Thursday, June 09, 2011

Fun and Funny Links

An environmental group in Quebec set a bottle out on a walkway, close by a recycling bin. How long will they wait before someone bothers to pick it up?

Dating Dos and Don’ts, from 1949. There was so much to learn about impressing the opposite sex, and most of it was totally useless.

A puppy has a dream. And he talks in his sleep, too, which is oh-so adorable.

7 Website Mashups. They’ve managed to cross websites I read with websites I don’t read, to humorous ends.

If you don’t ride your bike in the designated bike lane in New York City, you could get a $50 ticket. But if you DO ride your bike in the bike lane, terrible things can happen to you.

The formula for a successful movie. You can keep using it over and over because it works; always has, always will.

Vegan Black Metal Chef Is Still Cooking With Hellfire. Come for the metal, stay for the recipes (or vice-versa).

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