Monday, November 30, 2020

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Read more about the life and career of David Prowse in his obituary. (via Boing Boing

Sunday, November 29, 2020


I Will Jump

DJ Cummerbund did a mashup of "I Will Survive" by Gloria Gaynor and "Jump" by Van Halen (with a few other songs thrown in), a couple tunes you'd never think to put together, but it works in some strange way. (via Metafilter)


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If Life Were A Video Game

Glove and Boots shows us how real life, while it may not be as interesting as your favorite game, would only suffer by the conversion.

The Trump Presidency in One Song

There have been several parodies of Billy Joel's "We Didn't Start the Fire"over the course of this year, each one becoming obsolete in a hurry as more outrageous stuff happens. This one came in October, so it doesn't cover the post-election meltdown, but with years of scandals gushing like a firehose, it has plenty. The singer is Jen Houston.

Mental Aptitude Test

Oh, so that what they call a dementia test these days! Anyway, I will probably fail the first attempt. This comic is from Sarah Andersen at Sara's Scribbles.


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Maru's New Sister

Maru and Hana have a new kitten! Miri the young calico was rescued from a roadside gutter (what we would call a ditch) and brought to mugumogu for adoption. Miri is settling in just fine, and will soon find out what it's like to go from the gutter to internet stardom.

In Miri's first video, she starts out shy and reticent, then eats, and finally becomes comfortable enough to chase her own tail and play with her new mama's finger. Maru, now 13 years old, is as inscrutable as ever when meeting the new family member, but he does have something to say about her. It isn't long before Maru begins to teach Miri the ins and outs of their perfect cat-centric home, as you see in the above video. (via Metafilter)


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Get it On (Bang a Gong)

By the British group T. Rex. The album was released in 1971, but the song was a hit in the U.S. in early 1972.

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Saturday, November 28, 2020

Inspired Illustration

Why The Ancient Greeks Couldn't See Blue

It wasn't just the Greeks; everywhere we look there are ancient writings that mention all kinds of colors, but not blue. Figuring out why takes us on a journey through time and culture and the relationship between language and observation. (via The Mary Sue)

Hand Soup

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Margaret Hamilton Visits Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers had Margaret Hamilton on his show to help children deal with scary characters. In case you didn't know, she played the Wicked Witch of the West in the movie The Wizard of Oz. This is as cute as can be. (via reddit)

The Ivory Gap

Click to the right to advance the comic. I can so relate to this. Just a tip- toothpicks and dental floss are your friends. This comic is from yoyoha. (via reddit)


50 Ways to Leave the White House

Don Caron sings a parody of "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" by Paul Simon to advise our current president on what he should do to separate himself from the office.

Favorite Exercise

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