Thursday, December 01, 2011

Informative Links

Alek Wek grew up in Sudan and became a professional model now living in Brooklyn. She has a unique perspective on what it really means to be hungry.

The Scottsdale (Arizona) Gun Club invites you to have your picture made with Santa Claus and his collection of machine guns. Bring the family, select your weapons, and even try them out!

7 things women do that inevitably piss men off. These are far from universal (except for maybe #4), but they happen more than they should.

Why can’t we find aliens? Our lack of success so far doesn’t mean we should give up.

5 Memorable Moments in Cross-Dressing History. There are plenty of reasons to impersonate the opposite sex that have nothing to do with personal preference.

How Class Works. From economist Richard Wolff. (via Breakfast Links)

The Secrets Behind the Google Doodle. How they became a thing, and what goes into each one of them.

Don’t Call Me a Mom: Why It’s Time for Women to Drop That Identity. A writer asks for more of a perception equity with men, and gets a smackdown in the comments.

As Facebook gets ready to sell public stocks, the Federal Trade Commission sets strict privacy rules for the social network. Here’s what users need to know.

5 Charming Episodes of Violence from Medieval Iceland. Any of these would make a swell action movie.

Gene Roddenberry’s Son Reveals Unhappy Family Life. Rod Rodenberry never really understood Star Trek or its fans as he was growing up.

A 33-foot Christmas tree stands at St. Pancras International Station in London. But no trees were cut, a this is a record-breaking Christmas tree made of Lego bricks!

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