Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Robin Prosser

Medical marijuana has been legal in Montana since 2004. Robin Prosser was a registered user. Prosser was a former concert pianist and systems analyst. She suffered from an autoimmune disease that left her with chronic pain, unable to tolerate prescription painkillers. Last spring, federal agents confiscated her supply of marijuana. Prosser wrote about it for the Billings Gazette:
Four months ago, my medicine was seized in transit by the Drug Enforcement Administration. I've repeatedly asked Gov. Brian Schweitzer, Attorney General Mike McGrath, Rep. Dennis Rehberg and our U.S. senators for their help, for their protection. All defer to the DEA, who say they can't comment on an ongoing investigation.

I've had my medical marijuana confiscated by Missoula County sheriff's deputies, even though I had my registry card in hand at the time. It was never entered into evidence, I was never reimbursed.
On October 18th, Prosser committed suicide. She was 50 years old.

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Anonymous said...

Why is there such a hysterical fear of marijuana? It is really out of proportion.