Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Links for Fun and Entertainment

The Dog and the Butcher. Which one will get his way in the end?

22 Fictional Characters Whose Names You Don’t Know. But now you will!

One Reason Why Japanese Curries Are Best. Actually two reasons: the vegetables are so cute and also very brave.

8 Very Different Weddings to Remember. It's certain that no one who attended these will ever forget.

You call that art? Some folks bend the definition of art just enough to get a grant; other bend it even further.

Your "Awww" of the day involves two turtles. You might think that turtles are not as cute as puppies or kittens, but "beauty is as beauty does."

How To Place An Effective Craigslist Swap Ad. He got an immediate response -from the police.

6 Acrostics You May Not Have Noticed. After reading this, you will always check poetry vertically before rendering your judgement.

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