Thursday, June 16, 2011

Interesting Links

How to Screw with Car Salesmen (and Get a Better Deal). It’s nothing personal between you two, just a tug-of-war over your money.

Keith Moon, Bathroom Bomber. He had a thing for toilets and cherry bombs.

There are pictures we are all familiar with, but who are the people in the pictures? Read about 6 People Who Had No Clue Their Faces Were World-Famous.

The File Inside the Cake: True Tales of Prison Escapes. The most successful of these were tales where the inmate thought outside the cake box.

Science Not Fiction tackles the burning question that has puzzled bloggers and internet surfers alike: Why are there so many top ten lists?

6 Cases of Shamelessly False Advertising. Shameless, because it worked and made lots of money.

10 awesome unmade Star Trek projects we wish we could've seen. (via @johncfarrier)

10 Peanuts Characters You’ve Probably Forgotten.

People have been working for about 100 years on adding scent to our entertainment experiences. The latest development: odor-generating television. (via J-Walk Blog)

From North Carolina to the Galactic Center. A lovely time-lapse video shows the Milky Way as seen from the Outer Banks.

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