Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Miss Cellania's Links

The Unluckiest Train Ride. Hiroshima to Nagasaki, August, 1945.

On the way to the Academy Awards show, Moby had to stop and pick up a copy of mental_floss magazine.

How should the Star Wars films be presented to young people who didn't grow up seeing them in theaters? Try showing them in Machete Order for the greatest viewing pleasure. (via Metafilter)

A bouncy tune about double murder opens the Batman musical. Yes, Holy Musical, Batman! will run live onstage in Chicago, then come to YouTube this spring.
The third-party candidate for a Virginia Senate seat has never voted in an election. Hank is also young, inexperienced, and doesn't like to wear clothes -because he's a cat.

This Is How Bike Paths Are Born. The Netherlands took deliberate steps to slow down, get fit, use less gasoline, and save lives.

Historic Photographs Of "White" Slaves. After the Civil War, four mixed race children were photographed over and over to raise funds for a school to benefit former slaves.

5 Online Mistakes that Caused a Market Frenzy. Proofreading is oh-so important when people's money is at stake!

What Bible Is Santorum Reading?

9 Ways Geeks Have Inherited the Earth.

The Racist Tree. A children's story.

Diary Of My Failed Antarctic Expedition.

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