Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Reads and Information

The crime against women that no one understands. In the cases against Jeffrey Marsalis the jury certainly didn't. (via Metafilter)

The Affordable Care Act requires that all Americans get health insurance, or pay a fine. Whether or not that's a good idea, some say it is unconstitutional.

A company that contracts for the Pentagon to feed soldiers in Afghanistan was caught overbilling millions for unauthorized and nonexistent supplies. The surprising part is that the Pentagon is demanding that they pay $760 million back.

TV folks tried to tell us that commercials really weren't louder than the programming, but we know they were. The FCC knows it too, and has ruled that broadcasters and cable providers must keep an eye on the volume.

America's child homelessness problem is worse than its ever been, with 1.6 million kids living in shelters, on the streets, or doubled up with another family. Not having a stable, permanent home or school puts a real damper on a childhood.

The 5 Most Horrifyingly Wasteful Film Shoots.

10 of the Greatest Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns of All-Time.

Here's a look at Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. OK, it's a poster, but it's a striking poster that would look good in your office.

A photo shoot for a couple's engagement in Brooklyn is a keeper. The bride, the groom, the ninja assault, and his comeuppance all turned out nicely.

"A succession of government inquiries dating back to the 1934 McCulloch Report in New South Wales show that over half a million Australians experienced childhood in an orphanage, children's home, training school, institution or some other form of out-of-home care in environments of excessively cruel and brutal institutionalised violence." Read more about the Tamworth Institution for Boys. (via Metafilter)

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