Thursday, April 10, 2008

Information Links

5 Incredible Buildings Made of Ice. Found in five different countries. No air conditioning needed.

Take a look at what Antarctica would look like without all that ice. A glimpse into the future of global warming?

How "Slaughterhouse Five" was born. Kurt Vonnegut’s posthumous autobiography is as fascinating as any of his fiction.

A new study shows that just having a husband creates an extra seven hours of housework a week for women. Duh.

How Misguided Motivation Can Prevent You from Achieving Excellence.

The story of how Eric Drew battled cancer and identity theft at the same time will make you count your blessings. Then there’s a surprise twist at the end.

Texans Build World’s Most Powerful Laser. It’s so powerful for such a short period of time that they had to make up new words like “petawatts” and “femtoseconds” to describe it.

How Deja Vu Works. Or, to be honest, several theories of how it might happen.

How To (And Not To) Pick A DVD With Your Girlfriend. It’s called the 5-1 method, and it might just work when I try to get the kids to watch something different.

Design your own temporary tattoos and make them with your inkjet printer! Use your computer to make the design and print on specialty tattoo paper. Great for children’s parties or a short-term relationship.

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