Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Links

The first Earth Day was in 1970. Environmental awareness has changed a lot since then.

The things we can do as individuals to help the environment seem like a drop in the bucket. Even though we don’t admit it out loud, the question we confront is: Why Bother?

Ten sites to help you celebrate the best Earth Day ever. From government information to environmental organizations to kids’ activities, you’ll find something you didn’t know bout the environment.

What NOT to do on Earth Day.

5 Habits for Greener Computing.

Green Funerals. Funeral directors in Britain are leading the way in ways to leave less of a footprint when you take your final steps.

The (Very Profitable) Economics of Emissions.

The Craziest Green Technologies.

Why don’t we use more solar power? Our ability to harness the sun is not yet efficient enough for our needs, but it’s a start.

The US Leads the World in Growth of Wind Power Use. Germany is still #1, but we could outstrip them in two years.

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