.

5 games from 2013 that changed how I think about gaming.

Ars Technica's 20 best (and three most disappointing) video games of 2013.

The AV Club's favorite games of 2013, part one and part two.

Gamma Squad's The Twenty Best Games Of 2013: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

The Worst Video Game Releases Of 2013.

And now for something completely different: The Best Board Games of 2013.

Gaming in 2013

No spoilers in this video, they say.

Friday, December 27, 2013


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Year-end Lists 2013: TV

Ratings: Top Primetime Series of 2013.

Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad Most Pirated TV Shows of 2013. And the rest of the top ten.

Variety's Best TV Shows of 2013.

The 10 Best Things That Happened On TV In 2013.

Top 10 TV Episodes.

Rolling Stone's 20 Best TV Moments of 2013.

The New York Post's best TV shows of 2013.

ScreenCrush's 10 Best TV Shows of 2013!

The AV Club's best comedy albums and specials of 2013.

Here Are The ‘Top’ TV Shows Of 2013, According To IMDB Users.

TV News Bloopers 2013

Contains NSFW language, despite it being on TV.

Take A Bow, Ad Wizards: The 10 Best Commercials Of 2013.

Notable TV Character Deaths in 2013. This list contains spoilers, but is already short of some spectacular December passings.

The 65 Most Important TV Deaths In 2013.

The 15 Worst Things To Happen On TV In 2013.

The 23 Biggest Film And TV Disappointments Of 2013.

The 10 Most Most Ridiculous, Implausible Television Plot Twists Of 2013. 

The Overlooked and Underappreciated TV of 2013.

The 15 Most Painful TV Cancellations And Endings Of 2013.

In Memoriam: TV Shows We Lost in 2013

Zeppelin Girl

If the Shoe Fits

(via Buzzfeed)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Legend of The Oregon Trail.

Let It Dough! Christoph Niemann tells a graphic tale of creation with cookies. And sprinkles.

How corporations are using the First Amendment to destroy government regulation.

The 12 Days of “Balancing Things on Your Dog’s Head” Christmas.

20 Fun Facts About The Exorcist On Its 40th Birthday.

The Restraining Order Expires on Tuesday. A tale about coming face to face with psychotic obsession.

An Unexpected Christmas. (via Everlasting Blort)

Two Body Interactions: A Longitudinal Study.

The New York Times has a 25-question survey that tries to discern where in the U.S. you live (or were raised) by how you pronounce words. They pegged me pretty good. How well did it find where you are from? (via Boing Boing)

This couple were proud of their garden, and took pictures in every season. And one more. (via reddit)


(via reddit)

Year-end Lists 2013: Movies

Filmography 2013

This year-end mashup contains clips from 300 movies released in 2013. There were that many in one year? Yep, there's a list of them at a dedicated Tumblr page. No wonder we need multiplexes to show them all! Do you know how many new movies you saw in 2013? I am ashamed to say that I know. I saw two. Quite a few of these are on my "like to see" list, when they come up on TV.

2013: The Year Prestige Cinema Reinvented Action Filmmaking.

The Week: The best movies we saw in 2013.

The 25 Best Films of 2013: A Video Countdown.

The Daily's Beast's 13 Best Movies of 2013.

Flavorwire's The 25 Best Films of 2013.

Hollywood’s Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2013.

The A.V. Club's 15 worst films of 2013.

Filmdrunk's Worst Movies Of 2013.

The Top Movie Mistakes of 2013.

The 30 Best Movie Posters of 2013.

The best film scenes of 2013.

The 10 Most Overlooked Film Performances of 2013.

The Best And Worst Things About The Sci-Fi Movies Of 2013.

2013 Movie Trailer Mashup

The films of 2013 are full of doom, gloom, and violence, as this trailer mashup by The Sleepy Skunk shows. NSFW language.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Guy and His Kitty

Just a snuggle on the couch with his pet cougar. I mean, how could this kitty not love someone who scratches his ears and buys him $50 worth of steak every day?

Year-end Lists 2013: Sports

The 50 Best Sports Plays Of 2013 by worldwideinterweb

Top 10 2013 Sports Stories.

16 moments in 2013 that reminded us why we love sports.

Best Viral Sports Videos of 2013.

50 Best Sports Pics of 2013.

Notable Sports Deaths of 2013.

The Biggest Cheaters Of 2013.

The 89 Funniest Sports GIFs Of 2013.

The 19 Worst NFL Plays Of 2013.

The Tebow List: 14 Athletes And Teams Who Completely Fell Off The Map In 2013.

The 10 Best Sports Nut Shots Of 2013.

Best Wins of 2013

This video from Break highlights everyday people doing wonderful things in extreme sports in 2013. It's great that these moments were caught on video so we can all enjoy them.

What's Dat!


Christmas Cleanup

(via Fark)

Year-end Lists 2013: Books

Esther Inglis-Arkell of io9 recommends geeky books, both fiction and non-fiction, of 2013 for your reading pleasure.

Amazon's Best Books Of 2013.

The A.V. Club's favorite books of the year.

Brain Picking's 13 Best Books of 2013: The Definitive Annual Reading List of Overall Favorites

Flavorwire’s 15 Favorite Novels of 2013.

The 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2013.

The Definitive Tech Books Of 2013.

The 30 Best Art Books Of 2013.

The 13 Best Art and Design Books of 2013.

The 12 Greatest Fantasy Books Of The Year.

The 14 Greatest Science Fiction Books Of The Year.

10 of 2013′s Best Books of Poetry.

The best graphic novels and art comics of 2013.

The A.V. Club's Best Comics of 2013.

Gamma Squad's Fifteen Best Comic Books Of 2013.

The 15 Best Book Covers of 2013.

The Year’s Most Controversial Magazine Covers (NSFW).

The Best Books of 2013: A Bountiful Offering

Recommendations from the book editors of The Economist.

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2013 Year-end Lists: Music

It's that time of year already: time to look back at the best of 2013. Daniel Kim has once again mixed the biggest songs of the year into one mashup called Pop Danthology 2013. Doesn't it make you want to dance?

2013 in Music: The Year Virality Trumped Nuance.

Pitchfork's Top 100 Tracks Of 2013.

These are Spotify's most popular tracks of 2013.

Rolling Stone's 50 Best Albums of 2013.

The A.V. Club's The 23 best albums of 2013.

SPIN's 50 Best Albums of 2013.

NPR Music's 50 Favorite Albums Of 2013.

Hail! Hail! Rock ‘n’ Roll: 10 Albums That Kept Rock Alive And Well In 2013.

10 Best Metal Albums of 2013.

10 Best Hip-Hop Songs of 2013.

The Best Country Albums of 2013.

Mainstream country music all sounded the same in 2013.

The Best and Worst Things in Dance Music in 2013.

The 10 Most Watched Music Videos Of 2013.

The Best Album Covers of 2013.

10 Cover Songs From 2013 That Sound As Good As The Original.

17 Of The Most Unforgettable Cover Versions Of 2013.

The year in band names 2013.

2013 In Review: The 10 Worst Album Covers Of The Year.

50 Worst Things In Music 2013.

NPR's Lovely Presentation of Musicians Who Died In 2013.

20 Most Overplayed Songs of 2013

Courtesy of One Minute Mashup (Chad Neidt).

Santa in a Turkey Sleigh

Thank You Note

(via Buzzfeed)

Miss Cellania's Links

55 Incredible Images Of The World Celebrating Christmas.

12 Crazy Christmas Foods.

Pusheen the Cat is coming down your chimney! Find out why. 

The West Point Egg Nog Riot of 1826.

Eyolf Ă˜strem wrote a little Christmas ditty "800 years ago," he says. It's a Gregorian chant in Latin called "Reno Erat Rudolphus." (via Metafilter)

Will the Real Santa Claus Please Stand Up?

How to Avoid Conflict With Your Family During the Holidays.

Losing Ourselves in Holiday Windows.

An Australian redditor posted a picture of Santa Claus driving a sleigh pulled by six white boomers and invited others to post pictures of Santa from their own country.

How To Do All Of Your Christmas Shopping At 7-Eleven.


(via Fark)

Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Lil Bub's Magical Yule Log Video

There are plenty of Yule log videos on the internet, so people who don't have a fireplace can have something to stare at while enjoying the holidays with family and friends. Lil Bub instantly improves on the situation by sitting in front of the warm fire and purring. For an hour. Send this video to someone you love. (via Laughing Squid)

Christmas Shopping in Tokyo

Google's Santa Tracker

If you have children obsessed Santa Claus and his annual whirlwind trip around the globe, Google has an online tracker that keeps up with his journey. Since we are well into nighttime Christmas Eve in the Eastern Hemisphere, the tracker is going strong! When I took these screen caps, he was through with Australia, and was zipping between Indonesia and The Philippines, delivering gifts and laying tracks at lightning speed. Of course, when he gets near your location, it will be time for good little boys and girls to be in bed, dreaming of sugar plums or game consoles or such.

The Wish

(via Buzzfeed)

Miss Cellania's Links

14 Hilarious Family Christmas Photos.

Spiked Egg Nog and Christmas Sweaters Don't Mix and Other Knitting Fables. (via Everlasting Blort)

Quiz: Kringle or Kriminal? Take the quiz!

DARPA Tried to Build Skynet in the 1980s.

What’s the Difference Between a Mammoth and a Mastodon?  

How Leftie Are You? I turned up 77% leftie, but I would have been much more so if I had celebrated Margaret Thatcher's death. I do not celebrate anyone's death. (via b3ta)

100 Pieces of Advice from 100-Year-Olds.

What Happens When One of Your Coworkers Dies. That's when you realize you are not close to those you spend so much time with. (via Digg)

When the Google Street View team went to CERN in Geneva, the staff had hidden about twenty LEGO minifies amongst the equipment to be photographed for posterity. And they challenge us to find them! 

Behold! Sons of Anarchy Gingerbread Men.