Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fun Links

Cyriak Harris has a weird new animation about how sheep multiply. If you know Cyriak, you can guess what it’s like.

This wakeboarder tried to tell us he planned this stunt to turn out that way all along. But he couldn’t do it again in a million years! (Warning: maniacal cackling)

In America, the faucet gives you water. But in Soviet Russia…. you get a visual pun that needs no translation whatsoever.

More Than Just a Toaster. That friendly little appliance can be a lifeline!

Adam Ruben, PhD. wrote about what kind of parents scientists turn out to be -mainly geeky. The article is both funny and accurate, as I was raised by a scientist father. (via Boing Boing)

Bunk’s Perfect Birthday. What could you give a two-year old dog that can make him this happy?

Is your father/husband/grandpa a geek, or does he occasionally display geek-like tendencies? Then you need the Fathers Day Gift Guide for Geeks!

20 Hilarious Boat Names

and Upside-down Heads.

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