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Where We Got Cannabis

Archaeologists have found cannabis remains in a 2,500-year-old grave, indicating it was used at the funeral. And you thought "putting the 'fun' in funeral" was just a mortuary joke. But seriously, folks, researching the origins of cannabis is difficult because it's been deliberately cultivated for so long that any cannabis growing wild is feral instead of truly wild, and documenting historic samples is iffy because of its illegal status in many places. Scientists were having a hard time even charting out its taxonomy until gene sequencing came along. What we do know is that the plant developed its amazing chemicals to deter enemies, but the cannabis plant had no idea that humans would come along and find those chemicals attractive.

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Ninja Kittens

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I’m A Genetic Engineer. I’m Also a Fish.

Vertical gene transfer is the method of passing along DNA that we are familiar with, when two parents produce offspring that have a combination of their genes. But that's not the only way that organisms can gain new genes. Horizontal gene transfer is not as common, but it can lead to a lot of changes in a species. This is when bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, or any species incorporate genes from a different species into their genomes. Yeah, it's complicated, but nature is weird. If the new genes prove to be beneficial in some way, the species will keep these new alien genes until they are their own. That means that it goes on a lot more than we realize because only a small percentage of these natural gene transfers will be beneficial.


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An ABBA Passover

Passover begins on the evening of April 22 (Monday) and will run through sunset on April 30. No, it doesn't always coincide with Easter. As they do every year, the Jewish a cappella group Six13 has unveiled another pop music parody for the holiday. This year their nine voices bring us "Matza Mia! An ABBA Passover." They've put new lyrics to four classic songs from the Swedish vocal group ABBA. They've also posted a song sheet if you want to use the new lyrics at your Seder or school program.

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Disney Parks Will Offer a Weird Lineup of Star Wars Food Beginning May 4. There's also an additional lineup of food items that will only be available from May 4 until June 2, a period they call the Season of the Force. (via Gizmodo)

Three Genocides. Before the Holocaust, Germany had plenty of experience in Namibia. (via Metafilter

The Ars guide to time travel in the movies. (via Nag on the Lake)

Charlemagne "had about 20 children who went on to establish Europe’s royal houses, and nearly all Europeans today can trace their lineages back to Charlemagne." I don't see how, since most of them were sent to nunneries or monasteries, willingly or not.

AI Artist Combines Star Wars Imagery with the Creative Spirit of Burning Man.

Here's Why School Buses Haven’t Changed Much Since 1939. School buses look nearly the same as they did almost 100 years ago despite cars totally changing, but that's not a bad thing. (via Boing Boing

Would you donate a kidney for $50,000? (via Fark)

The 25 Saltiest Fast-Food Orders in America. Keep in mind that some are combo orders, and some have more sodium because they are just extra large dishes, but all have more sodium than is necessary or healthy.    

The 18th-Century Baron Who Lent His Name to Munchausen Syndrome.


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The Secret of C-3PO

Poor C-3PO. He is a victim of circumstance, being pulled from one end of the galaxy to the other. He’s been torn apart and reassembled over and over. He’s been put in harm’s way too many times, through no fault of his own. And still he retains a civil tone of voice. Mixmaster Zapatou (Luc Bergeron) highlights the plight of C-3PO to the tune of “Mr. Roboto” in this sequence that uses clips from all the Star Wars films so far. (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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Thursday, April 18, 2024


An Offer You Can't Understand

Meet the Negotionist making his negotiations. It's not easy figuring out the nonsense in this scene from Alasdair Beckett-King, but do try to keep up.


The last voice recording I have of my dad, who was a geologist, was an interview for my radio show after West Tennessee experienced an earthquake in the early '90s. He was factual yet reassuring. I no longer have a machine that could play the media. (via reddit)

Real or Cake?

Is the cake a lie? Talented cake decorators can make a cake that looks like anything. Weird Al Yankovic tests a few things to see if they are real or cake.

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Aliens Everywhere

Imagine a scenario in which the Milky Way galaxy is full of alien civilizations that are advanced enough to travel and communicate with each other, but they don't pay any attention to us here on Earth. That idea can be followed by all kinds of jokes about how human civilization isn't civilized, or otherwise deserving of company. But theoretically, there are other reasons we might not have been contacted by these advanced aliens. We might be honestly too far away to make the trip worth it. We may be relatively too young to understand them. They might know about us and have decided we have nothing useful to offer them. Or we may be among the "do not land here" list for other reasons. Yeah, some of those reasons are getting us closer to the old joke. It's easier to think that we are truly alone in the universe. This video from Kurzgesagt is really 10:15 long; the rest is an ad.