Sunday, May 31, 2015

School Supplies

9 Signs Cats Are Plotting World Domination

It’s no secret that cats are biding their time, waiting for just the right moment to take over. However, the fact that we are onto their machinations makes them no less adorable. Cole and Marmalade don’t even bother to hide their intentions much.

(via Laughing Squid)

Dreaming of Chicken

If Men Had Periods

Here’s a video that puts the “men” in menstruation! If men had periods, they’d treat it as a challenge, to be faced with manly courage and hi-tech solutions. Something to brag about, even!

This video is from WaterAid, an organization dedicated to bringing clean water and sanitary facilities to the world.
We've launched our ‘If Men Had Periods’ campaign to raise awareness of the 1.25 billion women around the world who do not have access to a toilet during their periods. We are calling on people to sign our ‘Make it Happen’ petition to help get women the dignity they deserve.
You’ll find the petition here. (via Time)

Corner Office


We carry our fears around with us everywhere we go. They can hide in the background, then overwhelm us when we least expect it, and they sometimes even comfort us. Occasionally, experience brings us new fears. That’s the subtext of this animated video made by Nata Metlukh as her graduation project at the Vancouver Film School.

So should we fight or ignore the individual fears we carry, or are they something to be embraced? I guess that would depend on how overall useful they are to us. You can see more about the project at Metlukh's Tumblr blog. (via Everlasting Blort)

Tough Cat

The Tiny Bake Off

Cooking competition shows are very popular. What could make them even more popular? Have toddlers as contestants! In this cooking show, four kids somewhere between one and two years old try their hand at making cupcakes. Hosts Tobias and Bubber cover the process, which consists mainly of mess making, and judge the final results in an oh-so serious manner.

This is actually a skit from the Danish comedy/talk series The Sofie Linde Show. In Danish with English subtitles. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Gynecology & Women's Clinic

Social Media Rhapsody

How many different ways have we heard "Bohemian Rhapsody"? All of them? No, you are sadly mistaken. A collaborative online game between Jim Jarmo, Kamran Malik, Woodstock Taylor, and Christophe Gowans grew into this mammoth pun video based on social media accounts. It may take you a little bit of time to get into it, but soon your mouth will hang open at the scope of the project. And I completely lost it when the first guitar solo started. (via b3ta)

Procrastination Patch

I never completed all the requirements, but I think I've mastered the art. (via Bits and Pieces)

This Dog Wants to Be Adopted

This is not an ad about pet adoption, though. It’s an ad about the power of TV advertising. It worked for me. I bet that couple took the dog home and didn’t even make him live up to his promises. That is, if it were a real story. (via reddit)

Oh, it turns out I was right! Here’s what happened to Harvey later in his new home:

Dear Crayola

I guess they were looking at that dress too much. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

300 Rockets at Once

Inventor Colin Furze wanted a special video to celebrate his million YouTube subscribers. So he set of 300 rockets at once in a short but spectacular fireworks display that I hope he warned the neighbors about. There’s no mention of a visit from the police, so I guess the fallout was benign. You can also see a video about preparations for the stunt. (via Viral Viral Videos)


(via Fark)

Friday, May 29, 2015


Player 3 has Joined the Game

This dashcam footage was recorded during a street race on the Autobahn. A 350Z Procharger is racing a Porsche 991 GT3. Then the Volkswagen shows up. We should call him Herbie. (via reddit)

Where the Blame Lies

(via reddit)

Duck is Excited to See Jonny

Jonny has a pet duck named Nibbles. But Jonny has to go to school and leave Nibbles at home. When Mom goes to pick Jonny up at the bus stop, Nibbles goes along and is ecstatic to see Jonny get off the bus. That’s a good duck. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

Blinky Thing

MIT’s Cheetah Robot Learns the Running Jump

MIT’s Biomimetic Robotics Lab created the Cheetah. Now it has become the first four-legged robot to “see” and jump over hurdles in its path while running. When you think of the many instant calculations that a flesh-and-blood animal must do to accomplish this (even though they do it quickly and constantly), this robot is all the more impressive.

It won’t be so cool when these things are chasing you. Take some comfort in the fact that robotics engineers type in anagrams the way I do and “algorithms” comes out as “algrotihms.” (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

Beat the Odds at the Casino. Or at least take the advantages you can.

Training Young Doctors: The Current Crisis.

10 reasons Walmart is the worst company in America.

NASA thought Sally Ride needed 100 tampons for 1 week “just to be safe.” From what?

10,000 Years of Artificial Cranial Modification. (via the Presurfer)

20 excellent scientists in mainstream film and TV. The ones that are smart, accurate, and not trying to take over the world.

Flavorwire’s Complete Guide to Summer 2015 TV. With so many new things to select from, you’ll need some help steering toward your new cup of tea.

23 Vintage Photos That Show What Summer Fun Looked Like Before The Internet. If you try to recreate those moments, take your sunscreen.

The Big Business of Selling Your Old Clothes. Secondhand clothing is more popular than ever, but that doesn’t mean your closet is worth much.

I stopped forcing my toddler to eat dinner — and guess what? Nothing happened. Fighting with children over food is a game you can never win.

9 Cats with Careers

Some cats have a particularly useful set of skills that come in handy in the workplace. Sure, they are usually experts at pest control, but that is often superceded by their ability to boost word-of-mouth advertising, draw new customers, and lessen employee stress. Meet a few that excel at their jobs -or not, but they still aren't in danger of layoff- in a list I posted at mental_floss.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

That's Your

Kung Fury: the Movie

When I posted the trailer for the potential movie Kung Fury a year-and-a-half ago, I described it thusly:
Kung Fury is a trailer that would like to be a real movie someday. Kung Fury is a cop who's also a martial arts master. He travels through time to defeat Hitler, with the help of Vikings -and dinosaurs! It's a sendup of '80s cop movies, with any movie trope that was ever (or might be) vaguely successful thrown in. I'd watch it. You know you would, too. Written and directed by Swedish filmmaker David Sandberg (Laser Unicorns), who also stars as Kung Fury.
That's pretty much the size of it. The idea got everyone so excited that internet backers raised over half a million dollars to fund the movie, which is now a full 30-minute story, available here and now. If you are in Sweden and cannot access the YouTube video, see it here. The music soundtrack is available here, and the video for "True Survivor" by David Hasselhoff is here. Sandberg says he will have a feature-length movie ready in the next three years. (via reddit)

The A-Z of YouTube

YouTube celebrates ten years of viral videos with an alphabetic salute to the different types of videos that made it a success. There are dozens and dozens of references that go by fast, but there are barely any that I’m not familiar with -which just goes to show how much I’ve been living on the internet over the past decade. Try to guess what will represent the next letter of the alphabet before you get to it, if you must, but you won’t guess any that are better than the ones chosen. (via Tastefully Offensive)


Mike Judge made this cartoon before he became famous. Milton, which was a series of animations, later grew into the movie Office Space. Voiced by Stephen Root. (via reddit)

What a Vest

Drive-In Intermission

Nostalgia time! Remember when drive-ins had an intermission reel between movies to give you time to go to the snack bar? Most of what they showed then were ads, but they were silly enough to stay in our memories. From  (via mental_floss)

Miss Cellania's Links

The Last Words of 24 Famous People. A list from Eddie Deezen.

I Was a Proud Non-Breeder. Then I Changed My Mind. (via Digg)

Kuku Kube is a game of perception. All you have to do is select the square that’s a different shade from all the others. The highest score I got was a 30, but I might have done better with my glasses on. (via Buzzfeed)

Tiny bear cubs have the world's cutest wrestling match. In the middle of the road at Yosemite, no less.

I’m Too Whimsical For Jail. Funny or Die channels Johnny Depp for a response to an arrest warrant in Australia.

Marion Deuchars’ Let’s Make some Great Fingerprint Art. See several delightful animations that started with a fingerprint or two.

7 Things You Should Know About the 2015 Scripps National Spelling Bee. The competition is not for the faint of heart.

Silicon Valley Discovers the Cheapest Way to Help the Homeless: Give Them Homes. The savings in public assistance programs is way more than the rent.

21 Kids Who Take Napping To The Next Level. Never let the lack of an appropriate place stop you when the urge to snooze hits you.

Ten Legendary Monsters of North America: actually, 29 of them in parts one, two, and three.


(via Fark)


This is what happens when you get bored at your office job. Let’s hope Bruno Mosconi Ruy’s boss has a sense of humor when he sees this video go viral. There was a suggestion for improving the monster, but I don’t know how you’d make that work in moving pictures. (via reddit)  

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Supermarket Emergency

That’s a Good Dog

The moral of this story is that if you give a dog some meatballs, he’ll do anything for you. I don’t know what that has to do with banking, but it’s a cute story from a Thai bank ad.

(Checks tranlastion) Oh, the moral of the story is that a small investment can pay off big in the future. I didn’t get that the first time around because I’m not particularly savvy about finances. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

If You’re Happy and You Know It

A guy sings a duet with his cat Chaninho. You’ll recognize the song, even though it's sung in Portuguese. "If you're happy and you know it, say meow." Chaninho has his part down perfectly. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

A Guy's Understanding of Women's Underwear

Robbie Sherrard brings his strange observations to a pair of women’s underwear. A thong, to be exact. He’s a bit confused. But he's got the perfect product name for them. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

Libretto: "The Jargon Opera.” In which we find there’s value in miscommunication. 

How to Build a Living Summer Shade Structure.

The 25 Best Summer Movies of All Time. Action and adventure trump everything else for summer blockbusters.

20 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney Theme Parks. The most scripted place on earth leaves no detail unplanned.

19 Animal Vines Guaranteed To Make You Laugh. That’s only a minute and half invested for smiles and giggles.

The ultimate status symbol for millionaire moms on New York's Upper East Side is not what you'd expect. Lots of children mean lots of conspicuous consumption.

10 Myths About Spiders. They are bad enough without the untruths adding to their reputations.

10 Modern Variations on Macaroni and Cheese. Make some to go with your leftover Memorial Day barbecue.

No Pepsi

(via Fark)

Taking the Plunge

A young man gets a little nervous as he prepares to propose to his girlfriend. He shakes so bad the ring falls into the sea! That’s when the real adventure begins. Thaddaeus Andreades, Marie Raoult, Nicholas Manfredi, and Elizabeth Ku-Herrero made this as their senior project at the School of Visual Arts.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

13 Bookstore Cats

Curling up with a good book and a cat is a heavenly experience. Libraries and bookstores know that, and having a cat around is not only good for customers relations and advertising, they also keep mice away. And they make the folks who work there happy. Over the years, we’ve brought you several lists of bookstores and their resident cats. Here are a baker's dozen more of them for your enjoyment in a new list I posted at mental_floss.

For Rotton Surgery


(via reddit)

Sweet Baby Rylai

Look at this adorable puppy! Except… she’s not a puppy, she’s a kit. Rylai is a red fox (Vulpes vulpes), barely a month old. She was selectively bred to be white, and is not an albino. Her owner Jennifer has an FAQ on Facebook that answers a lot of questions about Rylai and fox ownership in general.

A photo posted by Rylai (@rylaifox) on

At such a young age, Rylai has drawn quite a following on Facebook and Instagram. No doubt she’ll grow to be a beautiful adult vixen. (via Scribol)

Attempting to Load a Vehicle on a Ship

When you have to load a truck onto a ship, and all you have is a narrow pier instead of a cargo loading dock, you do what you have to do. I wouldn’t consider this for one second, but then, I don’t have to load a truck on a ship from a pier. This was recorded someone in Brazil. (via reddit)

Miss Cellania's Links

Remembering the “Forgotten War.” The story of how the Korean War Veterans Memorial came to be.

76 trombones, 110 cornets, 10,000 marbles: 11 parades gone awry. You can see a normal parade in real life, but pop culture doesn’t work that way.

The 10 Best Game of Thrones Theme Song Covers. Hear it played with a flute, cello, electric guitar, dog, and floppy drive.

How to cosplay as any character from Mad Max: Fury Road. You’ll be a hit at the Halloween party, and people may toss spare change at you on the street.

How a Very Wrong Answer Changed the World. The answer mattered less than the fact that the experiment was attempted at all.

This Adorable Snow-White Baby Fox Will Instantly Melt Your Heart. Rylai the white marble red fox has become a star of Instagram.

Minnesota: Land Of 10,000 Dessert Salads. Just chop up all the sweet things you like and mix it with Cool Whip.

19 Times Tumblr Got Serious About The Struggles Of Women In Our Society.

The Festival of Moros y Cristianos.

15 Things You Might Not Know About Thelma & Louise.


(via Fark)

A Windy Day in Iceland

Mark Tretter went to Iceland for spring break and was astonished at how windy it was. This video was recorded at Budir. He thinks he’s going to demonstrate taking a drink, but first he has to figure out how to stand up and stay in one place! The wind was blowing at 75-80 miles an hour. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Monday, May 25, 2015

Exciting Night

You Only Need One String

Gaspar Nali of Malawi makes his own musical instruments out of recycled things -all kinds of things. The one string on this Babatoni is made of burned tires, steel-belted, I presume. Hear more of his music at MySpace. Nali is one of the artists featured in the 2011 documentary Deep Roots Malawi, which is available at YouTube. (via Metafilter)

Halo vs. Call of Duty

We’ve seen plenty of “video game invades real life” videos, but this takes it up a notch with over-the-top violence and destruction, even though it all takes place at Grandma’s house. Contains a little NSFW language. And plenty of subtle references for hardcore players. It’s from Danny and Michael Philippou, twin brothers from Adelaide, Australia, who do this for fun even though many of the stunts are really dangerous.

The Philippou brothers refuse to put ads on their videos. They’ve now received funding from Screen Australia, Australia's national film support agency. If you liked this, you might want to check out their other videos. -via reddit

Diversity Task Force

Looks like they need one. (via Bits and Pieces)

Update: What appears to be a college faux pas is really a journalistic snafu. Read the story of how this article went so wrong.  

Evolution of the Bikini

Now that summer is unofficially here, you might be thinking about getting a swimsuit. Good luck! Summer clothing sold out a month ago. I tried to find a pair of good sandals and the local store had nothing close to my size. Oh well, watch this video, which should be called The Evolution of the Swimsuit, as only about half of them are bikinis, and you'll wish you could get one from the 1930s or '40s. Those are cool. (via Viral Viral Videos)

Miss Cellania's Links

Natural Gas Report. A roundup of farts in the news.

A new program about race at a progressive New York elementary school has parents stirred up. Is it promoting a necessary discussion or forcing kids to think in racial terms? (via Digg)

Frank Norris and the Invention of Film Editing.

The Pencilsword: On a plate. A brief explanation of privilege in comic form. (via Boing Boing)

The Groundbreaking History Of Star Wars Toys.

16 Things You Might Not Know About Rambo: First Blood Part II for its 30th anniversary.

10 Horror Movies That Were Really Cursed. The filmmaking itself was the real nightmare.

Cambodia’s first elite salvage dive team works to remove unexploded ordnance -bombs- from the ocean. Photographer Charles Fox recorded their dangerous work in a new photo series.

25 People Who Maybe Should Have Said More To Their Barber. You might end up with some random artistic interpretation.

10 TARDIS Dresses for Fancy Occasions. Yes, it’s a machine, but a fashionably attractive machine.

Learning from Experience

(via Fark)

Bohemian Rhapsody on Fairground Organ

This organ is 110 years old, but with new programming (on paper strips), it can play the relatively modern "Bohemian Rhapsody" in a uniquely majestic way. The instrument is a Marenghi Organ with 81 keys and 350 pipes, from the collection of Bill Nunn. It was used in a dance hall in Antwerp, Belgium, for the first half of its life. (via reddit)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Both Cruel and Redundant

Cardboard Plane

These guys made a plane out of cardboard. It’s not just a paper airplane, but a remote-controlled model with flaps and propellor and everything -made out of a cardboard box. They think it’s a ridiculous concept and are quite surprised that it will fly at all. Now watch the video and try not to laugh. (via b3ta)

10 Ways Big Cats and Domestic Cats Are Similar

Cole and Marmalade teamed up with Big Cat Rescue to illustrate the many ways house cats and big cats are alike. However, big cats need bigger diets, bigger prey, and bigger territories. So if you ever decide you want a big cat, do yourself a favor and get a house cat instead. You’ll benefit both a homeless cat you take in and some big cat you don’t take in. Everyone benefits -except the mice in your house. (via Tastefully Offensive)

Non-smoking Area

Riker: Episode One

What if Commander William Riker got his own spinoff show after Star Trek: The Next Generation? It might go something like this fan edit that puts Number One in the star position. It’s the beginning of what may be a continuing series, with the next episode coming in about a month.
Those who occupy a certain strange corner of the internet might recognize this style as the work of Jan van den Hemel, who worked together with fellow video editor Andrew Hussie to make dozens of hilarious The Next Generation edits back in the late 2000s. Riker is the first new TNG video from Hemel in nearly five years, and if you're a fan, you'll be glad to hear that more are on the way.
You can see their earlier Star Trek: TNG videos here. (via Uproxx)

Galapagos Olympics

(via Fark)

Giving Up the Phone for a Week

It’s strange how one’s relationship with their phone varies according to age. These Millennials gave up their phones for a week to make a video about the experience, and their lives completely changed. They had spent their formative years becoming dependent on their devices for keeping in touch with others, finding their way around, doing business, and internet use. A person who is somewhat older might think of turning to a computer for many of those things. I still use signs, maps, and spoken directions to find my way around (plus an awesome sense of direction honed by many years of experience). I also have a calendar for appointments. My mother has a cell phone, but no one knows the number, because she only turns it on when she’s on the road and needs assistance.

But the difference goes even deeper. Using a phone for all those things is not bad in itself, but these folks noticed a difference in their concentration, attention span, and engagement with the real world when they adjusted to living without constantly “checking in” for messages as they’d become used to. How would doing without your mobile device affect your life? (via Buzzfeed)

My Kid's Commencement

A good time was had by all.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Make the Right Choice

A Brief Summary of Star Wars

Now you don’t have to watch all those Star wars movies! Still, a commenter pointed out that this is BS, because it depicts a Storm Trooper actually hitting what he is aiming at. This animation is from Zach at Extra Fabulous Comics.  (via Geeks Are Sexy)

Mornings with a Significant Other

(via reddit)

Jimmy Fallon and Dwayne Johnson's 1989 Commencement Speech

Things were different in 1989. Jimmy Fallon does his best Wayne Campbell impression while giving an address to his own graduation class …in 1989. (via Viral Viral Videos)


Today is the day. Princess graduates from high school tonight. I probably won't be around most of the day (although there will be posts) because I have family in from out of town, a big lunch party, and an evening full of sitting until my butt hurts and probably a few tears. (via Fark)

Trailer Park Millionaires

This is a class on how to rake in the dough on the backs of the poor. They just come out and say it, there’s a huge number of poor people and you can make money off them. The Guardian has more in an article about the racket. (via Metafilter)

Graduating Dog

My daughter graduates tonight. I'm all verklempt. (via Fark)

The Simple Logical Puzzle That Shows How Illogical People Are

The Wason Selection Task was developed by English psychologist Peter Wason to study how people think. They often don’t think rationally. I found the most difficult part was the multiple-choice answer, because there were a lot of them. Mine was right! More than 90% of Wason’s original subjects selected the wrong answer. You can read about Wason’s research into the human tendency to select irrational paths at Nautilus. (via Digg)

Friday, May 22, 2015


Master Tutter

Andrei Dragunov is a deaf Russian dancer. He dances with his hands, which is called finger tutting. There are elements of sign language here, some even Americans can understand, but the difficulty and the creative fluidity of the movements is what’s really impressive.  (via Boing Boing)

Top Secret

(via reddit)

A Man and His Dog

This Argentinian PSA is about a man and his dog and they used the music from Up! so you might want to bring your hankies along. What’s it a PSA for? I’m not going to tell you, but it will be clear at the end. (via Neatorama)

Debunking the Myths of OCD

Pop culture, and way too many people, latch onto psychological terms and extrapolate them to people they know. Even themselves! Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is one of the more recent psychological fads. The real disorder is way more serious than we commonly think, and doesn’t fit the descriptions we see in the movies. This TED-Ed lesson by Dr. Natascha M. Santos explains the real OCD. (via Laughing Squid)

Why Graduates Dress the Way They Do

My mind and my time have been preoccupied this week because my older daughter is graduating from high school this weekend. I’ve been to her art show, awards ceremony, spring concert, banquets, parties, the baccalaureate service, and still have more to come. We’ve assembled a dress, mortarboard, tassel, gown, stole, and honor cords to wear. It’s hard to remember, but both my graduations back in the ‘70s seemed simpler. I could have worn the same cheap black gown for both high school and college graduation. And the same gold tassel, too. So I took a look at the history of caps and gowns for an article I wrote for mental_floss.

Miss Cellania's Links

30 Celebrity Mottos. Eddie Deezen has a list with some good advice in it.

The Stories Behind Graduation Traditions.

Al Jazeera America was born of much promise for journalism, but is suffering under mismanagement, sexism, and layoffs.

10 Famous People Who Were Afraid They'd Be Buried Alive.   

Art Museum Uses Medieval Paintings To Hilariously Recap Game Of Thrones. The J. Paul Getty Museum uses their own art, which parallels the show quite well.

An “Elphie”is a Selfie Taken by an Elephant. It actually happened at a sanctuary in Thailand.

Celebrities Who Have Mastered The Art Of Photobombing. These are the kind of ruined pictures you show to everyone.

If you saw Mad Max: Fury Road and hunger for more, check out these 12 Post-Apocalyptic Road Movies.

Ducks In England Get Their Own Walking Lanes So Humans Don't Ruffle Their Feathers. That’s one way to get your ducks in a row.

10 Forms of Online Harassment. Recognize which you’ve had to deal with, and do commit these sins.


(via Fark)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Duck Cleaning

Lazy Cat Won’t Move

No, he’s not dead. Cats tend to find a place to sleep that’s totally inconvenient for every human around. I know, I have three cats who do this. The most inconvenient place for a cat to sleep is in front of the door at McDonalds. Maybe he just likes watching everyone step around him. Maybe he’s hoping someone will trip over him and drop a cheeseburger. (via Daily Picks and Flicks)

David Letterman's Final Thank You and Good Night

In case you were working last night and missed Dave Letterman’s final show, here’s his farewell speech. Or if you are of a certain age in which you recall when Letterman was on NBC or even remember his morning show (like I do), you may have been unable to stay awake that late.

You can also see clips featuring his final entrance, the opening monologue, the Foo Fighters playing “Everlong” behind a photo montage of Dave’s many memorable moments on TV, a presidential sendoff, and the final Top Ten List.

Happy retirement, Dave! (via The Week)

Star Wars Suite

Billy Crystal On Today’s Flawed Sports Stars

Is there any group of celebrities left that kids can look up to as heroes? Billy Crystal thinks he may have found one, but even they have their faults. (via Digg)

Miss Cellania's Links

5 of the World's Unluckiest People. Some folks are lightning rods for success. Others are just lightning rods.

Fascinating Facts From The Empire Strikes Back On Its 35th Anniversary.

Did you know that there was once a possibility of a sequel to E.T.: The Extraterrestrial? In 1982, Steven Spielberg and screenwriter Melissa Mathison came up with a 9-page treatment for a film called E.T. II: Nocturnal Fears
(via Boing Boing)

Wealthy school districts are cracking down on “education thieves” A side effect of the unequal system of funding schools with local property taxes.

Starving Felons, and Other Lessons from Prison Archaeology.  

These Are the Four Types of Drunk College Students, According to Science. Are you a Hemingway, a Mary Poppins, a Mr. Hyde, or the Nutty Professor?

A mother blackbird feeds brand new baby birds in their nest. Oh, you’re too dumb to chew your food? I’ll just take it out of your mouth and give it to your brother.

Blacksmiths in the town of Nuanquan, China, throw molten metal in the air in a dangerous display of light and skill. It’s all part of the entertainment and celebration of the Da Shuhua festival.

Delta gathered all the best memes for this ridiculous safety video. Many of the people who originated the memes got a paycheck out of this.


(via Fark)

Redrawing Taylor Swift

Forty-nine students at the University of Newcastle drew Taylor Swift’s video for the song “Shake It Off.” They each were assigned to rotoscope 52 frames and give it their own style. What they ended up with is alternatively beautiful, surreal, and hilarious. You’ll be surprised by the creative flourishes that pop up when you least expect them. (via Time)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

She's Dreaming, Alright

Game of Thrones: The Musical

Tyrion Lannister wants you to know that he hasn’t died yet. Peter Dinklage and Coldplay give us song about Game of Thrones for Red Nose Day, a charity telethon celebrated in Britain for years, and this year coming to NBC May 21st.

Too Hot for Coffee?

(via reddit)