Monday, February 20, 2012

Links for Fun and President's Day

 10 Presidential Ailments of a Very Specific Nature. History records that several chief executives would rather stand, thank you.

Can you recognize these U.S. presidents by their baby pictures?

Presidential Pros and Cons, part one and part two.

The ridiculously difficult game QWOP is now made for two players to compete against each other. Yes, with 2QWOP you can double your failure! (via Waxy)

The new Jatech car door doesn't just open, but completely disappears underneath the car. No more door dings, no more getting blocked in, and no more slamming!

PeteyHendrix wrote a modern version of the classic comedy routine called "Who's On First?" with a twist -now the scene contains the names of real modern-day baseball players! (via Metafilter)

Texting while walking is dangerous, too. As proof, watch what goes on in the background of this news report.

Google thinks it has an algorithm to determine what makes a viral video funny. Not only are they "taking all the fun out of laughter," but their results are underwhelming.

Jeremy Lin and 6 other surprise sports sensations. The Knicks point guard gives us something to talk about during basketball season, but he's not the only sports surprise sensation.

A monkey at the Memphis Zoo doesn't want to be part of the scenery for your picture. He wants to be the photobomber!

It's a kung fu kitty! This street-fighting cat will mess you up.

Randy Halverson's gorgeous time-lapse video Temporal Distortion will remind you that the universe is a beautiful, wonderful place. The music is quite nice, too.

The World's Strangest Animals (with video evidence). Hollywood's got nothing on Mother Nature for stretching the limits of the imagination.

If TV Channels were Your Family. These are funny, but they also explain why everyone watches TV in a different room of the house these days.

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