Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Some Fun Links

A review of colored pencils from the view of a young graphic designer who so far has only used a computer. (via b3ta)

Carl Zimmer of The Loom has collected so many that he’s moved tham out of Flickr and launched a new site called Carl Zimmer's Science Tattoo Emporium. If you have a science tat, you’re invited to submit a picture and the story behind it.

American Trash: 15 of America’s Filthiest Homes only has two pictures, but each of the 15 cases is linked to the original news story in case you want to see more. (via the Presurfer)

I love noodles! (via b3ta)

A song created entirely from music and sound effects found in Windows XP and Windows98.

High Voltage Cake. (via Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories)

Beware of Invisible Cows.

Comcast Network Management Flow Chart.

CoBaCoLi is sort like billiards, except the object is to knock a ball against the wall of the same color. Easy to play, eevn if you don’t do so well the first time. (via Dump Trumpet)

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