Thursday, June 02, 2011

Good Reads and Information

Our Scandalous Vice Presidents. These men obviously had too much free time on their hands.

The wisdom of crowds is incredibly fragile. Altogether, we are pretty smart, but when we start adjusting our attitudes to match those of others, we can become sheep.

Housework Is Bad for Both Sexes. And that’s why we need children to do it for us!

There’s no such thing as a jellyfish. However, there are an awful lot of animals we call jellyfish, and they are quite interesting.

When Good Science Goes Bad: 3 Ideas that Went Really Wrong. Two of these are obvious with hindsight, but the third might surprise you.

4 “Facts” That Have Changed Since You Were In School.

The Sex Trafficking of American Girls. New victims are younger than ever, controlled by violence and drugs, and worth their weight in gold.

How Far Do Cats Roam? Pet and feral cats were fitted with electronics to trace their movements over two years, with a map to show how far they went. (via Pawesome)

The real life Band of Brothers kept their heroism to themselves until their World War II experiences were made into a book and then a miniseries. The Art of Manliness took some of their quotes and made them into a series of awesome motivational posters. (via Gorilla Mask)

The 10 Worst Ads. For various reasons.

A Short History of the Campsite. We’ve gone from roughing it in a pup tent to renting a space for an RV, and developed traditions and rituals for the process along the way.

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