Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Miss C, the Snake Wrangler

When we finally made it home from afterschool errands this afternoon, we found our cat Biscuit acting funny. Princess got down on his level to see what he was looking at, then jumped out of her skin. A SNAKE! A SNAKE! Mama!

Yes, there was a little snake, wrapped around the TV electrical cord. I tried to pick it up with a broom, regretting that I tossed the big barbecue tongs out a couple of months ago. Princess and Gothgrrl jumped around and made so much noise that the snake slithered under one bookcase, then another, and finally hid behind a wall heater. Oh, great.

I took the kids to church and promised to get that snake. Later, Biscuit indicated the snake was under my desk. I chased it around a while, and threw a small towel over it so it wouldn’t see me sneak up. Then it was easy to take it out. I’m glad I decided to keep it to show the girls, or else they’d never believe I caught it, or be able to sleep tonight.


Anonymous said...

Your a brave girl - looks scary! You would never see one like that in Norwegian gardens you know :D

Jonco said...

Holy Sh#t! Snakes under a motherf'n desk. Where's Samuel Jackson when you need him? Sounds like another movie to me.