Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Interesting Links

 Witness Protection: 5 Not-so Wiseguys. When you're in the Witness Protection Program, you're not supposed to tell people who you really are, but these guys did.

Why we'll never find another planet like Earth. It has something very unique and important, and it's not people.

Nichelle Nichols talks about breaking barriers in television. A black woman as a starship officer was outrageous enough in 1966, but when she kissed Kirk, she made history.

Are Unmarried People Discriminated Against? They are lumped together as "untrustworthy" in comparison to married folks as a group.

The rumors are that Harrison Ford is negotiating for a part in the new Blade Runner film. Sadly, the movie's producer says it's not going to happen.

Queen Elizabeth's diamond anniversary: By the numbers. Sixty years on the throne means this lady has seen it all.

Should people be required to earn a GED to receive unemployment benefits? It might sound like a good idea, but it's a burden on educational facilities, older workers, and hardworking but intellectually deficient people.

President Obama shot marshmallows from a cannon inside the White House at the Science Fair yesterday. No, Mom won't let you do that in the house, but you're not the president, are you?

Chicago Man Gets Stuck In Elevator Twice In One Day. There's an elevator maintenance company somewhere that just might lose its contract.

The oldest human paintings yet discovered are Neanderthal depictions of seals found in a cave in Spain. They've held up pretty well over 42,000 years.

A federal court overturned Proposition 8, California's ban on same-sex marriage, in a landmark decision. But no weddings will be performed until the other side gets a chance to appeal.

The Stories Behind 5 Old American Brands. For example, Baker's chocolate is both a descriptive name and was named after a baker named Baker.

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