Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Funny Links

Things I've Learned from Law & Order. And more things.

The Playing for Change project recorded people all over the world performing Gimme Shelter. It’s a global jam session!

Cats, when given the opportunity, will engage in gambling or other games of chance. This German cat is pretty good at it.

A long reddit pun comment thread based on one word. I love these.

A Danish football league for 14-year-olds got a boost a group converged on a game unbeknownst to the players and made it feel like a championship final! They brought spectators, fervent fans, cheerleaders, a marching band, vendors, sports journalists, and soccer stars. A good time was had by all.

The Grand Rapids LipDub. A masterpiece of civic participation and timing.

Anatomy of the Centaur. This is what happens when mythology meets anatomy.

A socially awkward student has a unique method for making friends. I Steal Pets by Rachel Bloom is weird, funny, and disturbing …and has cute animals!

One Crime, Two Suspects. Will they ever figure out who trashed the trash?

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