Monday, February 27, 2012

Angelina Jolie's Right Leg

Hollywood’s extensive hype over the Academy Awards presentation is all about publicity. Going into the weekend, many tried to guess what the big story would be. Sasha Baron Cohen’s costume? The best and worst gowns? No, they were all upstaged. Angelina Jolie’s right leg was the star of Oscar night. It so overwhelmed everything else that Jim Rash was inspired to strike the same pose when he accepted his Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar for co-writing The Descendants.

So much coverage led to the inevitable “legbombing” challenge.

The winner of such Photoshoppery has to be this one posted at reddit.

Then before you know it, that leg had its own Twitter feed, Angelina Jolie’s Leg. It already has over 13,000 27,000 followers!

See more of the leg at Buzzfeed.

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