Friday, February 22, 2008

Fun and Funny Links

The Oscars will be awarded this Sunday night, for the 80th time. Movie Poster Addict has compiled the posters for all 79 movies that have won Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

How well do you know Hollywood cars? I got 80% on this quiz, although I hadn’t seen a lot of the movies involved. (via Geek Like Me)

41 Hilarious Science Fair Experiments.

Spectacular Failures on Wheel of Fortune.

Dark Roasted Blend has a photo collection of playground sculptures that might give you nightmares. I’m sure they aren’t too frightening to the children who see them everyday, but at first glance you wonder, “What were they thinking?”

Dave Steward got fired from his job after seven years because he put a Dilbert strip on the company bulletin board. Now, Scott Adams is incorporating the story in his strip! Here's the daily Dilbert strip. (via Fark)

Moments in Sports #6. A collection of funny photos from all kinds of sports.

Improv Everywhere describes their mission as causing “scenes of chaos and joy in public places.” One of their best capers caused more joy than chaos, as they covertly set up a fancy bathroom attendant in the mens restroom at the Times Square McDonalds.

20 Movies that Make Men Cry. Your results may vary. (via YesButNoButYes)

If you are going to the Ueno Zoo in Tokyo, you want to be there on drill day. Zookeepers train for escaped animal emergencies once a year, but they can’t use real animals for drills, so they dress up as zoo animals!

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