Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Goods Reads and Information

Love and Amnesia. How do you explain your marriage to a spouse who doesn't remember you?

Data from geomagnetic storms was converted into sound and video to make this piece of video art. Now, who gets to claim credit as the artist?

London cab drivers must memorized the city's map before they are licensed. Eleanor Maguire studies the changes in their brains as they learn all the routes. (via Metafilter)

Would you like to use a touchscreen that lets you feel textures? The new technology uses an "an ultra-low electrical current" to simulate the sensation of different surfaces.

No Place Like Home: Truly Disgusting Houses. They might make you sick, but you'll feel better about your own housekeeping habits.

Rick Perry's Religious War.

5 Terrible Things You Can't Stop Your Children From Doing.

Twitter has been redesigned to make using it easier to use. Now you can follow conversations -kind of like Facebook.

The 40 Best Protest Signs Of 2011. Between Egypt, Libya, Wisconsin, Occupy, Slut Walk, and other protests around the world, the competition for this list was fierce.

Police are looking to the online gaming community for leads in a murder case. There's no evidence of a connection, but investigators are not discounting any possibilities.

Li'l Drac is a baby short-tailed fruit bat that was taken in by Bat World Sanctuary. He's about the size of your thumb, and as cute as a baby bat can be.

Peas on Earth.

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