Monday, June 13, 2011

Funny Links

Snap, Crackle, and Pop!

A street in Stockholm is painted with an illusion. You know in your head it’s an illusion, but you still freak a little when people calmly step into the abyss.

Remote cameras controlled by the traffic management center caught a family of Canada geese walking down I-90 near Seattle. Following them was a retinue of Washington State Troopers ensuring their safety.

Some guys that superficially resemble The Delta Rhythm Boys sing about Dem Phones. Twitter is not mentioned, but hey, it’s an old song.

Real estate agents with funny names.

The Yip-Yips discover dubstep.

Chris Brown and Busta Rhymes are into a new groove: Polka Music!

Watch as an adorable two-year-old boy tells a story. He doesn’t pronounce words perfectly yet, but he’s got the emotions, the gestures, and the joy of storytelling down!

If we acted the way we act on the internet, we’d probably be arrested. See how creepy it really is to friend, poke, or follow strangers offline.

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