Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Fun and Funny Links

The good part was going to the NCAA regional track meet, but it was in Texas at the start of a hot summer, and she had a raging fever. Oh sure, it makes for a good story now.

TV University Faculty Roster. If these were your professors, would you change your major?

NPR tries out autotune, Chatroulette, motion capture, and other gimmicks to stay hip and in touch with their audience. In their failure, we see National Public Radio is way more hip than they will ever admit.

Funeral planning outside the box. Or, how to spice up your sendoff by making it a spectacle everyone will want to attend. (via Fark)

Urlesque has a collection of screen captures featuring subtitles so bad they deserve to be kept for posterity. Some are TV feeds, which have to be done in an instant, but most are bootlegged movies transcribed by ear, or possibly by alchemy.

Chicken Monkey Duck
. The lyrics are simple, so feel free to sing along.

There is only one newspaper in the TV universe.

This music video from Iceland's tourism board makes me want to go visit. Until I remember that mountain that exploded all over Europe.

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