Thursday, October 25, 2007

Informative Links

Top Ten Most Unusual College Degrees. I would like to go back and study Adventure Recreation, but I probably need Comedy: Writing and Performance more.

How food scientists are going high-tech to bring you yummy flavors. As if we needed more incentive to eat food!

Hi-speed photography yields some very well-timed pictures.

The World as I See It, by Albert Einstein. There is no math involved.

Mind Tricks Explained: The latest research on déjà vu, out-of-body experiences and other head games.

25 Incredible But Real Houses.

The Temple of Boom: An Indiana Jones Home Theater.

The cow-eating tree of India. Does this remind anyone else of The Little Shop of Horrors?

The Top 15 Manipulated Photographs. Someone could make a lot of money selling the Katie Couric Treatment.

The house isn’t much, but the view makes up for it.

What would happen if you stayed awake for eleven days? I might get caught up with work, but I’d also be ready to strangle someone.

The Great Pizza Orientation Test. One half mushrooms, one half pepperoni, and one half silliness.

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