Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fun Links

The Top Ten Shirts to Get Arrested In.

A collection of building demolition videos you're sure to enjoy.

You may think you know Star Wars, but how well do you know John William's score? Take the quiz! I scored 70%, but I haven't heard from anyone else who scored as high.

Six Reasons to Visit Denmark, the World’s Happiest Country. Here’s one more.

10 Of The Coolest Hotel Suites In The World.

Ten very different cello artists and bands who will change your perception of the instrument.

Stringwave is a seemingly simple physics toy that can keep you busy for a long time! Change the settings and parameters and see what your waves and echos are like. (via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)

10 Most Badass Geeks in Film and TV.

Remote Control Super Mario Brothers Song. Played on Bottles.

10 annoyingly brilliant office interiors. All my workplaces have tried to look as ratty as possible, so employees would never expect raises!

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