Friday, December 09, 2011

Informative Links

Katia Popova Was Trapped in a Russian Apartment for Nine Years. Her mother shut her up to save her from the evil world, and nobody even noticed.

TimeScapes by photographer Tom Lowe is a beautiful look at our Earth. You'll want to watch the trailer twice; the second time in full screen.

NASA's Kepler telescope found a planet with earth-like conditions that could conceivably support life. Kepler-22b sounds like a nice place, but it's 600 light years away.

7 Great Inventors Who Were Killed By Their Own Creations. It's no really that far-fetched or ironic, since inventors tend to take the risks and the thrills for themselves.

Bananas are shipped in from great distances, yet look perfect in your grocery store. There's a strict science behind making sure they are ripe on time.

New Suburbanism: Reshaping the Way City Planners Think About the 'Burbs. It's time to combine the best of both worlds.

What Science Reveals About Pedophilia. Research is difficult, since only those who are caught breaking the law are liable to be studied.

British sailors aboard the HMS Ocean are coming home for Christmas after seven months in the Middle East. They spent time on their voyage home making an awesome Christmas video for you.

8 actors who got their big breaks in Spielberg films. Jeremy Irvine, the unknown lead in War Horse, has some big footsteps to follow.

5 Ad Campaigns that Failed Quickly (or Spectacularly). And, might I say, deservedly so.
Experts are stumped by ancient Jerusalem markings. Carved into a 2,800-year-old floor, they may be labels, language, or just graffiti tagging.

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