Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Interesting Links

Check out the best and worst of 2011 in Miss Cellania's Year-end lists: Art & Literature, Music, Movies, and Science.

is Ridley Scott’s prequel story to Alien, which is a much better idea than doing another sequel. After two teasers, we finally have a trailer for the film.

A Dutch magazine called singer Rihanna “a combination of two of the nastiest words you can call any black woman.” When the reaction came, the editor didn’t understand why no one got the “joke.” (Language warning)

The United States doesn’t even crack the top ten in time spent using social networks. That could be explained by the famously short American attention span.

20 Incredible Images from China’s Giant Snow Sculpture Festival. Artists come to Harbin and try to outdo themselves (and each other) every year.

The 7 biggest political downfalls of 2011. You can tell it was a big year, as the U.S. barely made the top five.

The Forgotten Cold War: 20 Years Later, Myths About U.S. Victory Persist. Helping the Soviets to lose was a delicate and complicated process.

Louis CK’s Shameful Dirty Comedy. The comedian touches something in all of us when he explores the idea of right and wrong and how he -meaning we- fail to live up to our concept of ourselves. (via Metafilter)

A four-word review of the new film War Horse. I could just tell you the words, but you really should see the pictures that go with it.

10 Sleep Snippets. Some facts you really ought to know as you try your best to get the necessary hours of regeneration in.

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