Tuesday, February 05, 2008

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The Sinking Palace is a nickname for the Basilica Cistern below Istanbul. Built by the Byzantine Empiror Justinianus I in the sixth century, the cistern once held enough water for the entire city. The cistern was forgotten for hundreds of years until rediscovered by a Dutch traveler in the 1500s.

Six Incredible Star Forts. These are communities surrounded by a wall, road, or waterway shaped like a star. Although some have been around for hundreds of years, their real beauty shines when seen from the sky.

Cellphone companies ranked for customer service. Yeah, I have T-Mobile. I was the envy of all wehn I got it, because we didn't have a T-Mobile dealer in town then.

From National Geographic, a photo gallery of caves all over the world. This just scrapes the surface (as it were) of the beauty found underground.

Worldometers brings you real-time statistic on world population, health, environmental issues, and more. The stastistic of the month is the price of a bottle of beer in Zimbabwe, and it just goes up and up and up. (Thanks, Bill!)

You know how sometimes you can’t remember a word that on the tip of your tongue? Even synaesthetes who can taste words have that problem.

A monument to Lost Love in Florida. (via Unique Daily)

History’s Greatest Gadgets. Ancient batteries and calculators show that human ingenuity is as old as the hills.

Scientists are finding clues about why water is so utterly weird. You may not realize it because water is so familiar to us, but it acts very different from other liquids.

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