Tuesday, August 03, 2021


The Old Sow Song

This clip of actor and comedian Rufe Davis singing "The Old Sow Song" is undated, but considering what he says, we can assume it was recorded during World War II. You've surely heard the song somewhere before, because songs with fart noises will always be remembered. You can read a background on the song and the singer at Dangerous Minds.

Uber Eats

The order number is making a statement. (via reddit)

Maintaining Proximity

Whatever works for your relationship! This comic is from Nathan Pyle's Strange Planet.

Too Much Information

The Diving Gondola: A Strange Elevator to the Ocean Floor

If you've ever wanted to go to the bottom of the ocean in a diving bell, then you should head to the coast of Germany, where they actually have a few, and tourists are welcome. But if you can't go right now, Tom Scott will show you what it's like. Personally, I'd recommend waiting until they build these in spots with a better view. (via reddit)

Gettin' Fit

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The Magic Beard

See this beard? Ain't it weird? Don't be feared -it's just Ben Garvin and his magical beard in a supremely silly stop-motion video. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Tweet of the Day

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Monday, August 02, 2021

Poor Guy


Why must it be organic? Are we trying to keep our vampires healthy? That's at least five times what garlic should cost. (via reddit)

Inés Ramírez Pérez

Inés Ramírez Pérez gave herself an emergency Caesarian section on March 5th, 2000. She is the only known woman to survive such an operation and save the baby. Ramírez lived in a tiny remote village in southern Mexico, and her husband was gone when her labor started. From Wikipedia:
...after 12 hours of continual pain and little advancement in labour, RamĂ­rez sat down on a bench, drank from a bottle of rubbing alcohol three small glasses of hard liquor, and used a kitchen knife to cut open her abdomen. RamĂ­rez cut through her skin in a diagonal line from across her stomach to below her navel (a typical C-section incision is well below the navel). After operating on herself for an hour, she reached inside her uterus and pulled out her baby boy. She then severed the umbilical cord with a pair of scissors and became unconscious. When she regained consciousness, she wrapped clothes around her bleeding abdomen and asked her 6-year-old son, Benito, to run for help. Several hours later, the village health assistant found Perez alert and lying beside her live baby. He sewed her 7-inch incision with an available needle and thread. She was eventually taken to the nearest hospital, where two obstetricians examined her and the baby: they found both alive and well but could not explain why.
RamĂ­rez made a full recovery. She named her seventh child Orlando Ruiz RamĂ­rez.

Salvation Army Store

And they try to tell me I can't spell it! (Thanks, Bruce!)

The Great Flydini

Steve Martin performs amazing illusions on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

These Are The Only People In History To Die Somewhere Other Than Earth. (via Strange Company

Marine scientists spotted a 'real-life' SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star near an underwater mountain in the Atlantic. (via Smithsonian)

COVID-19 could cause male infertility and sexual dysfunction — but vaccines do not.

Typos, Tricks and Misprints. How English spelling became so weird. (via Metafilter)

Gen Z Are “Puriteens,” But Not For The Reasons You Think. The world has made sex weird for them.

Who Was La Malinche? A new exhibition asks if the 16th-century Indigenous interpreter was a traitor, survivor or icon.

The Great Japanese Embassy Hoax of 1860. (via Strange Company)

Remains of High-Born Woman and Twin Fetuses Found in 4,000-Year-Old Urn. (via Damn Interesting)

A blast from the past (2017): 10 Amazing LEGO Artists.


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Don't Stop Believin'

A filmmaker built a cat puppet for a movie, then "got drunk and bored." See what happens when you get drunk and bored? (via Viral Viral Videos)

Tweet of the Day

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