Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

Ryan Gosling, Eva Mendes, and Jim Carey re-enact "The Night Before Christmas." With the help of lots and lots of whiskey. NSFW language.

The remake of American Psycho is supposed to move the story from the 1980s to a modern-day setting, a move that has some film buffs unhappy. Here's a vision of what that might be like: "one of the dumber things we've ever done."

I bet it would be fun to dress up like a snowman and scare people when they get too close. But you run the risk of something like this happening.

It’s Christmas Eve in Arkham City. With Batman around, criminals can't even enjoy a quiet holiday.

The late Kim Jong Il was such a cartoonish character that he almost demanded parody. Pop culture was glad to accommodate, as this list of comedic portrayals illustrates.

The world's most over-the-top Christmas decorations. I joke that my house can be seen from the ISS at night, but it can't hold an LED candle to these homes!

The punsters at Fark are doing their end-of-the-year voting for the funniest headlines. Check out the best geek submissions and pat yourself on the back if you "get" them all.

What should you name a compilation of unintentional double entendres from local newscasts? That’s What She Said, of course. May be unsuitable for work.

Finally, a little relief for Lord of the Rings fans who've been waiting for years to see The Hobbit. The movie won't be out for another year, but we have the trailer!

The trailer for The Dark Knight Rises is barely out and the parodies are already being produced. I'm sure this will not be the last one that makes fun of the fact that you cannot understand what one or two of the main characters say.

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paul said...

"my house can be seen from the ISS at night, but it can't hold an LED candle to these homes!"It is funny:D