Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

13 Hilarious Peeps Candy Easter Dioramas.

The world's most beautiful 57-year-old. (via Breakfast Links)
The History of Cats and Dolphins Together On The Internet. With enough “Squee!” and “Awww” to last you all day long.

The entire film The Godfather, recreated in a one-minute continuous take. And just like the original , you’ll probably have to watch it twice to follow the story.

This name is a terrible thing to give to an innocent baby. Can it be real? How about this one?

That's no way to climb a fence, son.

Can you find the cat in this picture?

Actor George Takei is selling a ringtone featuring his personal catch phrase "Ohhh Myyy!" to benefit the Old Globe Theater.

Awesomely dumb prom photos from 1989. (via AOL News)

8 Absurd Jokes That Predicted Real Life Events. Of course, it’s to be assumed that some of these jokes inspired real life events. It’s Cracked, so NSFW text.

30 Nerdy Wedding Invitations. You know what kind of relationship you’re getting yourself into when your wedding correspondence resembles movie posters, steampunk, comic books, or video games.

Cats don’t need opposable thumbs when they have brains and perseverance, like this cat. Or a guardian angel, like this kitten.

A driverless tractor in the Richmond Hill, Ontario, Walmart parking lot drove around in circles on its own for several minutes, mowing down cars and anything else in its way. Bystanders stayed out of the way but captured the carnage on video. (via Cynical-C)

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