Monday, June 28, 2010

Information Links

Why Indiana Jones Was Right to be Scared of Snakes. Here are four reasons you should be, too.

Moonage Daydream: The Rock Album as Science Fiction. Take a closer look at some classic albums and the space age stories that inspired them. (via Metafilter)

Edith Shain, the nurse who became an icon when she was snapped receiving a kiss from a sailor on VJ Day in New York, died at her home in Los Angeles Tuesday. To commemorate her passing, Buzzfeed posted a collection of recreations of that kiss.

Do you want your baby to be pretty, smart, or resemble some celebrity? Designer sperm and egg banks made do-it-yourself eugenics possible for everyday people.

A beloved and successful racehorse dies under mysterious circumstances. After 78 years, science finds that it was, indeed, equicide.

8 Songs Inspired By Real Women. Or actually seven women and one who just dressed like one.

World's Largest Dinosaur Graveyard Linked to Mass Death. A "monster storm" apparently killed out an entire herd of dinosaurs in western Canada 76 million years ago.

To win choosy females, male bowerbirds swagger, croon, and… decorate. Female bowerbirds can't resist a male with a nice home to offer, unless there's another guy with a better bower.

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