Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Miss Cellania's Links

A Brief Compendium of Vintage Cocktail Recipe Books. With links to read them in full.

The World's Most Hated Fast Food Brands.

Unvaccinated Mom Wants To Know If You’re Coming Home For Covid This Year. (via Kottke)

A Look at Seven Odd Victorian Halloween Traditions.

Cat on a slick tin roof. 

Math Is Personal. How one professor changed the culture of mathematics for his students. (via Metafilter)

The World of Toilets Shaped Like Skulls.

How would humans decompose on Mars? (via Damn Interesting)

The Winners of the 2021 Ocean Photography Awards. Click the numbers beneath the winning images to see other top-ranked photographs in each category.   

A blast from the past (2013): 10 Delicious Examples of Sushi Art.

They Said We Could Be Anything

(via Fark)

Epic Battle Between Two House Cats

Yeah, it's a fight of sorts, between two cats who can't be bothered to even stand up. And they are easily distracted, and have to take breaks for a quick wash. But they keep at each other for quite some time. I have two children who are just like this. (via Daily of the Day)

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Monday, September 27, 2021

Through the Backyard on a Hot Wheels Track

A guy named Backyard Racing has a large back yard and plenty of time on his hands. He spent four months and $9,000 building an enormous Hot Wheels track. In this POV video, we soar through every corner of the property, including a leap through the air, a couple of underwater sequences, and loop-the-loops. The effect of watching this is akin to going on a roller coaster ride without waiting in line or tossing your cookies. Keep your eyes on the tracks going around the turns and you'll know what I mean.


(via reddit)

Grim Reaper

Click to the right to advance the comic. This comic is almost the opposite of one posted a while back. There's always tomorrow! This comic is from Roby Poche at StrangeTrek. Yeah, he knows there's a typo in the third panel.

Cake and Donuts with Sprinkles

Every year, they have a Google doodle in my honor. They seem to think I am much younger, though. I won't argue with them about it.


Drum Juggling

Kateryna Nikiforova is a bounce juggler, which is just what it sounds like. A juggling routine can be made to appear way more complex and confusing by bouncing balls off a surface, yet she manages to keep them going. (via Memo of the Air)

Miss Cellania's Links

What to Expect from the World's Largest Space Telescope. The James Webb Space Telescope is set to launch on December 18, 2021.  (via Kottke)

The Soviet Pilot Who Stole a Top Secret Aircraft.   

Vampire Bats are Full of Love and Kindness -for Each Other.

America's First Female Spy is Still Unidentified.

William Shatner is Going into Space. He is 90 years old. (via Fark)

How Henrietta Barnett Reformed the Children's Workhouse of London. (via Strange Company)

The House That Inspired The Conjuring is for Sale -Again. Get more details here.

The Foo Fighters Share a Stage with Corporate Kawaii Characters.

Dasha Plesen's Petri Dish Art. (via Nag on the Lake)

A blast from the past (2014): 9 Extinct Big Birds.


Today is mine. (via Fark)

Birthday Cake

I made myself a birthday cake. It went a little something like this. Now I'm ready for The Great British Bake Off.

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Watning: NSFW language.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Maybe Next Time

The Legacy of Homestar Runner

Before social media, before iPhones, before YouTube, even, there was Homestar Runner. It was goofy and subversive, funny and innovative. The experimental Flash animation didn't need any promotion or search engine optimization because it was shared granularly. If that sounds like jargon to you, what it means is that everyone liked Homestar Runner, so people turned their friends and acquaintances onto it. This video takes a look at how Homestar, Strong Bad, and the other characters took over the early internet to the delight of all who were desperate to find anything worth the effort of logging onto the web. It succeeded because it was fun.

The cartoon survived the demise of Flash, and it's still there, even though the videos are now hosted by YouTube. (via Digg)

Elephant Stew

I've seen this in several cookbooks, going back decades. But as Randall Munroe tells us, there's always thousands of people who are seeing it for the first time. (via reddit)

Giant Dog Loves Tiny Human

Phil is a huge malamute who fell in love with his owner's new baby. He is Mia's protector, cuddler, and friend. His dog buddies Niko and Teddy, and even Milo the cat, love the baby, but Phil was enamored with her even before she was born! Read more about Phil and his family at Supa Fluffy

That's Hot!

All hail the trustworthy random stranger! This comic is from Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet.

Circumstances, Distraction, or Competition?

(Thanks, WTM!)

Ginger Cat vs The Paper Army

You know how cats love to play with paper. Fun to watch, but apparently the paper is pretty darned tired of it all. In this video, the paper fights back! (via Metafilter)

Not Quite Effective

(via Arbroath)

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Lost Dog

(via reddit)

Jedi Cat Training

Watch Goro the cat patiently don a Luke Skywalker costume and do his Jedi training! His buddy Luca has a Yoda costume, which is just freaking cute. Read more about them and see the Yoda video at Supa Fluffy.

Nature Plates

Zone Doge

This doesn't make any sense at all, but you might like it. Apparently, Ankha Zone is a pornographic meme that used some character in Animal Crossing. This is a PG version. (via reddit)

The Itch

Bohemian Gravity

This song from A Cappella Science is a parody of "Bohemian Rhapsody" aimed at physicists and those who love physics. The lyrics, and a link for buying the song, are at the YouTube page. If you understand any of this, you have my utmost respect. All vocals by Tim Blais, even that puppet doing the processed falsetto. (via Viral Viral Videos)

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Friday, September 24, 2021


Hey Mom! I finally got my picture in the paper! (via Bad Newspaper)


(via reddit)

Sheep Rescued from a Barbed-Wire Fence

Lucky for this sheep, he was spotted by Australian TV star and former rugby player Nick Cummins. Anyone would be willing to help the sheep (we hope), but Cummins was strong enough and knowledgeable enough to get it done. Read more about the incident at Supa Fluffy.


Comic artist Sarah Andersen launched a new series called Club Cryptid, which so far features Bigfoot, aliens, ghosts, and other assorted monsters. While the account is listed as Moth Man, we all recognize the style and humor.

What a Bargain!

An Impressive Visual Effects Reel from The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian won seven Emmys this week: Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup, Outstanding Musical Composition,  Outstanding Sound Mixing, Outstanding Stunt Coordination, Outstanding Stunt Performance, Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series, and of course, Outstanding Special Effects. The effects are what makes the series seem like a movie, one that just continues, to the delight of fans. Enjoy this overview of the visual effects from season two.

As you can see, they used every trick in the book to make you believe you're in a galaxy far, far away. Not only CGI, but puppetry, stop motion, digital effects, animatronics, miniatures, LED backgrounds, whatever works. Visual Effects Supervisor Richard Bluff explains it as we go. The seamless way all these different techniques blend together in the finished product paid off handsomely.  (via io9)

Miss Cellania's Links

Which Apples Taste the Best? Thrillist ranked the 18 most common varieties of apples by their taste. (via Metafilter)

The Amazing Story of Eddie Munster’s Kustom Chain-Link Bike.

Great Scientists of the 21st Century. The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

The Great Tarantula Migration is Underway in Colorado. (via Fark)

Kurt Vonnegut's Strange Connection to the Cape Cod Cannibal.

Employment Outlook: Which Jobs Are Growing and Declining. (via Digg)

Catching Birds with Your Bare Hands -for Science! 

Why These Children Fell into Endless Sleep. A neurologist makes an emotional visit to understand “resignation syndrome.” (via Damn Interesting)

Stray Dog Goes to Veterinary Clinic to Give Birth. That's a good dog.

A blast from the past (2014): 8 Antarctic Traditions.

Your Cat

(via The Chive)

The Cat's Tail

"Listen, kid, it's bad enough that I have to wear the Cone of Shame, and now you act like my tail is your personal plaything. A tomcat can only take so much. Scram!" (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

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No other developed nation has a debt ceiling, and we should just get rid of it to avoid the shenanigans we go through on a semi-annual basis, and the occasional crisis. Hold onto your hats, we may be nearing another one. (via Fark)

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Favorite Foods


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Two Weeks Notice

Click to the right to advance the comic. Then you'll see a scenario playing out across the country. The CEO would probably accede to the guy's wishes, but middle management needs to retain their reason for existence. This comic is from Trying Times Comics.

Fun With Headlines

(Thanks, WTM!)

How Do We See Color?

From light to object to our eyes to our brains, the process of perceiving color in our environment is pretty complex. This video from the American Museum of Natural History breaks the process down into its steps in a fairly thorough yet understandable way. Oh, and it's beautiful, too. I sort of wish it had narration, just so that we could continuously follow the gorgeous graphics. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Miss Cellania's Links

Thomas Edison Jr. Used His Family Name To Sell 'Miracle' Quack Inventions.

A Tale of Two Freddies. Jared531 wore this costume to the NY Village Halloween parade last year and was such a hit that he posted the instructions for pulling off the costume. (via reddit)

Canning as art? (via Nag on the Lake

Female Spiders’ Maternal Instincts Captured in 99-Million-Year-Old Amber.

The Only Dry Martini Recipe You’ll Ever Need. Period.

Before Food Trucks, Americans Ate ‘Night Lunch’ From Beautiful Wagons. (via Kottke

What is Fat Bear Week, and How Did It Get Started?

Why everybody’s hiring but nobody’s getting hired. It's not just the pandemic and the low pay.

Searching for the Platonic Ideal of the PiΓ±a Colada in San Juan, Puerto Rico. (via Digg)

A blast from the past (2014): 11 Beautiful Black Chickens.

It's Time

(Thanks, WTM!)

Cookie Monster Spoofs Hollywood Movies

Cookie Monster loves movies, and he's glad to tell you about his favorites (The Karate Kid and Pirates of the Caribbean), and how he would improve them. (via Viral Viral Videos)

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James Fridman does the best Photoshopping on the planet.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Breaking and Entering

Spotted at the Fair

(via reddit)

An Honest Trailer for Jungle Cruise

Disney's latest effort in the Disneyland ride genre is Jungle Cruise, still in some theaters and, of course, on Disney+. The film has made millions of dollars, but performed below expectations. It has yet to break even. This Honest Trailer explains why- the source material is thin, the plot is formulaic, and everything about Jungle Cruise is borrowed from other films that did it better. However, its more than two hours is filled with puns and dad jokes, which cements its connection with the theme park ride, so it works as a kids movie.

They Should Have Tied the Knot

This has happened to all of us. The reddit thread gives plenty of advice for getting a drawstring back to its proper place, but it seems that elastic pants would be just plain easier in the long ruin, spoken as someone who's had to do that for many family members. This comic is from DeJMan.

Naming Discussion

Lava Invades Homes

People on the island of La Palma in the Spanish Canary Islands are scrambling to evacuate their homes as a volcanic eruption continues. Watch this drone footage showing lava from the volcano engulfing a neighborhood.  (via TYWKIWDBI)


(via Fark)

Gimme All Your Lovin'

The Leningrad Cowboys perform the ZZ Top song with the Red Army Choir.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Family Guy on the COVID-19 Vaccine

Stewie explains how vaccines work so Peter will get one. Seth MacFarlane talked about this PSA on TV last night, starting about six minutes into the video.

Fairy Liquid

Futurama Moments that Aged a Bit Too Well

The animated TV series Futurama only aired until 2013, but so many things that happened in it could be set in 2021. It only makes sense, because the show was set in the future and made jokes about how the world changed since the early 2000s. Yet many of those jokes were so precient that you might even believe it was from the future. However, Futurama writers were just following bubbling trends to their ultimate, if ridiculous, conclusions. (via Digg)

Wu-Tang Guidance

(via reddit)

That's Today!

Do you remember? The 21st night of September! It's that day again- not the autumnal equinox, but a very memorable day in the song "September" by Earth, Wind & Fire. And every year, right on time, comedian Demi Adejuyigbe leads us in a celebration of joy over a date on the calendar. Adejuyigbe certainly put on a show this year, and invites you to participate in a charity raffle here. By the time you read this, the $100,000 goal will be history, but every bit will go to a good cause. See the entire series of Adejuyigbe's September 21 videos from the past six years at Pop Culturista.

Update: They raised the goal to $250,000, which also may be history by the time you see this.


Find something interesting in a Twitter thread? Then you'll surely see this comment from some news outlet not too far down. And with the fire, floods, plagues, and conflicts we see every day, a story like this is pretty much believable. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd

What Will You Do?

The Only Proper Use for Deepfake Technology

Not that it's all that deep. Wouldn't the planet be better off if all the leaders of the world could just get together and sing a joyful song? This is what world peace looks like! (via reddit)

20 of the Hardest Jeopardy! Questions of All Time. Don't miss the video in which three intellectual contestants prove they know nothing about football. (via Digg

What is the Oldest Archaeological Site?

20 Memorable Farts Heard 'Round the World.

The Weirdo American Who Invaded Mexico, Nicaragua, And Honduras (Without U.S. Permission).

Colorado Man Finds Golden Ticket; Wins Candy Factory. (via Fark)  

Shudder Is Teaming Up With Horror Hostess Elvira for Some Seasonally Appropriate Programming.

Circassian Beauty in the American Sideshow. The fact that these acts lasted into the 20th century reveals the audience's fascination with race. (via Nag on the Lake)

The Mysterious Sex Lives of Dinosaurs. (via Fark)

The Takeout is holding a seven-week deep dive into the top Halloween treats.
In week one, they ranked the candies by their wrappers, and in week two, they ranked them by the nostalgia factor

A blast from the past (2010): Neatolicious Fun Facts: Bluetooth.


(via Fark)

Cat Teaches Baby to Walk

Smart cat. Mine likes babies, but never tried to walk on two legs, much less set an example for the baby! (via Neatorama)

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Monday, September 20, 2021


The Most Important Device in the Universe: Blinking Tubes Without Function

They are always there, they are never explained, and they are (almost) always red. They are blinking tubes that don't do anything. The prop has been used in just about every science fiction movie you've ever seen, even if you don't recall them. Don't believe me? Then watch this compilation of clips that show the same tubes in science fiction stories through the spectrum of the genre.

A bit of digging revealed that this the most common of these gadgets was owned by a company called Modern Props. At one time, you could rent it for $775 a week. Modern Props went out of business last year, and most of its inventory was sold at auction. The science fiction stuff, however, may eventually be donated to a museum.

(via Geeks Are Sexy)


(via reddit)

A Cockatiel Plays Peekaboo with Baby Birds

A parrot breeder in Bursa, Turkey, caught this interaction between a trained cockatiel and three wide-eyed nestlings. Be sure you have the sound up! Is this the chicks' mother teaching them a game? No, according to the machine translation from Turkish.

Let's remember the legend πŸ˜‡ Brother sultan parrot who makes his brothers play games so they don't get scared πŸ˜πŸ™‹ ♂️
If you ask me, that makes it even cuter, as this cockatiel is doing exactly what an aunt or uncle would to make a human baby smile. (via Nag on the Lake)


Click to the right to advance the comic. Beans is now retired, like he always was, really. This comic is from Roby Poche at StrangeTrek.

Metal Men

Bending LEGO

The first part of this video is a LEGO build, so it may seem a bit boring, but stick with it, because it becomes mesmerizing. The payoff is definitely worth it. It might even make you want to go back and see the first part again! (via Neatorama)

Miss Cellania's Links

A Preview of This Fall's Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror Movies.

How the Bizarre Wolf Cat Came To Be. (via Real Clear Science)

Nope, not my kid.

Astronomy Photographer of the Year award winners 2021.  

Typhoid Mary: The Most Infamous Typhoid Carrier Who Ever Lived. She's where we got the term "asymptomatic carrier." 

The Lost Generation of Ancient Trees. While we can't plant ancient trees, conservationists have developed techniques for artificially aging trees for the purpose of supporting other species. (via TYWKIWDBI)

I gave birth in Germany and in the US. Here are the stark differences. (via Digg)

Bone Discovery Suggests Humans Were Already Manufacturing Clothes 120,000 Years Ago. (via Strange Company)

Minnesota police are promoting a gadget so drivers of color can avoid being shot by nervous police. Wouldn't it be better for police to just stop shooting people at traffic stops? (via Metafilter

A blast from the past (2014): 6 Ways to Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. That's Wednesday!


(via Fark)

Seven Horn Pileup

When I post marching band performances, it's usually because they have a clever show. Not this time. This short clip of an unnamed school has a section of eight Sousaphone players. While marching backwards, number two goes down followed by six others. No one was injured, but two instruments were damaged. This kind of thing happened all the time when I was in marching band (not always my fault), although we never had more than one Sousaphone player. (via Tastefully Offensive)

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Sunday, September 19, 2021

For Towns

Italy's Spectacular Abandoned 1960s Mountain-Top Party Resort

On the side of a mountain in the north of Italy stood a small village named Consonno. It didn't even have a road leading to it, which is eventually important to the story. Wealthy entrepreneur Mario Bagno had a dream of building the ultimate resort, akin to Las Vegas, in Italy, so he set his sights on Consonno. Bagno built accommodations and entertainment facilities and opened the resort in 1967. Today, all that's left is a marvelous collection of abandoned buildings, which we will take a video tour of while we learn the story of Consonno. (via Digg

Bird Law

(via reddit)

The Funniest Moments in the History of Star Trek

If this were a list, you could argue about it. Well, some people will argue about it anyway, even though it's a compilation and should just be enjoyed as such. Looper takes a look at the more ridiculous scenes over the different series of the Star Trek Universe. You may think that the setup for each scene is a little long, but if they didn't explain what was happening, we'd either be confused or else the video would be more than an hour long. (via Laughing Squid)


Let us encourage mild rebellion, for it is much easier to abide than rebellions that parents know will cause eventual grief. Like dropping out of school. This comic is from Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet.


(Thanks, WTM!)

Patrick Speaks

We take communication for granted, but it's not that easy for everyone. Patrick Otema of Uganda was born deaf and didn't learn sign language until he was 15. A teacher made all the difference, to Patrick and all his classmates. Take note of Patrick's face when he realizes what these lessons are all about. (via reddit)


(via Fark)

How to Pipe Like a Pirate with Jack Sparrow

The Unipiper is at it again! Excuse me, make that the Unipirate! I don't know if Brian Kidd talks like a pirate, but he's celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day by playing the pipes on his unicycle dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow. (Thanks, Brian!)

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Saturday, September 18, 2021


What day does the 28th fall on? (via Bad Newspaper)

Irvine City Council Meeting

This is not at all like the school board meetings you've seen lately. This is where Chad and JT addressed the Irvine City Council meeting Tuesday about a subject close to their hearts. Or maybe close to some other body part. (Thanks, Tracey!)


The escalator has temporarily become stairs. (via reddit)

Monsignor Martinez

Mike Judge made a pilot for a show called Monsignor Martinez (Las Dias Y Los Noches de Monsignor Martinez) and it's only 20 years later that we get to see it. Well, at least the live-action version. The animated version is a recurring bit in the show King of the Hill. Monsignor Martinez is a Catholic priest who kills drug smugglers. Yeah, it's an action series. I would watch it religiously! (via reddit


You know what they say about the early bird. And I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for worms to come up with a better system. So many animal species rely on the system of "the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few," and it works for them in the long run. Not so great for this particular sentry, but hey, birds gotta eat, too! This comic is from Jimmy Craig at They Can Talk.

X-acto Knife

The Peanut Vendor

Len Lye's 1933 experiment in stop-motion animation is pure nightmare fuel. I think the character is supposed to be a monkey, but neither realism nor attractiveness was a priority. (via Boing Boing)

Chicken Box

(via Fark)

Jaguar and Prey

Who knew that jaguars were such good swimmers? This guy glides along like a ninja, and the caiman on the shore has no idea until it's too late. Luke Dollar of National Geographic's Big Cats Initiative narrates footage taken in Brazil's Pantanal wetlands. I saw the prey referred to as a crocodile elsewhere, which made me wonder whether caimans were alligators or crocodiles. According to Wikipedia, a caiman is a "alligatorid crocodylian," which means yeah, it's one of them. (via Viral Viral Videos)

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Friday, September 17, 2021


The Fight Against Seatbelts 1984

Putting on a seatbelt is just another one of those automatic movements you make when you get in the car, along with turning on the ignition. It wasn't always so. In 1984, people were almost as resistant to seatbelt laws as they are now to vaccine or mask mandates. But it wasn't really the seatbelts, any more than it is really face masks now. The world has plenty of people who just don't want someone to tell them what to do, even if it will save their lives.

Seatbelt laws and smoking prohibitions have certainly saved lives, but the vaccines and masks are even more important because your choice to go along with the requirements or not affects everyone around you as well. Contrarians and those who spread misinformation have already caused hospitals to be full, variants to mutate, and children and the immunocompromised to be infected. And they certainly have prolonged the pandemic.

Punny Restaurant

(via reddit)