Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Funny Links

Manhood in the Mirror. When you stop laughing, check yourself, or remind your husband to. May be NSFW.

A difference in perspective -what we see and what kids see.

The 10 Most Liked Videos On YouTube, determined by the raw number of upvotes instead of the ratio of upvotes. Therefore, some of these are also on the most disliked list!

“Special Greg” Powell did a bike stunt so difficult that the maneuver is called a “special flip”.

Touch Wood. This musical Rube Goldbergesque Japanese ad for a cell phone is way more entertaining than it should be.

You may think the reason we don’t have cats as doctors is because they don’t have opposable thumbs and degrees, but there are plenty of other reasons. (via Maximum Verbosity)

Darth Vader plays the piano. This may be a leftover April Fool, but it’s a right nice performance.

Goats eyes look so weird because they have horizontal pupils. Even weirder, their eyes also rotate within their heads.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar is not going into retirement quietly. Look for the animated Governator in comic books, TV, and movies.

14 Crazy Chess Boards and Variations. Whether you want to play in three dimensions or fight over it, there’s a chess game just for you.

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