Thursday, December 29, 2011

Links for Fun

The Coming and Going of Cello Scrotum.

It's always nice to have a friend help you out. This cat helped her kitten friend climb down the ladder.

The 8 wackiest inventions of 2011. Some are actually pretty cool, but may never reach the affordable consumer market.

The geekiest gingerbread house ever resembles the Transformer Megatron. Watch it transform from a house into a robot.

Have you ever seen a young tortoise with a depth perception problem? Wouldn't he be even cuter with tiny little tortoiseshell glasses?

Dinosaur Office Romance. It looks just as civilized at most offices I've worked in.

Friday has been canceled in Samoa.

Die Hard, Interrupted is a mashup of the communications in the movie Die Hard. NSFW language, but if you're lucky, you're still off for holiday vacation.

Why would a soft drink vending machine offer free wi-fi? Because you have to stand close to the machine to use it, and you will eventually get thirsty. Genius!

Introducing LEGO Civil Unrest building sets, featuring Occupy Wall Street and Arab Spring versions. I would buy both if they were real.

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