Sunday, June 26, 2022

The Standoff

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Horse and Goats

You know horses love cats, but folks who live in rural areas know horses love goats even more. I know several people who got a goat to keep their horse company, even if there are other horses around, because a goat keeps them calm. Here, Mr. G is either babysitting, or kid-sitting, or just sitting, actually, and enjoying a nice goat massage. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Tweet of the Day

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Saturday, June 25, 2022

Car For Sale

The Elephant in the Room

Carol Burnett had just lectured the cast of The Carol Burnett Show about going off script and making the rest of the cast break character. That's why Tim Conway went way off script about an elephant that had the cast and the audience in stitches. Even Tim Conway! How this happened is explained here. Of course, they had to do the scene again and again. Vicky Lawrence has more. (via Metafilter)

Note to the Custodian

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Avoiding the Lava

Playing the game "the floor is lava" is a real hoot when you're a kid, because you either achieve a sense of accomplishment or a good laugh when you fail. The stakes are higher when you're an adult made of 200 pounds of muscle, and you paid for the furniture. Daniel LaBelle shows off his parkour skills in his house playing the game for the YouTube audience. He can have his sense of accomplishment; we get the laughs when he fails! (via Digg)

Astronomer Hotline

Okay, this is the kind of job you can get right out of college with an astronomy degree. Talk about paying your dues! I bet they have a list of the hundred or so most common explanations for lights in the sky, and have to run them down with every caller. This comic is from Randall Munroe at xkcd.


Laundry Day

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UFC Game Glitch Commentary

Tommy Toe Hold brings us a video in which two guys provide commentary on MMA video game glitches. Game glitches are always fun, how they break the laws of physics, but seeing two people fighting without even touching and limbs bending the wrong way is just glorious. (via The Chive)

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Friday, June 24, 2022

1940s Minivan


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Batter Up!

A garage in Marblehead, Massachusetts, has a shop dog, a blue heeler named Pepper. And what better way to fill time between vehicles than to play baseball with your dog? Pepper doesn't just play catch, though. She's in a league of her own, as a pro with a bat! You might wonder how on earth you train a dog to wield a bat and connect so well. Think about it... if you were a dog and figured out a way to play with both a stick and a ball at the same time, you wouldn't want to do anything else but practice! (via Laughing Squid)

Cats Are Jerks

No doubt about it! It's part of their charm. This comic is from Sarah Andersen.


Spielberg's Least Favorite Scene in Jurassic Park

You have to admit it, this scene from the 1993 movie Jurassic Park stands out from the others. It doesn't make any sense, and even Steven Spielberg couldn't explain it in a manner we could all understand. The weirdest part is the music. Has it aged as well as it should? This is all the responsibility of YouTuber  There I Ruined It. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

Norway May Have Had a Viking Society Thousands of Years Before the Vikings. Lots of archeological advances, including DNA, tell a different story than what was previously thought.

Consequences are Good, Actually. Making a perpetrator out to be a victim doesn't solve the problem. (via Digg)

Your Terrible Boss Is Also Ruining Your Personal Life.

The surprising benefits of fingers that wrinkle in water. (via Damn Interesting)  

Remember when Elvis Presley's white jumpsuits changed how men dressed forever? 

Threatening Goose
Turns Out to be Adoptive Father. (via Fark)

 Merrick Garland, A.G., and the Slippery Defendant. The latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

Wildlife Vets Trek Through Mud and Mist to Care for Rwanda's Gorillas.

How to Beat the Cracker Barrel Peg Game.


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