Thursday, June 23, 2011

Links for Fun

How did your pet fish die? He was hit by a car!

78 Photography Rules For Complete Idiots. Latvian photographer Ivars Gravlejs put them all in one place because he’s seen every one of these rules broken too many times. (via the Presurfer)

There's something under the bed! It's Sock Babies!

The camera records a view from the inside of a funny car going over 200 miles per hour. Then it gets really weird.

The Sound-ness of Tree Falls. An example of what graduate students go through for science.

Bachelorvision. Its all about perspective.

Everything is a Remix, Part Three.

Freddie Wong's Cereal Killer. This video contains gratuitous violence and grossness.

When two motorcycles decide they’d rather dance than race, there’s nothing a rider can do. Except watch in amazement.

Something strange, or maybe just funny, is going on when you are a National Geographic photographer and your 12-year-old son’s pictures are better than yours. That’s because the boy is a bear whisperer.

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