Monday, June 14, 2010

Fun and Funny Links

Oprah Winfrey is having a competition in which people pitch ideas for their own show. Actor and filmmaker Zach Anner is a shoe-in to get his own show, whether he wins the contest or not.

You've seen kittens play with mirrors before, but this video has a bit of a punch line.

Weird, Wild & Wheeled: The Top 10 Craziest RVs. Before you decide they are too strange to stay in, consider the price of hotels, and then see how much nicer these vehicles start to look.

Videos of babies laughing will do your heart good.

Presidents, Pierogies and Other Strange Things That Race at Ballparks. Mascot racing should have a league and stadiums of their own.

How Dinosaurs Learned to Fly.

The Terrestrial Shrub Rover would be a top-selling vehicle if it were available, for no particular reason whatsoever. In my opinion, it's better to see one than to drive one.

Make and fly your own Origami Hang Glider. The video makes this look like a levitation illusion! (via Neatorama)

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