Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Fun Links

10 of the Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of All-Time.

12 Things You Might Not Know About A Christmas Story (even though you’ve seen it 90 times).

A '90s Kid's Christmas List. And if all of these things were still available, you'd ask for them again just for the memories, wouldn't you?

You might not have heard of "The Spielberg Face," but you've no doubt seen it. The shot that finds its way into every Spielberg film makes us feel what the director wants us to.

Freeboarding combines skateboarding with the riding style of snowboarding. It looks like a lot of fun for skaters good enough not to break their necks!

College Humor's The Year in Funny. Click a month, then check out what went viral when throughout 2011.

2011: The Cinescape is a wonderfully edited six-minute retrospective of the year's movies. For those of us who don't go to the theater, it's a great preview of coming DVD attractions.

A baby seal wandered into Annette Swoffer's house in New Zealand and made himself at home. He curled up on the couch and went to sleep until the ASPCA came.

12 Harsh Truths About the Internet.

These cute little hedgehogs are interactive. Select one and it will sing for you!

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