Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Links

26 Of The Best Of The Worst Family Holiday Cards. Something inside me really would like to send out cards like these -or like some of them, anyway.

Your Six Christmas Movies. The stages of your life are defined by the holiday movies you watch. NSFW language.

Where Candy Canes Come From. And where do they go? Mine disappear from the tree in no time.

The Evolution of Santa Claus. The only thing he now has in common with the original is the spirit of giving.

109 Cats Celebrating Christmas. Because wrapping paper, trees, and turkey might just be worth having to wear a silly costume.

Santa Claus gives honest answers to some important but difficult questions from fans. Better stock up on fortune cookies!

The holiday season's 8 most anticipated films. Read and decide which ones to take family to when you get tired of speaking to each other.

5 Questions on the Origins of Christmas. The holiday has changed a lot since it was first celebrated in the fourth century.

Have A Weird Christmas! It's a bunch of links to make you laugh about bot having a perfect holiday. Don't skip the 12 STDs of Christmas.

Jewish Christmas Traditions.

A Mixtape For People Who Hate The Holidays.

You Better Watch Out: 7 Evil Santas in TV and Film. As if sneaking into your house and eating your cookies isn't already evil enough.

Christmas Tree Fads and Fashions. Bringing a tree inside is completely illogical, but we just like to do it.

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