Saturday, July 20, 2024

Employee Retention


"Weird Al" Yankovic just dropped a new polka medley, but these aren't classic polka tunes. You'll hear polka versions of relatively pop songs like "WAP" and "Old Town Road" and "Thank You, Next." Not only that, but Yankvic recruited a slate of animators you may be familiar with to illustrate those tunes, some of them who came to his attention when they made Weird Al fan videos. I was hooked as soon as Cyriak Harris' unmistakable style led things off. Some of them snuck in references to other Weird Al songs that only true fans will recognize. You'll find a list of the songs and a list of the animators at the YouTube page.


Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

I couldn’t decide for a while whether to use the actual name of this video (which I ultimately did) or use the YouTube comment “Wacky inflatable arm-flailing tube man!” Andreas Jörgensen, David Norberg, and Karl Flodin of Landfall Games came up with this game concept during Castle Game Jam. They are still working the bugs out. It starts out slow, with a slapfest, but ramps up quickly to pitchforks, arrows, and armies of fairly incompetent swordsmen. This could be as popular as Goat Simulator as long as they keep the out-of-shape warriors, the pitchforks, and the Xs in the eyes to indicate death. (via Digg)

Friday, July 19, 2024

Elderly Ninja

The World's Weirdest Tongues

Tongues are quite handy across the animal kingdom. They give an animal control over what goes in its mouth, and humans have learned to use theirs for communication. Other creatures have specialized tongues that do some amazing -and weird- things. When I saw the title to this video, the first tongue I thought of was the woodpecker's. It's here, along with snakes that can smell in stereo with their tongues, and predators with tongues as weapons.


Ukrainian Survivor

Ukraine has been fending off the Russian invasion for two years now. In the early days of the attack, Borodianka, a town near Kyiv, sustained major damage. One apartment building that was completely ruined stood unoccupied for two months before journalist Kate Parunoy spotted a cat on the seventh floor! The poor feline had been alone up there for weeks. ZooPatrol enlisted firefighters to reach the poor pussy. A vet determined the cat was a ten-year-old female, who was weak but uninjured. A family claimed to be the cat's owners, but since they left her behind and never reported the lost cat, she was not returned to them.

The cat, now named Shafa, became a media sensation, and was soon matched to a loving home. You can see more of her at Instagram. (via Evolution is True)


A Dam Good Letter

In 1997, the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality notified Stephen Tvedten that he was in violation of regulations because of two unauthorized dams built on his property, adn gave hi six weeks to remove them. Tvedten did not build those dams, nor did a named tenant build them. It was the beavers who did it. Tvedten was an expert on pest control, and had written several books on eco-friendly ways to manage pests. He knew his beavers. So he wrote a letter to the department in response. The letter did its job, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality dropped the case.  

The letter brought Tvedten some notoriety over the years, never more so than when Letters of Note published it in 2012. When that post went viral, MLive interviewed Tvedten, who said he was more famous for that letter that he dashed off in ten minutes than for anything else he's ever done. Tvedten died in 2018. His letter was selected for a Letters Live show in New York, read by Peter Dinklage.

Miss Cellania's Links

The unexpected poetry of PhD acknowledgements. You won't be able to read them all without getting a little verklempt. (via Metafilter)

Something To Celebrate: Driver’s Side Cupholders.

The Boozy History of Baba au Rhum. The French are known for their pastries, but few desserts garner as much attention as this dried-out cake resuscitated with rum.

Carrie's Wedding Day. I think this has something to do with Sex and the City. (via Everlasting Blort)  

You Can Now See The Wreckage From The National Corvette Museum Sinkhole Up Close. In 2014 a 40-foot sinkhole swallowed eight very special 'Vettes.

What Do Real Spies Think of James Bond? (via Damn Interesting

Here’s what your pooping frequency says about your health.

29 Of The Strangest Mysteries That Were Actually Solved.

A Blast from the Past (2013): The Bloody Benders, America's First Serial Killer Family.

Baby Monitor

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Do Mice Really Like Cheese?

In a word, no. But somehow we got that idea and enshrined it in our fables and pop culture. Simon Whistler from Today I Found Out gives us the lowdown. Someone told me long ago that it’s better to load your mousetraps with peanut butter.  But I never had to compare the baits because I have cats. (via Laughing Squid)

Tweet of the Day

When the duct tape gives way. (Thanks, WTM!)

Thursday, July 18, 2024


Reckless Shout

Reckless shout
byu/crimson_dovah infunny

This looks like a game akin to Guitar Hero, but the sound... oh, the sound. The player is racking up points like crazy as he follows the screen directions, but the sound is more like a fifth grader who just picked up a trombone for the first time. Or a dying cow, who can tell? How do they get that sound? Commenters at reddit revealed this is the game Trombone Champ, and guided us to another example.

Aha! You use a mouse or a stylus on a trackpad to produce those notes. If you can call them notes. The game was developed as a parody, with plenty of in-game side quests and jokes, but the real fun is in trying to listen to it. YouTube is full of Trombone Champ clips, some surprisingly good, but most are in the dying cow category. This video at reddit is full of people wanting to buy the game now, so it's got that going for it.   

Bathroom Art

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The Turbulent History Of Boeing

The Boeing company has been around for more than 100 years, since William E. Boeing became interested in planes. For most of that time, the company was the gold standard in aircraft manufacturing. The Boeing company bought up other aviation companies any time it got the chance, and incorporated their experts into its research and development division. In the 1990s, Boeing acquired its most notorious rival, McDonnell Douglas. Many in the industry say that merger was the turning point for Boeing, although the general public wouldn't know for years. Boeing's corporate culture deferred to its engineering experts, while McDonnell Douglas was run to produce corporate profits.

Drama in the Kitchen