Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Good Blogs

Someone wrote me once and said it seems all the blogs he reads have the same material. That can be true, if you read mine and the blogs I work for and the blogs I cite. They are all linkblogs, looking for the latest and coolest posts on the internet. When a link is hot, you'll find it all over. But there are lots and lots of bloggers with talent and original material. I will try to post some of my favorite now and then, so you can explore different areas of the Blogosphere and maybe enjoy and learn something, too!

Today, here are a few bloggers who write well about what they do for a living. See, part of what makes these blogs so good is that these people have lives off the net. And they are very good at expressing themselves.

Waiter Rant is from a blogger who is also a waiter in New York. He posts stories about his experiences in various restaurants, his observations of diners, and things that have nothing to do with either. The writing is excellent. He has a book that will go to press very soon.

Random Acts of Reality chronicles the adventures of an EMT in London, England. The well-written stories are thought-provoking and often exciting.

The Blank Top Chronicles is by a guy who answers the phone for a DC cab company. Besides the wealth of material (never underestimate the stupidity of people demanding service), he tells these stories in a particularly hilarious manner.

Saw Lady (Natalia Paruz) is a busker and recording artist who plays the musical saw in New York City. She writes about music, life in New York, and the busker lifestyle.

There are more, and blogs on other subjects as well. Check these out, and I'll have more in the days to come.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links to these refreshing blogs. Loved the 'Saw Lady' one in particular. It's nice to find consistant bloggers with original material.