Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Good Reads

The Klingon Language Institute is offering a $500 scholarship each year to a college student studying language. That language doesn't have to be Klingon, but that would certainly impress the selection committee. (via NeatoGeek)

"Opiophobia" on a global scale keeps millions suffering in pain because they have no access to legal morphine. Often their only relief is the illegal drug trade.

Guided by Parasites: Toxoplasma Modified Humans. The parasite that hijacks rats to get to cats also has strange effects on the human brain. NSFW text. (via Boing Boing)

The recipe door. I love this idea, but mine will likely use notebook paper and scotch tape. (via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)

Bernie Madoff was sentenced to 150 years for scamming investors out of over a billion dollars. In prison, he is regarded as a hero for his success, cunning, and lack of conscience.

Photography, and especially photojournalism, are all about hard work and preparation. And then every once in a while, it comes down to dumb, blind luck.

Scientists say our dependence on gadgets is reducing our ability to focus. But according to the tests, my ability to focus is perfect, and I can multitask way better than most people. (via Metafilter)

The Ten Most Disturbing Scientific Discoveries. The part about sugar and fat being bad for you still disturbs me.

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