Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Blego Meme

Looks like I have been tagged for a meme! Caroline at Drops of Blood said she enjoys my writing. Huh? Well, it was a group notice. Anyhoo, here's how it goes:

First, the rules, as they were ’splained to me:

  • The person tagged must copy the word (”Blego”) and paste the definitions of the word contributed previously by the people who did the meme.
  • A link back would be nice, but not necessary.
  • The person tagged must then add his/her own definition in this format “’s definition” and place your link. Being creative with the acronym is encouraged.
  • Answer the following questions.
  • Tag 5 other people to do the meme.


  • Blego (’s definition) - n. an acronym of “blog ego,” which pertains to a blogger’s sense of self in the blogosphere.
  • Blego (’s definition) - n. a protologism combining blog and ego. Used to define the ego of a blog or blogger. Like personal ego, blego may be good or bad.
  • Blego (’s definition) - n. a toy for children to build with but with a B in front.
  • BLEGO (’s definition) - abbr. Breaking Little Enterprises - Godzilla Organizations.
  • Blego (’s definition) - n. An Eggo waffle and a blog mixed together. I don’t know what this would look like, but maybe I can come up with a prototype.
  • Blego (’s definition) - expression. “Bleh, let’s go!” If you’re being forced to go somewhere or do something, by your spouse or friends, just slur those words together and get “blego.” It is usually said after a big sigh. For example, “Do I have to? Hrmph! Blego!”
  • Blego (’s definition) - n. The film that coats the back of your throat when trying to talk while crying. When Sally took Bill’s lollipop, Bill began to cry. Eventually he’d built up so much blego I could no longer make out his shouts that justice be served.”
  • BLEGO (’s definition) - acronym. Acronym for an uncritical acceptance of people of all body sizes (and people with non-standard body part sizes) at sex parties (those things we always wish we’d get invited to). Stands for “Big? Little? Everyone’s Good! Orgy!” Example: “Put down that doughnut, Big Ruthie, and get on your fancy panties, ’cause we’re going to the Friday night BLEGO.”
Well duh. I knew what the word meant as soon as I heard it, and I hadn't even read the other definitions. A blego is a blog about Legos. The premiere blego is The Brothers Brick.


1 - Do you know what your blog is really about, and can you write a one-sentence promotional statement for it? If yes, write it here.

Miss Cellania is full of humor and links on a different subject each day.
Miss C Recommends is a linkdump of humor, information, politics, movies, and other stuff.
Neatorama has the neatest links and information on the web
YesButNoButYes is the greatest pop culture blog on the planet, or maybe not.
Mental Floss makes you feel smart.
I must admit, all of those sentences were written a long time ago.

2 - Do you join social networks to promote your blog? If yes, do you hope to find friends in these social networks and in the process get regular readers for your blog?

Yes, but it seems to be more trouble than it's worth. But promotion is half the game, so I play.

3 - Do you, or do you plan to, join ranking sites that put your blog in competition with others for popularity? If yes, do you plan to monitor your stats regularly?

I've done it, but they don't bring much traffic. I don't monitor them anymore.

4 - Do you tweak your blog often in accordance with the tips you get from blogging guide and gurus? If yes, list the bloggers you visit often to obtain these tips.

If I come across an article with tips, I read it, but rarely find anything new that I'm not doing already.

5 - Do you think of your next post even if you have just written a new one? If yes, list your inspirations for posting, and/or some routines that you go through before posting.

I have several posts planned out days ahead for my site. I collect links and jokes, and post them when I get enough material on a particular subject. I am a scraper, meaning I spend most of my time looking for stuff on the net. While I am collecting material for the blogs that pay me, I also find things that I can use on my own site. For the other sites, I am constantly searching for inspiration anywhere. I can produce the material, but I have a hard time thinking up a subject that hasn't been done recently.

Tag Time!

If you want to participate in this meme, consider yourself tagged.


cbahm said...

How the Lego definition eluded me, I'll never know. It's all so clear now! :o)

Thanks for being such a good sport and giving this your spin -- it was fun to read. And I really do love your jokes, cartoons, and fun links. The posts never fail to make me grin.

Hat's off to Miss C.!

Rudy said...

It is fun to read other people's version of the blego meme. Thanks for your version, Miss C!